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01 March
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1979 - Michael Jackson's "You Can't Win" peaked at #81 in the U.S. It was his debut with the Epic label.

1984 - Michael Jackson's single "Thriller" hit #4 in the U.S. It was the seventh and final single from the album "Thriller."

1985 - Madame Tussaud's waxworks unveiled their look-alike of Michael Jackson.

1988 - Michael Jackson donated box-office receipts of $600,000 from a concert at Madison Square Garden to the United Negro College Fund.

04 March

1998 - Michael Jackson's "History On Film Volume II" was named Best International Video at the 12th annual RIAJ (Recording Industry of Japan) Gold Disc Awards.

05 March

2009 - Michael Jackson was suing Julien's Auction for as suit cliams: many items are "priceless and irreplaceable" and describes the attempt to sell them as "malicious, fraudulent, extreme, outrageous and without any legal justification whatsoever." and selling them without Jackson's permission.

2009 - Michael has announced series of the last concerts that he will perform in London named "This is it". 10 shows were set for July 09.

06 March

2009 - "Thriller" was certified 28 times "Platinum" by RIAA.

07 March
08 March
09 March
10 March

1988 - Michael Jackson said "I would like to say this about the United Negro College Fund. An education opens a person's mind to the entire world, and there is nothing more important than to make sure everyone has the opportunity for an education. To want to learn, to have the capacity to learn and not to be able is a tragedy. I am honored to be associated with an evening that says this will never happen."

2004 - It was reported in Santa Barbara, CA, that the Michael Jackson molestation case was possibly on a Grand Jury docket.

2005 - Michael Jackson arrived late for court in his child molestation trial due to a back injury. The judge threatened to put Jackson in jail. Jackson arrived in pajama bottoms and slippers.

11 March

1969 - Motown bought the Jackson 5 out of their contract with Steeltown.

1993 - Michael Jackson attended the American Film Institute's dinner to give Elizabeth Taylor her Life Achievement Award.

12 March
13 March
14 March
15 March
16 March
17 March

1997 - The RIAA announced that the Eagles' "Greatest Hits" album had tied Michael Jackson's "Thriller" as the all-time best-selling album in the U.S.

2004 - Lisa Marie Presley clarified remarks she had made in an Australian TV interview. She said that she had never seen her ex-husband, Michael Jackson, engage in inappropriate behavior with kids.

2004 - An attorney filed an application asking the presiding judge of Los Angeles County Juvenile Court to begin proceedings to take Michael Jackson's children from him and place them under the court's jurisdiction.

18 March

1997 - Michael Jackson won a lawsuit that had been filed by five former employees that had alleged they were wrongfully dismissed after they had testified against Jackson in a child molestation inquiry.

1998 - Michael Jackson and his son went shopping at a toy store in Munich, Germany. Jackson was dressed as an Arab woman.

2003 - Michael Jackson's "Video Greatest Hits/History" was certified five times Platinum by the RIAA.

2003 - Michael Jackson's video "History on Film" was certified Gold and three times Platinum by the RIAA.

19 March
20 March
21 March

1988 - Michael Jackson's album Bad was certified 5 times Platinum by the RIAA.

1995 - The Best of Michael Jackson: Anthology was released.

22 March

2004 - In U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, Michael Jackson filed a lawsuit against Henry V. Vaccaro Sr. to return Michael Jackson memorabilia and to close the website showing off the items. Vaccaro had won a warehouse and its contents in a lawsuit several years before. Vaccaro said that the items had already been sold to a European buyer.

2004 - Four defendants were added to Michael Jackson's lawsuit against the charter jet company that he accused of illegally videotaping him in November of 2003 as he flew to Santa Barbara, CA, to be booked on child molestation charges.

23 March

1999 - Michael Jackson announced that he would donate the proceeds from his next two concerts to the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund and the Red Cross.

2005 - One of Michael Jackson's attorneys, Brian Oxman, was hospitalized with pneumonia. He was taken out of the courtroom on a gurney during Jackson's child-molestation trial.

24 March
25 March
26 March
27 March

2001 - Michael Jackson claimed that he was the victim of a conspiracy in a interview with the Rev. Jesse Jackson. Jackson was referring to his ongoing child molestation trial and an ongoing battle over rights to songs by the Beatles, Little Richard and others.

28 March
29 March
30 March

1988 - Michael Jackson won the Best Single, Male and Album Of The Year, Male categories at the second annual Soul Train Music Awards.

2004 - It was reported that the 14-year-old boy that had accused Michael Jackson of molestation testified before a grand jury. A comedy club owner also testified that he was the first to arrange a meeting for Jackson and the boy to meet.

31 March

1983 - Michael Jackson's "Beat It" short film premiered on MTV.

1994 - Smith-Hemion Productions filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against the Jackson 5 for misrepresenting their ability to draw a crowd and therefore breached their contract.

2004 - It was announced that Michael Jackson was promoting the idea of staging a concert tour in Africa to help raise money to fight AIDS. At the time a California court still had possession of his passport due to child molestation charges against him in that state. Jackson met with the members of the Congressional Black Caucus and was present at a new conference announcing his potential involvement in a tour of Africa.

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