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Off The Wall

Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

Director: Nick Saxton
Making in: 1979
Running time: 4.07 min.
Premiere: 1979
Actor: Michael Jackson

Rock With You

Director: Bruce Gowers
Making in: 1979
Running time: 4.00 min.
Premiere: 1979
Actor:Michael Jackson

She's Out Of My Life

Director : Bruce Gowers
Making in: 1979
Running time: 3.29 min.
Premiere: April 1980
Actor: Michael Jackson


Billie Jean

Director: Steve Barron
Making in : 1983
Premiere : Marzec 1983
Running time : 4.56 min.
Actor : Michael Jackson
Info: Billie Jean was first clip of black artist playing on MTV.Michael has broke barrier /MTV only for white/

Beat It

Director: Bob Giraldi
Making in: 1983
Running time : 4.56 min.
Choreography : Michael Peters
Actors : Michael Jackson, Michael Peters, "Streetgangs"(Gangi uliczne) z Los Angeles, Jeffrey Daniels
Info: The story of an intense and violent conflict between two street gangs, culminating in a tense standoff, is also an expression of Jackson’s extreme dislike of violence. About 80 actual members from the street gangs Crips and Bloods were cast as extras and performers in the video, not only to add authenticity, but also in an attempt to foster peace between the two rivals. © 1983 Optimum Productions
Awards: 5 Billboard Video Awards 1983, Rolling Stone readers poll Best Video 1983, Rolling Stone critics poll Best Video 1983


Director: John Landis
Making in : Union Pacific Avenue, East Los Angeles, CA, fall 1983
Running time: 14.00 min.
Premiere: 2nd December 1983
Make-up : Rick Baker
Choreography : Michael Peters
Actors : Michael Jackson, Ola Ray, others
Awards: 3 Billboard Video Awards 84, 3 MTV Video Music Awards 84, American Music Award 84, Rolling Stone readers poll Video of the Decade 89
Info: Michael in this clip made an story and he totally changed MTV.



Director: Martin Scorsese
Making in : New York City 1987
Choreography : Vince Patterson
Running time : 18.00 min. (Dłuższa Wersja)
Premiere : 1987
Actors: Michael Jackson, Wesley Snipes
Info:The clip was making in underground in New York.Michael gaves permiossion to Weird Al Yankovic for transform song in 1988 it is named "Eat It".

Smooth Criminal

Director: Colin Chilvers
Making in: 1987
Running time : 9.23 min.
Premiere : 1988
Actors: Michael Jackson, Brandon Adams, Sean Lennon, others
Awards : British Music Award - Najlepsze Video Roku
Info: Smooth Criminal was motive in "Moonwalker" movie

The Way You Make Me Feel

Director: Joe Pytka
Making in: spring 1987, Los Angeles, CA
Running time: 9.30 min. (Long Version)
Choreography: Vince Patterson, Michael Jackson
Premiere: 31st October 1987
Actors: Michael Jackson, Tatjana Thumbtzen, LaToya Jackson, others
Info: In the last scene where Michael huging Tatia, he ask for abandonment unnecessary people, who don't take part in production of this clip. Michael used white "fly" on belt in homage for Fred Astaire.

Dirty Diana

Director: Joe Pytka
Making in: 1988
Running time: 4'55 min.
Premiere: 1988
Actors: Michael Jackson, Steve Stevens, Lisa Dean
Info:Clip has been made in Long Beach in California.

Concert version

Man In The Mirror

Director: Don Wilson
Running time : 5'04 min.
Realise : January 1988
Actors:Michael Jackson,in scrap of famous people

Another Part Of Me

Director: Patrick T. Kelly
Running time: 3'51 min.
Premiere: Lipiec 30, 1988
Info/curiosity:Michael is capital figure in this clip.But also we can notice here: Tina Turner,Elizabeth Taylor,Sophie Loren.

Speed Demon

Premiere: 1988 w Filmie Moonwalker
Info: Motive of this clip is escape from paparazzi as disguised for rabbit,in the end of clip Michael dance with rabbit as on tournament.

