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Filmography and interviews


Michael Jackson's filmography is:

The Wiz

First movie where Michael acted and by the way he have met with Quincy Jones, is :"The Wiz". Diana Ross and Michael Jackson are acting capital part in this sci-fi, full of humour, spectacular music movie reclining on great hit from „Broadway”, which has been transfered there, thaks of prices „ Wonderful wizard from Oz” L. Franka Bauma.
In this production of „Motown”, Dorotka (Diana Ross) is shy teacher from kindergarden, derived from Harlem, who is instantly kidnap into world of fairy tale, to follow there road paveing of yellow ankle. Michael Jackson is Fear On Sparrows, who wants intellect, next to Nipsey Russel's as Tiny woodcutter who is looking for heart, Ted Ross as chicken Lion, Leny Horne as Glinda Good fortune-teller and Richard Pryor as Wizard from Oz. With such actors, exciting musican numbers nad fantastic special effect- „The Wiz” reach every generation of frequent visitor of cinema.

Rezyseria :Sidney Lumet (1978)

Direction: Sidney Lumet
Production: Rob Cohen
Script: Joel Schuacher
Realization producer: Ken Harper
Supervising: Dede Allen
Oryginal note record: Charlie Smalls
Music adaptation and realization: Quincy Jones
Creator of realization and costume: Tony Walton
Choreography: Louis Johnson
Specjal effect: Albert Whitlock
Filming: Oswald Morris, B.S.C.
Filming filter: Bill Taylor i Dennis Glouner
Creator of special make-up: Stan Winston
Make-up , ending effect: Cunningham i A. Weisinger
Artist director: Philip Rosenberg


Captain Eo

Another one is: "Capitan EO", he acts main role. It's 17 minutes sci-fi movie of Michael Jackson's, it is in three - partition. Initially showed in Dysney Park all over the world, producer by phenomenal George Lucas and directed by wonderful Francis Ford Coppole's.
Capitan Eo and his odd companion have mission to find Bad Queen and give her special gift. Eo will be fighting with help one of his spacial dance in his kind and music to free people captivate by queen . Does he make it before bad queen destroy himself?



Third movie which he played main role is: "Moonwalker" 88 minutes. On the beginning is of course song from one of Michael's concert: "Man in the Mirror", afterwards his entire carrer in segments, until the moment of Era of the album "Bad". Movie is interlaceing by vidoclips and usual action scense, from this movie come from for example short film:"Smooth Criminal".

Michael ( Michael Jackson), Katy (Kellie Parker), Sean (Sean Lennon), and Zeke (Brandon Adams) they are four good friends' gladdening game in foot ball when it in their life steals oneself danger which is cause diabolical Lord Big (Joe Pesci), bad "genius " , which it kidnaps Katy and he be determined to destroy all and all which stand him on road in realization his bad dreams - even Michaela.

Prepare in trip different, from these which you saw ever, or about which you heard ever. In magic, musical raise the price to world of Jacksona's Michaela.

"Moonwalker ” this fancy feature movie which will take you in different dimension thanks one's special effects and moves you the most spectacular dance and songs, what were filmed ever.

History this is told in form anthology, never before seen movie segments, which are showing Michael's music in mad, new way.



Fourth movie is: "Ghosts" 40th minutes , in which he played 2 main parts. First part he plays as freak in his castle, where he likes to frighten kids and adults in funny way,second part he plays as Major, fat man in glasses,he wants to throw away from the town this freak, who still frighten young people. Movie is musical in most part.


Man In Black II

Fifth movie that Michael was acting in, is episode: "Man In Black 2". He acted here an extraterrestrial man who asks for permission for landing. Quite funny scene.


Miss Cast Away

Sixth movie is: "Miss Cast Away", realised only on DVD.


