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Holdys about Michael's life and creations, Polish Radio Channel Tree, Oct. 15, 2009

R3: "Why Michael Jackson and Ket Power? We have to say a little bit about music we are playin'."

Z.H.:"It's unnecessary to comment Michael Jackson, if some one has brain and do respect other people, it's actually unnecessary to comment it. Even this record about which there are discussions about, regarding the time when it was recorded... less important is who is the author of the song... It seems to the matter is already done, that Paul Anka took part in it - o we should have the record of Paul Anka, to make people know who he was. He has such song about Diane, he sang it when he was 11 I think. And I just wanna pay attention on this, that no matter how many times is released some record of Michael Jackson then rapidly the scale of music is higher, just it's going up, this is the artist of this format, he never released nothing worth weak, boring song, it can be track of; extra class, super class... I'm saying so, because Star word is terribly popularized, today star is some one who is show clouds on map by a little stick... so I named myself orb and for sure the orb is Michael Jackson, but it means this, there are some behaviors in art which make people distinguish, there are extraordinariness people, unbelievable people and extraordinary people from other people which are also great but they don't have this extraordinariness inside. The way he's making harmonize, the way he's singing rhythmical, it's the way which is unattainable for most polish and international artists. And we know that and we can hear it, and all those foul stories about; painting by something on his which had to get this to actually to... destruction of country of this man? Now what is this for anyone? Please tell me. Well it's phenomenal vocalist and they are starting to say: "Look he has curve legs, look at his tees, look he has cross-eye, you know...,o look now he has stain on his forehead itc." so we are doing everything to make him disgusting to ourselves, 'cause what? Because he is so amazing? If he would be average man and was walking street, nobody would pay attention on him."

R3:"You know it's so named color newspapers (tabloids), as I'm it calling like, right?"

Z.H.:"Ooo it is black!"

R3:"It is black?"

Z.H.:"It has one color. And people made... this I'm saying with smile on my face, then maybe someone finally makes himself reflect, it's not like Michael Jackson - aah he died in tragically circumstance and doctors help him to die. Normal man without stress is not talking those medical stuffs, he doesn't need them, he is not taking alcohol, he is not taking a propofol and other this stuffs to help himself go sleep. The media hunted him down and be better if they realized that. For people's wish they make the show with blood and later they made great celebration of his death. It's such double cannibalism, sad matter, but most important is the new song is going out and it's showing us that he is still out of reach of all other people... I'm waiting impatiently for his movie from concerts, rehearsals. I know for sure, I'm gonna find out something extraordinary, anyway I know how the begining of the show had to look like, and that were astounding stuffs, it was XXII-nd century, and he was taking us into this century, and he didn't make it, let those people regretting who were helping him in this... Of course, I don't wanna personally anybody charging, but how many times you can hear such yelp, recently I don't know Cezary Pazura with Grabowski actor yeah, which said they gonna suing paparazzi, well you have to start to realized, that paparazzi who is taking pictures and is writing bullshit about someone has lover and know it is not the truth, but he's doing this for sell makings is really killing a man which is he writing about, well if it is all about as many we kill as in shooting game then success is bigger... luckly governor Schwarzenegger said something 48 hours ago, that the paparazzi are not having every rights, and I think it's true finally, a little bit on rule of snobbery, and we like to do the same things as America, it got into the Poland and they start to take care of it, that they can't write with impunity, about You, you are pedophile about someone other that he stole something itc. and later : "Ach we heard you have stolen, but were doing this in joint action of reliability as we only could do" no, there's no such stuffs, we can't charge a man. (...) What it is a press which is lying and slandering other people?! So Jackson is because of this matter and Ket..."

