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Name: MJJ Legacy LLC
Profile: Management (Newly established, exact profile still unknown, accounting firm: Holthouse, Carlin & Van Trigt LLP, legal firm: Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP)
Established: 9-22-2008
Status: Active

Name: MJJ Productions LLC and Inc.
Profile: Management (Old company, re-activated for copyright reasons)
Established: Re-activated on 07-31-2008 (10-30-1979)
Status: Active

Company founded by Michael in 1991. Michael's albums (in years 1991-2001) are labeled by its hologram. Company was taking care Michael's business matters and finances business, currently the company's leadership is his brother Randy Jackson.

Name: Michael Jackson Co. LLC
Profile: Management (Established in the "Raymone Bain era", it's future is still unknown)
Established: 06-13-2006
Status: Active

More info:
Type: Business
Founded: Ireland, Europe
Headquarters: New York City, New York
Key people:
Michael Jackson
Raymone K. Bain
L. Londell McMillan
The Michael Jackson Company, Inc. is a company founded by pop icon Michael Jackson on June 27, 2006. Michael Jackson’s Spokesperson Raymone Bain is General Manager of the new entity. It will replace the now defunct MJJ Productions. It is not a record label in contrast to the now defunct MJJ Music.

The newly formed company is set in the restructuring of Jackson's personal and business affairs. He has hired New York based L. Londell McMillan and The McMillan Firm, known for business restructuring and turnarounds, to oversee legal matters involving his business affairs. The Michael Jackson Company, Inc. is the "new" MJJ Productions, Inc.

The company will also be responsible for overseeing finances of a possible world tour.

At the beginning of March 2007 an art competition started. Where it was stated that the three winners will have their work advertised and put on the soon to be made website, which will be run by the Michael Jackson Company.

Jackson's new venture will launch an official website for the new company later on in the year 2007 to help promote his new music and inform the public of the latest developments in his career.


Name: MJJ Kingdom LLC
Profile: Music production (Newly established, exact profile still unknown, headed by Peter M. Lopez from Kleinberg Lopez Lange Cuddy Edel & Klein LLP, legal firm: Robin C. Gilden from Reish Luftman Reicher & Cohen LLP)
Established: 08-08-2008
Status: Active

Name: MJJ Music Inc. (Joint venture with Sony)
Profile: Music label
Established: 17-09-1997
Status: Active

Name: MJJ Records LLC
Profile: Music label
Established: 08-15-1997
Status: Cancelled on 04-26-2002


Name: MJJ Ventures Inc.
Profile: Video production (Old company, re-activated for copyright reasons)
Established: 2-26-1991
Status: Active


Name: MJ Licensing LLC
Profile: Licensing
Established: 10-10-2003 (Re-activated on 04-18-2007)
Status: Active

Name: Triumph International Inc.
Profile: Licensing
Established: 07-19-1982
Status: Cancelled on 03-01-2003


Name: MiJac Music Inc. (under Waner-Tamerlane Publishing)
Profile: Publishing
Established: 1979
Status: Active

Name:Sony ATV Music Publishing LLC
Profile: Publishing
Established: 11-02-1995
Status: Active

Name: MJ ATV Publishing Trust (Jackson's 50% stake in Sony ATV Music Publishing LLC)
Profile: Publishing
Established: 02-09-1999
Status: Active

Name: MJ Publishing LLC (Jackson's 100% stake in Mijac Music Inc.)
Profile: Publishing
Established: 11-30-1998
Status: Inactive

Name: New Horizon Trust
Profile: Publishing
Established: 02-10-2006
Status: Active

Name: New Horizon Trust II.
Profile: Publishing
Established: 11-09-2007
Status: Active

Name: New Horizon Trust III.
Profile: Publishing
Established: 11-13-2007
Status: Active

Name: Sony MJ Music Publishing LLC
Profile: Publishing
Established: 11-02-1995
Status: Active

Name: MJ Sony Music Trust
Profile: Publishing
Established: 1995
Status: Cancelled on 05-31-2006

Own labels

MJJ Music

MJJ Productions inc.

The Michael Jackson Company, Inc.

Raymone Bain

Raymone Bain a former spokeswoman from the public relations firm Davis, Bain & Associates Inc., based in Washington DC. She is known for her representation of high-profile individuals including: Michael Jackson, Serena Williams, Babyface, the musical group Boyz II Men, the Estate of the late Sammy Davis, Jr., and other high-profile athletes, entertainers, political figures and political organizations, including former DC Mayor, Marion Barry. In 2006, Bain was made general manager of The Michael Jackson Company.

Source: 20% en.Wikipedia.org

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