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About Michael

First name and last name: Michael Joseph Jackson

Nicknames: MJ, Mike, Jacko(called by press:-( ), Doo Doo, Smelly

Attributed To As: "The King Of Pop", "Living Legend"

Date of birth: August 29, 1958. About midnight 11:40
Place of birth: Gary in Indiana state, USA

Date of death: June 25, 2009 About 4:26 p.m
Place of death: UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles in California, USA

First Home: 2300 Jackson St.,Gary in Indiana state(USA)

Second Home: 4641 Hayvenhurst Encino, Los Angeles state California(present home Michael's parents)

Third Home: Neverland Valley Ranch
c/o Postmaster
Figueroa Mountain Road
Santa Ynez Valley
Los Olivos
CA 93441

Other Property Michael Has Owned: Chabenet, mediaeval castle in France, Neverland

Nationality: American

Race: African American

Marital status: divorced

Zodiac sign: miss

Height: 5' 10" (178 cm)

Weight: 62 kg (136 lbs)

Shoes size: 42

Eyes colour: dark brown

Hair colour: black

Occupations: singer, dancer, record producer, actor, choreographer, designer

Education: diploma of high school

:Skills: Playing Piano

-Katherine Esther Scruse Jackson - 26 July 1929r.
-Joseph Walter Jackson - ur. 4 June 1930r.

-sister:Rebbie (*May 29, 1950)
-brother:Jackie (*May 4, 1951)
-brother:Tito (*October 15, 1953)
-brother:Jermaine (*December 11, 1954)
-sister:LaToya (*May 29, 1956)
-brother:Marlond (*Marzec 12, 1957)
-brother:Randy (*October 31,1961 )
-sister:Janet (*May 16, 1966)

Lisa Marie Presley ( 26 May 1994r. - January 1996r.)
Deborah Rowe (14 November 1996r. - October 1999r.)

-Prince Michael Joseph, Junior (B'day Febuary 13, 1997), Mother: Debbie Rowe. Godmother: Elizabeth Taylor, Godfather: Macaulay Culkin.
-Paris Katherine Michael (B'day April 3, 1998). Mother: Debbie Rowe. Godfather: Macaulay Culkin.
-Prince Michael II "Blanket" (B'day June 19, 2002), Mother: Unknown Godmother: Unknown Godfather: Unknown.

Godsun: Michael Gibb (son Barry'ego Gibb from band 'Bee Gees').

Hobby: Breeding Wild Animals, Collectoring Toys, Reading Books On Philosophy, Drawing, Playing In Happy Town, Listening to Music, Making Art, Dance, Acting, Traveling, Shopping, Watching Movies And Cartoons, Collectoring Painting and Sculptures and Investing.

Favorite Books: "Peter Pan" James Matthew Barrie, "Jonathan Livingstone Seagull" Richard Bach, "Old man and sea" Ernest Hemingway.

Favorite Movies: "Star Wars", "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind ", "Jaws", ans also horrors.

Favorite Actors: Charlie Chaplin, Marlon Brando, Katharine Hepburn, Shirley Temple, Elizabeth Taylor, Morgan Freeman.

Favorite Artysts: Michael Angle, Leonardo da Vinci, Claude Debussy, Piotr Czajkowski, Marcel Marceau.

Idols: James Brown, Jackie Wilson, The Beatles, Boyz II Man, Doris Day, Diana Ross, Charlie Chaplin, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelley, Berry Gordy, Quincy Jones, Three Stooges, Walt Disney.

Favorite song: "All you need is love", "Come together","Smile".

Favorite his own song: "Earth Song","Heal The World"," The Lost Children","Speechless","You Are my Life"

Favorite own singing song: "Bille jean","Heal the World"

Favorite own video clip: "Thriller","Smooth Criminal","Ghosts"

Favorite colour: red, black, white.

Favorite dish: rice and vegetable with curry, sushi, crisp, vegetarian pizza, different kind of chees.

Favorite drnik: milk, mineral wather, orange juice, fanta, tea.

Favorite sweeteness: carrot cake with buttery cream, cookies with chocolate cream and banana, potato chips.

Favorite fruits: cherry, pear, watermelon

Favorite clothes: as a star extravagant and stylish, privte jeans, flannel shirt, old sweater, pyjamas.

Favorite akcesories: Black Fedora (hat), whithe socks, gloves, sunglasses, mask, band on shoulder.

Favorite place: continent Africa, Poland, France

Sports he drives: golf, tennis, swimming, horse drive, karate, coolpool, sometimes basketball and baseball

Favorite chart game: Monopol

Favorite channel TV program: "Flip Wilson", "Brady Bunch"

Favorite home making: hoover cleaning

Favorite gift from gril: camera

Favorite holiday: Jewish sabbath

He most like: kinds, animals, toys , old castles, beautiful tale with good end.

Most hate things: sports shoes , tabloids magazine,journalist , lonley, false friends, hypocrite, rumors on his own subject, conceited politicians, alcohol, tobacco, drugs.

Most closer friends: Elizabeth Taylor, Nelson Mandela, Fred Astaire, Macaulay Culkin, Bill Bray ( for many years guard chef of his own person).

First girlfriend: In high school, school friend her name is Darles (last name unknow).

Albums: "Off The Wall"(1979),"Thriller"(1982),"Bad"(1987),"Dangerous"(1991),"HIStory"(1995),"Blood On The Dance Floor"(1997),"Invicible"(2001),"Number Ones"(2003),"The Ultimate Collection"(2003),"The Essental"(2005)

Movies where Michael acts: "The Wiz"(1978),"Capitan EO"(1987),"MoonWalker"(1988),"Ghosts"(1997),"Miss Cast Away".

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