Source: Polish radio channel 3. "Private collection of Zbigniew Holdys" (fragment), Zbigniew Holdys polish singer and composer

Interview with R. Kelley in VIBE magazine; March 1996
R. Kelly (singer/songwriter/producer, worked on 'HIStory' and 'Invincible')
[...] I grew up with the music of Michael and I've been inspired a great deal by Michael. To actually have him call me up, call my management, saying he wants me to do a song for him was a great inspiration for me to go forward in my career. And up to the day I met him it was like a big countdown. I think it's normal when you grow up to the music of someone that has been there so long and is so large. To meet this person and knowing that this person depends on me. When an artist calls a producer he makes himself dependent on him to become # 1, to get something that comes out as a track. At this time, Michael Jackson depended on me to make something come true for him.
I remember a funny thing about him. I had ordered Chinese food and had put up all these Walt Disney cups all over the studio because I knew he was a big kid. I knew that. Everyone knew that. And I also got my little dog because I knew he loved animals. I couldn't afford giraffes, but I did have a dog. It broke ice and we talked. And I went to the bathroom and my manager came with me, and I remember that I fell to the floor because I just couldn't believe it. But I got back up and straightened myself out because I realized that I had to be professional. [...] It's always great to work with someone who is wonderful because they bring you forward. Michael was very humble. He also didn't wanna change anything. Some artists want to change songs so that they like them, but I don't go for that. I don't want to destroy the magic. I don't like messing with the magic and what you risk to reach something is what you need to keep it. Michael figured this also. [source: VIVA; October 1999]

I thought it was funny when I told Michael Jackson I didn't want to fly, and he was giving me reasons why I should. I kept looking him in the eye, and I kept saying "uh-huh, uh-huh" and "oh, I see," knowing all the time that I would not be getting on a plane. Working with Michael was definitely not just another day at the office. [source: VIBE magazine; June/July 1995]

Question: So it was cool working with Michael?
R. Kelly: I was so nervous, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to finish the project. When he first got to the studio, something weird came over me. Michael was another level, and it was a hell of a level to go to. But passion took over, and it put a shield around me and allowed me to be just a normal guy who felt like he worked with Michael all the time.
Question: Was he really receptive, or was he, like, "No, muhfucka, I've been doing this for 30 years."
R. Kelly: He was never that. That's why he's been here for 30 years. He was more humble than me-got up under my wing. He wanted to know what it was I wanted from him. And if he could give it to me. Question: How did that feel?
R. Kelly: Everything Mrs. McLin told me was true: I was born for this. I was ready. I didn't know that until I met Michael. My teacher told me when I was 15 that one day I would work with Michael Jackson, that one day I'd produce him, and that Quincy Jones would come to me for songs, and Stevie Wonder. I haven't worked with Stevie yet, but she told me these things would happen, and to see them come to pass is amazing.

Interview with Teddy Riley from 30.08.07. (ballerstatus.com)

Lucy Diamonds: Speaking of Michael Jackson, after he broke records with Quincy Jones on several albums up through Bad¸ you took over the production for Dangerous. At that time in your career, was following Quincy Jones a lot of pressure?

Teddy Riley: It was a lot pressure, I ain't gonna lie about it. I felt really tense going in there working with Michael and to be coming after Quincy who's a genius. He's the Grandfather of production. Actually he called me to do it. He told me "you can do this." He's the one who put me out there to Michael and said, "This is the guy you need to do your record." So then Michael called. At that point, I just went in with a lot of songs knowing he'd at least pick one song but he picked seven.

Lucy Diamonds: What was that experience like?

Teddy Riley: That experience was crazy because... like, I expected the worst. So when you expect the worst and then you actually get something, the worst now becomes the best for you. I expected not to have more than one song on the album, but then over the course we just developed this great relationship and chemistry. It's a magnificent feeling.

Holdys about Michael's case

In American court I have been tree times, and one time of them as defendent. I liked it.

I was December's evening, there was a light snow rain and everywhere were glittering colorful lamps on streets. The car was huge, it was from 1972, and he was called Cadillac and was in tea's color. The car has fake license plate, doesn't have check-up and valid assurance. This last thing is a crime in USA. We were hold by 7 police cars near to shopping center, they thought we are Ukrainian mafia who were making fake money.