Leave Me Alone

Director: Jerry Kramer
Running time: 4.40 min.
Premiere: 1989
Actors :Michael Jackson, Bubbles, Crusher
Info: MJ in this clip, facetiously refer to the rumors about his life subject.

Liberian Girl

Director: Jim Yukish
Making in: 1989
Actors : Michael Jackson, Steven Spielberg, Danny Glover, Whoopi Goldberg, Quincy Jones, David Copperfield, Paula Abdul, Rosanna Arquette, Debbie Gibson, Dan Aykroyd, Olivia Newton-John, John Travolta, 'Weird Al" Yankovic, Bubbles, inni


Black Or White

Director: John Landis
Making in: 1991
Running time: 11'00 min.
Premiere: November 14, 1991
Actors: Michael Jackson, MaCauley Culkin, George Wendt, Bart Simpson, Homer Simpson
Info:Black Or White in the day of realise was played simultaneousness in 27 countrys, had seen that clip over 500 mln. persons simultaneousness.Longest version is without music, but it contain Michael's "mad dance", who destroying: car, panes itc.

Heal The World

Director: Joe Pytka
Running time : 6'21 min.
Premiere: November 1992
Info:Michael didn't took part in this clip


Running time: 8:00 min.
Premiere: June 19, 1992
Actors: Michael Jackson, basketball star Michael Jordan, Heavy D., rap duo Kriss Kross, Naughty By Nature
Info:In longest version MJ teaching Michael Jordan how to dance(those scene are without music already)

In The Closet

Director: Herb Ritt co-director Michael Jackson
Running time: 6:15 min.
Premiere: April 23, 1992
Actors : Michael Jackson, super moedlka Naomi Cambell
Info:March 12 1992. 25 winners of competition MTV ate a dinner at the making of clip,party running time was over 2 hours MJ even danced with guest

Remember The Timet

Director: John Sinelton
Making in: 1991
Running time: 9'19 min.
Premiere : 2 luty 1992
Actors: Michael Jackson, Eddie Murphy, Iman, basketball star Magic Johnson
Info:In some momemnt MJ is kissing with Iman,he didn't want to replay that, he embarrass and hide his self in his own trailer and watched "Little mermaid"

Gone Too Soon

Director: Bill DiCicco
Running time : 4'15 min.
Premiere : November 1993
Info: Clip dedicated for Michel's friend Ryan White
A boy died on AIDS in 1990, MJ showing his self only twice. The first is divine service funeral,and the second just a fragment at Neverland MJ is walikng with Rayan and they speak together

Give In To Me

Director: Andy Morahan
Running time: 5'30 min
Premiere: 10 Luty 1993 w Wywiadze Dla Oprah
Making in: 25 czerwiec 1992r. w Monachium Niemcy
Actors:Michael Jackson,Slash
Info:This clip has been made in one day,it was making in Rock Club in Munich.People though,that they came there for a usually rock party, but they came and they were an extra in this clip.

Will You Be There

Director: Vincent Paterson
Making in: Późny Listopad,Lotnisko w Santa Monica,Występ Dla MTV z Okazji 10 urodzin
Running time:5'55 min
Premiere: lato 1993r.
Info:Are two version of this clip:One of them is sequences from "Free Willy" movie.

Who Is It

Director:David Fincher
Making in: 1992,in some part at Neverland
Premiere: 13 July 1992r.
Info:Are the rumors, that for the last teen seconds of clip was performed by E' Casanova (double) he supposedly replaced Michael.



Director: Mark Romanek
Running time: 4'40 min.
Premiere: 14 06, 1995r.
Awards: Billboard Video Award 95, 4 MTV Video Music Awards 95, Grammy 96
Info:This clip is note down in Guiness World Record Book as the most expensive Video ever.Cost of this clip is $ 7 mln.

They Don't Care About Us (Brazil Version)

Director: Spike Lee
Running time: 7'07 min. (dłuższa wersja) 4'40 min. (Krótsza Wersja)
Premiere: marzec 22, 1996
Info:Are two verion of this clip, Michael wasn't satisfied of brazilian version and they made another one in prison.The clip was making on suburb of RIO

They Don't Care About Us (Prison Version)

Director: Spike Lee
Making in: Queens, NYC, lato 1996
Running time: 4.40 min.
Info:A lot of music TV channels prohibit display this clip because of his extremeness.