This is it

Seventh and the last movie that was made is "Michael Jackson's This Is It". The movie presents us in 107 minutes of Michael's rehearsals for "This Is It Tour" which had to be his last tour that he do. Amazing Michael's talent of creating his own show in used high-technology of lights, movies and all the scenery. Genius of music in work with a lot of fun moments and great talent of his voice, dance and creativity. Movie has been created because of sudden death in June 25, 2009 just 3 weeks before first show of series of show of "This Is It Tour".
The movie is available on DVD and Blu-Ray with many special features which weren't included to the movie.


Most known interviews since 90s, which were on TV because from newspapers it's hard to catch them all:

90 minutes Oprah Winfrey talks to Michael

First interview in year 93' was interview: "90 minutes Oprah Winfrey talks to Michael". Michael is speaking here with Oprah about his life, his popularity, the operations, disease of skin"Vitiligo", also he denied rumors on such subjects: Elephant's skeleton in house, shot in chamber oxygenic itc. rumours on his subject, in that years. Also here were played in first - night - video clip "Give In To Me", Michael also showed to Oprah, The MoonWalk.


Prime Time Interview With Michael and Lisa Marie Presley

Next interview was at Diane Sawyer, Michael lets interview together with with first wife, Lisa Marie Presley, interview from 95'. They tell Michael with Lisa about their life sociable as well as different events in their life together with.


Barbara Walters Interview

From year 1997, it's interview with Barbra Walters. 11th minute interview, which in Michael speaks with Barbara Walters about Princes Diana of her decease, the concerts, way of being, rags as they treat them, he gave the picture of his son Prince to newspaper, about how much he hates as the newspapers call him "Jacko","Wacko Jacko" as well as about he will permit his son to do a career in Show Business if Prince wants to do this as well.


Living With Michael Jackson

Controversial Martin Bashir's "Living With Michael Jackson" set on in 2003. Michael tells him about all aspects in his life. About operations ( it discloses here that he had 2 plastic surgery of nose), his children, about this where from he takes a vein to writing songs, as well as creating of music, history of childhood, first girl, first date, as he spands free time itc. The Interview is spacious enough, but the contained comments by Martin Barhir, are not decent enough and idiotic. After this interview, Gavin Arvizo he was forced by mother to accuse Michael about sexual molestaton, from which Michael has been acquited obviously in 2005. More about caseHere, he also discloses here once again, he has "Vitiligo", that's why he is white and need to carry umbrella. However it's not an objective pictures of Michael as producer says.


Take 2

Less-known interview made during LWMJ but footage from the interview made by Michael Jackson's crew document named "Take Two" (The footage you were never meant to see), where we can see more footage that were made. Michael tells more about personal life, in interview takes part Michael's second wife Debbie Rowe and also different persons. In interview is a lot of Facts about Michael's life: Michael admits that he had sex with Debbie. However Debbie grants, that her children (Prince Michael1 and Paris) they do not tell to her mum, because and she does not want this too. And a lot of different details to find out. Host of Take 2 Maury Powich is showing us the controversy that Bashir had made, basically different opinion. This is just LWMJ but filmed by Jackson's camera.


Private Home Movies

The next is "Private Home Movies". Michael showing his self totally of who and how he really is, he speaks about his private life, after the concerts, before the concerts, and private, many scens from ranch "Neverlnad", he watching private movies and comment, also we can laugh a lot when we are watching this movie. Here are many scenes never before seen, from Michael's childhood by meeting Michael with Princes Diana until Michael's private vacation. Titles of chapters: Live in tour, First Christams, Behind the scens of Thriler, Michael's going shopping, Bad, Living in "Neverlnad", Jam, Rock my world, inspirating, Smooth Criminal, Princes private, Jacksons family on vacation, Black Or White, Big Surprise, Remember The Time, Michael's holiday. Totally running time almost 90 minutes of watching.
So, as Michael said on the begining:"...movies on Television?Well, I thoung to do so, bacause many people have a opion about me, and haven't even met me. They even don't know me. I though to just open up and show them who I really am'. Just simple Michael Jackson."


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