In history of "Gazeta Wyborcza" there was only double time when was used so big font to write a title on the first page. First of all was word "WAR" (following day after coup in Moscow).The second time was the day after given public information about trial of Michael Jackson. Big shout bold font "Futura Bold" was saying on the first page "KING'S SHAME" and was decorated by MJ's picture.
I remember, we were wondering with group of friend in front of my table at home then. There wasn't trial begun yet, Michael wasn't in court yet and no one witnesses or evidence has been shown - but already in polish great newspaper was reached the verdict.
Also so big title "INNOCENT KING" doesn't appear on the first page of "Gazeta" ever. Also then, while Jackson was acquitted by court of America.

The judge greeted me with a kind gesture, he red recommend from consulate, and said :"Congratulations Zbiggy, great thing. But now tell me, was the car assurance or not". I do clear throat and start to explain, that the limousine I have bought two days ago and I didn't know, what the prescriptions are...
"It's doesn't matter, Zbiggy" - he cut me off. "The question is simple: you got a receipt of assurance or not?". I hesitate myself. I was looking for some explain, but nothing was coming to my mind. Another time I tried my mumble: "I just..." "Zbiggy..." - judge sighted. "This is court. Here the matters are evidences. If you got this miserable receipt - you are free. If not - you got one thousand dollars fine and I'm taking your drive license for a half a year. Like this or like that. We can't do anything more".

Trial of O.J. Simpson was broadcast all over the world. His employers were doing miracles to show one - there is one chance on a million that someone other has killed. Because in the battle of justice is sometimes enough one leak in prosecutor's thesis - and a man is acquitted. It works. Simpson in criminal case was acquitted.

In Poland professor Filar, expert of criminal cases, being at home in Torun doing comment of Jackson's acquitting from the distance of 8 thousands kilometers, reveled for need of TVN TV: "It's verdict as it looks, nobody know what had happened for real, in last place Jackson's attorneys took millions of dollars to defend him, Jackson will be judged right by the heaven's court". Great.
Especially this last word about heavens court.
Who knows, will the words of professor Filar should be engraved in every place in Poland to let know someone in Poland after its acquittal it's not over.

Ah, I would forget: prosecutor spends 7 millions of dollars to gather evidences against Michael. Maybe more money took Jackson's lawyers.
I haven't got a receipt and the judge sentenced me. "Court is taking back your drive license, Zbiggy. Physically I'm not taking it, because it's your personal card, but you are not allowed to drive in the area of New Jersey State for 6 months. If you break the prohibition - you would go to jail for a one year. It means if you are going as passenger through a tunnel to Holland to New York, and you would see painted on walls red border line and inscription of End of New Jersey state - Welcome to New York State, there you can get the car and drive yourself and go ahead. I don't care. Only remember: you have to do this a one inch beyond the border of New Jersey state, in other way you go to jail. Understood?". I node my head.

In the murder trial of Gregory Przemyk one of the witness - and friend of Przemyk at the same time - rapidly starts to reminded himself after years some details. Judge cut him off: "It's impossible for a man to remember more in longer time after accident than right after the accident". I spoke about it with my American friend, lawyer. Smiling. "In USA such judge would be taken off a trial, right away. Judge has not such rights because it's not an expert in such stuffs of memory. Such opinion can express only a doctor of this specification. It's just a matter of valid evidence. One evidence is helping defendant other one is passing judgment. Many people after years are regaining a memory, so how does it look?"

"And one more thing, Zbiggy" - said for the final. "Since you are from other country, I explain to you, what really means taking back drive license in our state. About six months, you mustn't sit on a hair of driver. In any car. Remember that, to avoid another discussion. No matter, are keys in roll down or not, is a car with heels or not. No matter, would you have there engine or not. It can be a body of a car on scarp yard and it can be brand new car in shop of cars - no matter. You sat on hair of driver and you are going to jail. Do you understand?".
I like this most.

When the court announced about charges against Michael - polish media choked the pice of information. He was disregarded as shit, color of his skin was mocked and appearance, he was taking down at every step. I have been invited to TV station TVN 24 at the time for a discuss with Marcin Pawłowski. He was asking me, what do I think about it and how this can get finished?.
I asked the media to not to reach their own verdict before the grand jury say their verdict. "Media can't sentence anyone before the verdict. It's not allowed to killing someone. It's because they can killing innocent man" I said.
Later I spoke with Marcin via e-mail about it. In one of the mail he wrote: "You're right. Media shouldn't proceed like this"

Zbigniew Holdys polish singer and composer
Source: Interia.pl

Artists in their own words

Will.I.Am: Michael is the world sweetest and he would not call the new album a "comeback album". Jackson is to big to ever been away, his songs still plays daily all over the world

Bob Geldof
When Michael Jackson sings it is with the voice of angels, and when his feet move, you can see God dancing.

