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Michael's concert in Poland


The biggest concert in polish music history.
Jackson performed in Poland only once, on 20 September 1996, as part of the HIStory World Tour. The tour included a total of 82 shows, and was attended by a record-breaking 4.5 million fans. 120,000 people attended his concert in Warsaw’s Bemowo Airport, which was the second largest audience of the tour (his concert in Prague drew 127,000 fans). Fans gathered holding scented candles in support of such a huge talent.

Warsaw, Airport Bemowo, 20 September 1996, hour 18:30

If in time of The Beatles would exist radio RMF FM, these four mens from Liverpool would be in Poland.
Today exist radio RMF FM and "The King of music" is Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson in Poland! Already only this fact electrifies all the people. There has not been yet such a concert in Poland. He stepped out in our country, the been careful for the largest star of amusement music universally folks.
His album THRILLER is the best selling album in music history - until moment of the concert Thriller album has been bought by  over 50 millions of people all over the world. Jackson's concerts are always with fans' crowd just because of artist's fantastic vocal  and dancing abilities - his perfectionism on stage and astounding special effects are always a part of performances of "The king of music".
RMF FM were organizer of Michael's concert and Viva Art Music in Poland. Official sponsor is MK Cafe. Media patronage are Gazeta Wyborcza and Polsat.

Michael Jackson in Poland
Warsaw, airport Bemowo,
September 20 1996, hour 18:30

"HIStory Tour" - it's the name of European Michael's tour promoting the last album "HIStory - Past Present & Future" from year 1995 .
Warsaw was place, where besides of thousands of polish fans who came here also were here a numerous fans of "The king of pop music" from western Europe, particularly from Germany and Scandinavia.
Varsovian concert of Michael Jackson accumulated 120,000 thousands people.
Scene arrived on tens trucks, over 200 employed build the stage. Several thousand of bodyguards, police and army sucured the concert. So great musical event was never before prepared in Poland until now.
Fans could find out all information about the concert calling free number: 0-800 30 016


The youth below 15 years old has the prelude on concert only in company of the guardians' adult right. Guardians look after for behavior and safety of youth kinds.

The promotor does not answer for a content of the concert, and also degree of his publicizing.

The resulting from degree threat of intensification of speech sound during concert can appear. Buyer ticket accepts to message that it on concert spends on own risk and responsibility.

Promotor does not answer for born by buyer ticket going beyond pose damages possessed by promotor insurance OC and NW (unfortunate accident).

The prohibition of bringing in on plate of airport of every objects is in force can to make up threat of different persons' or health life spending there, and so:tins, bottles and different packagings so glass, as and plastic, metal objects, bad marks, belts from metal decorations, pyrotechnical makings, knives and any weapon itc.. Let in persons on plate will not become in dull shoes from metal fiting also.

It be entitle to the promotor the confiscation the every objects right, which the bringing in on plate of airport be forbid , and in case of cameras, and apparatuses photographic tape recorders - the taking over to deposit.

It is in force the prohibition of bringing in and consuming on terrain of airport the liquor. Persons liquor near which be found becomes, will be remove from object. Found liquor is subject to confiscation.

Promotor or his representatives can to refuse to object prelude inebriate persons or can to make up threat.

Buyer ticket accepts to message that prelude on terrain of object is equivalent from allowing agreement on gratuitous photographing , filming or making in relationship his person's different gender of notation with concert also on broadcasting, disseminating or showing in relationship voice and picture with any programme showing today's concert.

We apologize. On terrain of object does not one may to bring in the photographic equipment, video nor recording. Persons illicit devices near which be found recording will be removed from object. Every films and tape undergo confiscation.

Buyer ticket accepts to message that on airport will be appointed places, in grounds which the public can move. The person, which will go out apart from appointed grounds and the foundling on free terrain among enclosure of airport, and the terrain they will be appointed removed from object immediately. We introduce in aim of correc control of tickets restrictions these, and also the possible avoidance of destruction of the air - equipment and invasion of to fuel base. This organizational point will be enforced ruthlessly.

We do not accept turns bought tickets. The bad weather conditions will not be the cause of acknowledgement of turns tickets also.

With regard on possibility of pronouncement of forgeries, we command to buy the tickets only in official points of sale.

The damaged ticket, dirty or without one of three supervisory coupons is trivial.

The organizers reserve rights to change deadline of the concert, which is valid only until planned day of the concert.


