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Estate and former home of Michael was "Neverland" until year of 2008 when Michael sold Neverland. Area of Nevrland Ranch it is almost 3 acres of the ground. Position of this estate is in: located at Neverland Valley Ranch
c/o Postmaster
5225 Figueroa Mountain Road
Santa Ynez Valley
Los Olivos
CA 93441
,about 5 miles north of unincorporated Los Olivos, Santa Barbara County, California . It was once operated as his private amusement park and home when it opened in 1988. The name Neverland came from the fictional island in the story Peter Pan. Michael build the Valley because of childhood he never known and that way he wants to recompense his childhood as also he wants to have his private space where nobody invited can get in and prevent him to spend his free time when he could relax. Neverland became place where no media could come in, just Michael and his privacy which he share with invited children (generally from Foundations) or guests on some party.

Sitting as a high sand dune in a valley, Neverland is located about five miles north of Los Olivos (about eight miles north of the town of Santa Ynez), in the Santa Ynez Valley.

Long before Michael Jackson made Neverland his home, the area surrounding Neverland was made of working ranches. Today, the neighborhood is made of vineyards. Neverland, which is over 2,800 acres in size, contains, among other things, a zoo and a theme park, with a Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, and bumper cars. As with much of Neverland, little is known about the value of Michael Jackson's former home. In early 2004, news program Entertainment Tonight estimated Neverland Ranch to be valued at approximately $12.0 million. However, the Santa Barbara County assessor's office believes it is worth $6 million. Forbes estimates the ranch may be worth a lot more than that.

While Neverland was open, it served as the venue of numerous parties held by Michael Jackson. In 1991, Jackson hosted friend Elizabeth Taylor's wedding to Larry Fortensky. On September 13, 2003, he held a grand party to raise money for Oneness, the Make-A-Wish foundation, and pop artist Romero Britto's Brazilian charity, "E Ai Como E Que Fica?" It was dubbed "Michael's mother of all parties". According to a Jackson spokeswoman, groups of children continued to visit the ranch during the 2005 trial, but Jackson had little time to meet with them. After the trial ended in June 2005, Michael Jackson made his primary residence in Bahrain.

Some allege that children at Neverland were reckless at times and were not bound by many rules. Children were told to follow a few rules, and were allowed to go about Neverland at will. The children were free to eat whatever and whenever they wanted and sleeping hours were not very regular. Kiki Fournier, a former housekeeper, compared Neverland to Pinocchio's Pleasure Island.

There were many ceremony like: name-day or birthday his parents as also his very close friends. Also, here in Neverland in year 93' Michael give place in his home on ranch Neverland, for record and broadcast interview with him live, it was: "90 minutes with Oprah Winfrey". Michael recorded here, also his movie: "Private Home Movies". Most suddenly fact is that Neverland was 2 times research because of accusation on Michael about molestation 1-st time that was in 1993, later by his own naive Michael believed in story of Gawin Arvizo and has invited him to Neverland, to help the "ill" boy on cancer. Unfortunately after interview "Living With Michael Jackson" he was again accused 13 September 2003, police research entire Neverland, because of influence the second suit against Michael about molestation, during, when Michael was in Las Vegas.

When Michael has been acquitted of all charges in court 13 May 2005, Michael said, that Neverland isn't now his home, it's only his own estate. After more than 2 years later, Michael has sold Neverland for over $35 millions but he retains an interest in the property.

Than Neverland, became a point of media, more for press, which still try to convince people about Michael's bankruptcy, and for many months were giving "message", that Michael "supposedly" wants to sell Neverland. Michael was very attached to his Neverland, until the police made the second research here in 2003, before that thing Michael always was saying, that this was his home and estate as well, which was representation of totally of whom he is inside. However, after won case Michael has closed the ranch definitely.

However media came back here on Neverland Ranch after several days after his death, to show how he used to live in his longtime home before he moved out.

Retained interest in the property today mean that mother of Michael, Katherine Jackson has some part of rights to the property.

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