Seth Green
There are two kinds of people in this world: Michael Jackson fans and losers.

Of every album I have listened to, the best of the year by far has been Invincible. Michael Jackson deserves a lot more credit than he is getting, one of the most influential performers of all time.

Elton John (singer, songwriter)
He is a very smart cookie, Michael. He knows what he wants, he knows what he is doing. I have nothing but admiration. Also, he is a very kind person.

Backstreet Boys
He is what every artist looks up to...to be... one time become the next King of Pop.

LL Cool J
My feelings about Michael Jackson are simple: I think that he's a human being like everyone else and I'm a huge fan of him.

Elizabeth Taylor
Michael is magic and all magic people are somehow eccentric. Michael is one of the most lovable, kind and natural people I've ever known. I took him deeply to my heart. I would do everything for him and he would do everything for me.
Everything about Michael is truthful. And there is something in him that is so dear and childlike - not childish, but childlike - that we both have.

Quincy Jones
Michael is the wisest and at the same time most naive person I know.

Steven Spielberg
He's sort of a fawn in a burning forest. It's a nice place where Michael comes from. I wish we could all spend some time in his world.

Bruce Swedien
I'd be proud to have that kid (Michael) as my son any day.
All this stuff about Michael being a weirdo — it's a pile of goddam... I've recorded a whole lot of these pop-musicians and this guy's the straightest of the goddam lot.

Berry Gordy
Michael I believed in you when you were a little kid, I believe in you now and I'll never stop believing in you!

Stevie Wonder
Michael's a natural. He's a very hard worker and a super performer. But most of all he's a real human being.

Karen Faye
Michael is a generous, honest, and sensitive human being, filled with amazing insight and the capacity for love. If this is weird, I want to go live on another planet.

Ricky Martin
I need to thank my teachers. I need to thank the legends of pop. I need to thank Elvis, the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Madonna. Thank you so much for being leaders and teaching me the beauty of pop.

Lisa Marie Presley
Michael Jackson is the King of Pop.

Ashley Todd
I think Michael Jackson is the best entertainer to ever walk this planet. He dancers, sings and writes songs. He is one true legend.

The thing about Michael is he's hands down one of the most professional, most talented performers I have ever worked with. All the bro haa haa aside, when it comes down to it you can have 60 choreographed dancers up there and you know which one Michael is.

Pete Wentz
Everyone's thinking they're the new W. Axl Rose, just running their mouths and living in this world where nothing is real. Like, it's really easy to write a couple of songs, but that doesn't mean you get to run your mouth. The only guy who can do that is Michael Jackson. He wrote Thriller, so he can say whatever the fuck he wants.

Lenny Kravitz
Working with Michael Jackson was probably the best recording experience of my life. He was totally cool, absolutely professional and a beautiful, beautiful guy. And let’s not forget, he's a musical genius.

Will Smith
Listen, Michael Jackson is really funny. To have time to spend with him and actually be around him, he is not what...people think he is. Michael Jackson's like a black belt too, so he will kick your ass if you say somethin' about him. Yes, Michael Jackson kicked over my head.

Uri Geller (illusionist)
This, I promise, is how you will react when you meet Michael Jackson: you'll stare, you'll start, you'll step up and you'll freeze. Everyone does the same thing - fans, celebrities, journalists, children, parents, shoppers, waitresses, prime ministers, prime ministers' bodyguards ... First you look. Michael has the most arresting appearance of any man I ever saw. It isn't only the face, and the clothes. It's the aura. But before you have taken that in, you'll start to move towards him. Instinctively. You take a step or two, and freeze. It's like being hit by a wave of awareness, first of all pushing you forwards and then stopping you cold in the backwash. "Oh my God it's Michael Jackson" and then "Oh! My God. It's Michael Jackson ..."