14.00 - entrance on plate of airport
18.30 - supporting groups' concert including Formacja Nieżywych Schabuff (Polish Band) and DJ BOBO
21.00 - Michael Jackson's concert
22.30 - predicted end of concert


Plan of Michael's stay in Poland
maximum number of fans on concert: 120 000
each sector will hold about 5 000 fans
no roofing and benches in sectors
Press Acreditation in VIVA ART MUSIC
concert will not be transmitted on TV
there will be places at the concert with hot and cold drinks, chips etc.
there will be first-aid places on the concert (see the plan)

50 PLN (16 $) - sectors I - VIII
40 PLN (13 $) - sectors IX - XVI
30 PLN (10 $) - sectors XVII - XXV

Below two recorded songs by TV Polast from this historical concert for Poland. The Way You Make Me Feel and Heal The World, these two songs are only recorded and broadcast by TV Polsat. The TV station wasn't given the record license to record all the concert.

The Second visit in Poland

Michael after the concert promised that he will be back to Poland but no one believe in that, on May 25, 1997 there were reports that Michael is coming to Poland.

May 26, 1997 Michael had arrived to Poland on Warsaw's airport Okecie where he took off to Wilanow by helicopter. His visit was unofficial visit and does concerts to bossiness with the country. During fly Michael was watching panorama view of Warsaw, he really likes The Old Town. 1st stop was Palace in Wilanow, where he gone for a touristy tour with Professor Marek Kwiatkowski. Michael was pretty interested in decorative frieze of Palace interior decorations as also the monument of The King John III Sobieski. After palace another stop was high school name of Batorego where he came in during mature exams which he didn't disturbed. He spent 15 minutes in school. 3rd stop was "Warsaw's Kings Bathrooms" here Michael really liked peacock, here also enjoyed movie about Warsaw and he toured "Palace on water". On the evening he came to Theatre of Stanislaw where was held Chopin's recital played by Bart Kominek. Right after the recital major of Warsaw Marcin Swiecicki presented him keys to the capital and effigy of mermaid after that Michael shortly speeches:

"Ummm... I'm not a pressure in baby words, I'm deeply touched to honor this really and Poland is such a lovely, lovely, lovely place to me and um you are people very sensitive, honor, brave and most of all class and I just want to say... I actually like to live here. I like to organize here a "Child's Day" it's a holiday not only for children but also their parents"

That evening Michael made up decision about create great family's park of entertainment only one in that part of Europe. On that day Michael gone on shopping for children to toy's store called "Kidiland" he intend about 670 thousands of $ (2 millions of zlotys) for gifts.

May 27, 1997 This day he begun with the visit in President's Palace and conversation with 1st lady of Poland and wife of former Mr. President of Poland, Jolanta Kwasniewska who expressed hope to realization all the plans he had to Poland. 2nd stop was neighbor building "Bristol Hotel" and after visit he expressed will to buy the property. After hotel he gone to capitol of Warsaw where both Michael and Marcin Swieciski sign the intention letter in matter of building park of entertainment only one of that type in this part of Central-East Europe after that Michael shortly speeches;

"I'd like to say thanks to major, my friend Jacques who pretty much make this dream come true and I'd like to simply say I have been on the road 6 times when I was a baby but no one country had touched my like Poland has."

Signed letter was about to call special group into being within 12 months from both of the sides by their representing which take care of conception, place and finances matter of building of the park. After made job group will meet with the government of the city and would making decision what to do further. After capitol Michael drove to Children's Hospital on Litewska Street, there he was greeted with dancing kids to his music "Billie Jean". Hospital was the last stop in trip through Warsaw. On the airport was saying goodbye a company of honor firemen which Michael really liked suits and asked for sending 2 of this; output and operational. He flown from Warsaw to Wroclaw from there he flown to Lubiaz by helicopter and there he visits for 45 minutes late "Cistercian Order Palace" which is signed to pearl of relic and architecture of Baroque age. Michael expressed will of renovation and lease the palace.He was touring with Professor Marek Kwiatkowski who really impress to Michael by big knowledge about Polish relics. Profesor had been invited to Pars for the concert. On the evening Michael flown to Brim where for had the concert in 3 days forward which gathered 50 thousands fans and opened his Europe tour and during the tour he promised once again he'll be back to Poland for a concert.

Years later results were: negotiations with "Bristol Hotel" had end by fiasco cause of too high price, Palace in Lubaz cost of renovation was about 100 millions of $ and the process precisley with rules of conservationist, entertiment park was also a fiasco, the army which was then owner of the airport on Bemowo didn't agree to give the ground, 2 other places for the park hasn't also goodwill of locally living people. Polish government screw up with all the bussiness. Later problems in Michael's carrer end the story. But until 2006 Jackson still saw some bussiness interest in Poland.
The most important matter for Michael in Poland was the park, he said to his polish friend: "Listen this is my idea, this is who I am, this is my soul, I always thnik about family, parents and childen having fun together, this is the concept; Poland means to been a place that is on the map, it has disspared on the map, all of this mockery, "Polish" polack jokes. Listen I wanna give the Poland class, giave an honour, I wannna peopole there coming be schocked."

Here we have, shots of Michael Jackson days before the concert in 96' and his the second visit in 97'.

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