Stranger In Moscow

Director: Nicholas Brandt
Running time: 5'32 min.
Premiere: Wrzesień 1996
Info:making of this clip has been place in unuse shed in Van Nuys.Early in the same place was made "Ghosts" videoclip.

Earth Song

Director: Nicholas Brandt
Making in: Warwick / NY 1995
Running time: 7'18 min.
Premiere: Listopad 1995
Info:Earth Song is recognized as one of the best clip of King of Pop.

You Are Not Alone

Director: Wayne Isham
Making in: 1995, Los Angeles / CA
Running time: 5'45 min.
Premiere: July 28, 1995
Actors: Michael Jackson, Michael'a ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley
Info:5 days was making this clip, and the next 5 days was for a montage.According to director Waynes Isham,the last Michael's and Lisa's Marie scene was made without their knowladge.


Making in: Los Angeles, California
Running time: 4'27 min.
Premiere: 1995
Info:Making of this clip has been in Sequoia National Park at night,Michael's dream was the seize of beautiful atmosphere in park about dusk.

Blood On The Dance Floor


Director: Stan Winston Terminator, JP
Written by: Michael Jackson, Stephen King
Running time: April-May 96, on airport in Van Nuys/CA
Producent: Michael Jackson, Stan Winston & David Nicksay, Caroline Baron, Mary Montiforte
Special effect: Digital Domain - Venice, CA, Pacific
Make-up: Richie Alonzo, Nick Marra, Mike Smithson, Bruce Spauldin Fuller
Music by: Nicholas Pike
Script: Stan Winston & Mick Garris
Premiere: May 97 on Cannes festival
Info:The longest short film in the History of Music.Here is description short version.

Blood On The Dance Floor

Director: Michael Jackson & Vincent Paterson
Producer: Beth Anthony
Running time: 3'16 min.
Premiere: April 02, 1997
Info:Preatty sting make-up in this short film was made to Michael by Karen Faye.Choreography was invented by MJ and Vincent Paterson.


You Rock My World

Director: Paul Hunter
Running time: 5'45 min. (wersja krótsza), 12'26 min. (dłuższa wersja)
Premiere: September 21, 2001 (international), September 26, 2001 (USA)
Actors: Michael Jackson, Chris Tucker, Marlon Brando, Michael Madsen & Billy Drago
Info:In USA it has been realise on 26 of September because of terrorist attempt in USA.


Director: Nick Brandt
Premiere: November 2001
Making in: Squaw Valley/Lake Tahoe, Nevada; Mare Island Bridge/Vallejo - CA; Vallejo, California; San Francisco; California; Petaluma-CA; California; Pescadero State Beach-CA, California; The Redwood National Forest - CA; California; 2001
Info: There's no Michael in this short film.

Number Ones

One More Cahnce

Running time: 3:43 min.
Premiere: 2003
Making in: Las Vegas.
Info: Michael was unhappy after made it. He wanted to make another one but charges made him incapable to do so.

Thriller 25th

Wanna Be Satrtin' Something

Director: N/A
Running time: 3:34 min.
Premiere: 2009
Filmed: N/A
Info: video clip is a promo of "Thriller 25th" album

This Is It

This Is It

Director: Kenny Ortega
Running time: 3:34 min.
Premiere: 2010
Filmed: based on movie.
Info: the short film was created from movie "Michael Jackson's This Is It"


Hold My Hand

Running time: 3:43 min.
Premiere: 2010
Filmed: based on movie.
Info: the short film was created from movie "Michael Jackson's This Is It"

Hollywood Tonight

Running time: 4:01 min.
Premiere: 2010
Filmed: Hollywood.
Info: In short film is orginal demo version of the song with Michael's vision of the beat from Billie Jean. On the Michael album is version made by producer Teddy Riley who was sure how Michael wants the song to sounds and so he did.

Behind The Mask

Running time: 4:31 min.
Premiere: 2010
Info: the short film was created by fans who filmed theirselves and sent to Sony on Sony's request.

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