Anastacia (singer)
Actually, when Michael Jackson called, it was all leading up to the fact that when I did the show "The Cut", which was the star search kind of show, I was proposed to by a lot of record companies being interested in wanting me to sign with them. In the process of all those meetings and stuff, I was meeting with MJJ, so it was inevitable to meet the presidents of all of these labels because I was starting to get to that point. Michael Jackson was one of these people that I had to meet, as well as Tommy and Bob Jamieson and the presidents of all the great record companies, so it really was a professional situation. It wasn't like "I'm a really big fan and I want to have you autograph everything that I own", it was a phone call of admiration from a performer to a performer, as a president to an artist wanting to be signed, as an artist looking at what a label has to offer, it was that kind of conversation, but what a light conversation! He was laughing, I was laughing, we were having a great time.
It was so wonderful to be able to speak to him. He's so inspiring and what a genius! Forever I'll remember that I got to speak with him on the phone. If I never get to meet him or even work with him in the future, it's the beauty of being able to be recognised by something like that.

During an online chat Anastacia did at MSN she was asked which artist would be a dream come true for her to work with: "There's so many. I think any artist would be a dream, but it would fulfill a dream to be on the stage with Michael Jackson."

MissyElliot (rapper)
I don't look at it as he is not the hottest thing any more - I look at what he's done as a groundbreaking artist who opened a lot of doors for black acts. Michael Jackson is still amazing to me.

Of every album I have listened to, the best of the year by far has been Invincible. Michael Jackson deserves a lot more credit than he is getting, one of the most influential performers of all time.

Janet Jackson (singer, MJ's sister)
Some days ago he had someone send me an enormous basket, full of candles (he does it all the time) with, in the middle of it, two magnificient dogs. It was adorable! We have been brought up like that: We are trying to find our places but we adore each other.

Janet Jackson spoke about Michael in two interviews that aired in spring of 2001: Prime Time Live, and MTV Icon. Janet speaks about her family, Michael as a father, and the life changing advice she received from brother Michael.

JC (singer, 'N Sync)
I would love to record something with Sting or Seal. We all dream of recording a song with Janet or Michael Jackson.

Rodney Jerkins (music producer)
I was a huge fan of Michael since I was a little kid, I followed his career...everything he's ever done........He is the best, there's no other artist at his level, and I worked with many, he is great to work with because he knows exactly what he wants.

Nelly (singer)
I realize that black people still love and support Michael Jackson, no matter what he looks like.

Prince (singer, songwriter)
Asked by a reporter if he could take Michael Jackson in a fistfight Prince laughed and quipped "Michael's not a fighter, he's a lover." (which refers to a verse from the Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney hit duet 'The Girl Is Mine' from 'Thriller'.)

Carlos Santana (guitarist)
Speaking to VH1, Carlos spoke of his idea to have both Mr.Jackson and Prince perform together on a new song. Mr.Jackson and Carlos Santana recently collaborated on the song "Whatever Happens" which is rumored to feature on the next Greatest Hits package by Mr. Jackson.

Jessica Simpson (singer)
Question: Who would you most want to do a duet with?
Jessica Simpson: Some of my favorites...I was thinking about this the other day. Michael Jackson would be the ultimate. I wouldn't mind Celine Dion or Shania Twain, either!

Usher (R&B singer)
I study legends because I want to be a legend - Frank Sinatra, Fred Estaire, LL Cool J, Michael Jackson. That's who inspires me.

Erykah Badu (podczas Sugar Water Festival):
"I think people's personal lives are all capitalized. When I first came out, I was the headwrap and candle priestess, I was identifying with my culture. Nothing but positive things are to be said about that. I was almost like a savior to people in that arena. Once I changed the way I looked, I realized people don't need a savior. They need someone who looks like one. I'm a fan of Michael Jackson's music. As entertaining as his life is, it has nothing do with 'Rock With You' and 'Off the Wall'

He's probably the most patient person I know, in my life. He is not crazy or strange. He just simply stands far above everyone else.
Source in 60% Wikipedia.

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