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Date: December 29, 2011 Round up of the year

Passing year brought us many events, those sad events and those nice ones. This year passed with undeniable thing which is marked by Dr. Conrad Murray's Trial. We have found out about some dark side of Michael Jackson and in other hand we found out about Michael's sensitive heart again as well. However no matter what the most important thing for us is and always will be Love from Michael to us and ours to him. In following year took place such events like:

* Dr. Conrad Murray's Trial

* "The Immortal Tour" together with the soundtrack album.

* Released song collaboration of Jackson and Barry Gibb, "All In Your Name" together with music video.

* 20th Anniversary of released "Dangerous" album

* Released document "Michael Jackson: The Life of An Icon"

* Michael Jackson King Of MTV Video Music Awards

* Died personal manager of Jackson, Frank Dileo

* Died personal friend of Jackson, Elisabeth Taylor

*  New book: "Why Michael Jackson had to die" (org. title: "Die wahre geschichte") by Dieter Wiesner

What is expected in new year 2012?

* Special Edition for 25th Anniversary of "Bad" album.

* Another new album of never released songs of Jackson.

What is the date of release Jackson's new album that Michael wanted to give us during "This Is it Tour", no one knows. All those stuffs we did  not mention but would take place in next year, will be of course announced on our website. Stay Tuned! And Happy New Year!

Source:  GeniusMJ

Date: November 29, 2011 Judge decided how high punishment Murray deserved.

November 29, Judge Michael Pastor announced how big term of imprisonment Murray deserved. The judge's verdict is: "4 years in prison. But Murray will not spend a single day in prison because of a new California law. He'll serve his time in L.A. County Jail." And in jail, at most Murray will only serve half the sentence.







Source:  CNN / MJJCommunity / GeniusMJ

Date: November 7, 2011 Jury has reach the verdict. "Guilty of involuntary manslaughter".

November 7 the 2nd and last day of deliberation over the verdict of Murray's trial. Jury has reach the verdict. "Guilty of involuntary manslaughter"
Dr. Murray has been remanded in custody.

Murray faces up to 4 years behind bars, but the reality is he will not go to state prison because of a new law, and will likely serve his time in L.A. County Jail.

Dr. Murray also will loss his medical license.
Murray is scheduled for sentencing on November 29th.

Source:  CNN / MJJCommunity / GeniusMJ

Date: November 4, 2011 Deliberation has begun.

November 4 the 1st day of deliberation over the verdict of Murray's trial. When the jury get the agreement the judge Michael Pastor will set time to announce the verdict which will take place 2 hours after the judge got the message about conclusion of the jury.

Countdown to verdict on website TMZ.com.

Verdict will be also livestreamed.





Source: MJJCommunity / GeniusMJ

Date: November 3, 2011 Murray's trail: Day 23.

November 3rd, 23rd day of the Murray's trial. On Thrusday in court took place closing arguments: Prosecutor David Walgren just began his closing arguments to the jury, insisting Dr. Conrad Murray caused the death of Michael Jackson.
- For Prince, Paris and Blanket this trial will not end today because they lost their father.
- Conrad Murray violated the sacred trust between doctor and patient "each and every day."
- On June 24, 2009 MJ performed at the Staples Center and gave a great performance ... 12 hours later he was laying dead in his bed in his home.
- MJ was a creative genius striving for perfection. He was making long term plans for both himself and his children. He was excited about the tour because he knew it would give him a chance to settle down ... and his children could finally have a normal life.
- MJ wanted to open a children's hospital ... he wanted to give this to the world. He had plans and hopes and dreams.
- He was excited his kids would get to see their dad perform in London. But none of this came to be because on June 25, 2009 MJ was pronounced dead at age 50.
- Joe, Katherine, La Toya and Randy Jackson are in court -- arriving one after the other to listen to closing arguments.
- The law recognizes the special relationship between doctor and patient. Doctors have a duty to their patients and the failure to act on that duty caused the death of Michael Jackson.
- Conrad Murray is criminally negligent if he could have foreseen what happened.
- By his own admission, Conrad Murray knew MJ liked to push his own Propofol. He should have never left him alone in a room full of drugs.
- Dr. Murray made misleading statements when he failed to tell doctors he administered Propofol. It proves he knew it was wrong. That is consciousness of guilt.
- Walgren told jurors that Murray ordered more than four gallons of Propofol and had it shipped to his girlfriend's apartment in LA.
- Murray couldn't bother to keep records ... but had no problem recording a drugged up MJ and then for some reason keeping it.
- At a meeting in June Murray assures everyone MJ is doing just fine.
- But on June 19, 2009, director Kenny Ortega is so concerned about MJ's health fires an urgent email to AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips saying MJ is in a bad state.
- During an emergency meeting on June 20, 2009 -- 5 days before MJ's death -- Murray insists MJ is doing fine ... lashing out at Ortega for sending MJ home from rehearsal. Murray sternly told Ortega to mind his own business. Unfortunately, that's what happened.
- On June 21 , 2009, Jackson was complaining he was half hot and half cold. His bodyguard called a nurse who told them MJ needed to go to the hospital.
- On June 23 Michael performed at the Staples Center. By all accounts it was a great performance. There was light at the end of the tunnel.
- MJ's last rehearsal on June 24 was, again, a success. Everyone was excited that the tour was going to finally happen. MJ was particularly excited about the "illusion" that was to be performed the next day."
- After MJ's death an arrangement was made to meet with Conrad Murray at Marina del Rey. Conrad Murray was there with his lawyers. At this point, investigators knew very little. The cause of the death had not yet been determined. Detectives were working in the dark. They sat down to listen to Conrad Murray to listen to what he had to say.
- He told detectives he was giving MJ Propofol. When detectives ask how frequently did this happen? Murray tells them every day.
- Murray admitted he gave MJ 50 mg Propofol injections followed by a drip almost every night for two months.
- During his interview, Murray told cops he was worried about giving MJ Propofol at 10:00 am because MJ had to be up at noon -- 2 hours later. It suggests Murray intended to give MJ a drip, because a 25 mg injection would only put someone to sleep for 5 minutes.
- Murray never called 911 because, as he claimed, speaking to an operator would be negligent ... so what does he do instead? He calls Michael Amir Williams and leaves him a message. Setting aside all the other bizarre behavior, all he needed to say was, "Call 911..." but he didn't.
- Murray delayed calling 911 because he was looking out for himself ... he needed to hide the evidence.
- Murray spend countless minutes on the phone with several people. He was able to spend all that time on the phone because MJ was asleep ... thanks to a Propofol drip.
- Sade Anding heard voices in the background at the exact time Murray drops the phone. Was Conrad Murray in another room? Was MJ calling for help? Did he gasp? Did he choke? We don't know ... we'll never know.
- When help does arrive, in the form of bodyguard Alberto Alvarez, Murry grabs vials of medicine and and instructs him to put them in a bag. Only then does Murray asks him to call 911.
- It took 20 minutes to call 911... Paramedics responded in 6 minutes. They were a mile and a half away.
- As paramedics transport MJ to the ambulance, Murray is picking stuff off the floor and putting it in a trash bag. Why?
- In the hospital doctors ask Murray what drugs administered ... again Murray never mentioned Propofol.
- After MJ was pronounced dead, Murray is concerned about retrieving a "cream" which he claimed MJ didn't want people to know about. Murray was not concerned about a cream... he was worried about himself.
- Murray met with detectives 2 days after MJ died because he assumed police had found his bags. He knew the toxicology report was was about to be completed. He came forward for the self preservation of Conrad Murray. He came forward to get ahead of the story. Unfortunately his story doesn't match up with the evidence.
- Every single doctor has told you they would never have done what Murray did.
- Propofol should be used in a highly monitored setting. No one had ever heard of anyone using Propofol in a bedroom... EVER ... until Murray. it's an egregious violation of medical care. It's gross criminal negligence.
- Murray's preoccupation with emails, texts and calls constitute an abandonment.
- Murray chose not to keep any medical records because he didn't want his bizarre treatment to be documented.
- He deceived doctors at UCLA Medical Center, an extreme deviation of standard of care.
- Dr. Steven Shafer said the most likely scenario is that Murray gave Jackson a drip. It's based on the evidence... a cut saline bag with Conrad Murray's finger prints on it found at the scene.
- Murray admitted he did that every night, a 50 mg injection followed by a drip.
- MJ wasn't complaining he couldn't fall asleep .. he WAS asleep... because Conrad Murray put him on a drip.
- Murray's former patients say he was a good doctor ... but they were all treated in a hospital for things Murray was trained to do.
- Even the defense's own witness, Dr. Allan Metzger admitted there no amount of money would get him to agree to give Propofol in a bedroom.
- MJ was not reckless. He had a life ahead of him. He had 3 children he loved dearly. He had the means to get Propofol himself but he didn't do that. He wanted a doctor monitoring him at all time.
- Murray should have kept the drugs under lock and key.
- What defense expert Dr. Paul White presented was junk science... It was garbage. It was sad for science and for truth seeking. Perhaps he did it for the money.
- He never studied anything. He had defense attorney Michael Flanagan call a researcher in Indiana to conduct a study for him.
- MJ trusted Conrad Murray. He trusted him with his life. He paid with his life. Conrad Murray lied, deceived, obscured. More importantly, he acted with negligence, he looked out for himself. That's not what a doctor does. Conrad Murray's action caused MJ's death. But the people do not need to prove that because even if defense's facts are true ... Murray should still be held responsible.
- Walgren asked the jury to find Murray guilty of manslaughter because he abandoned his patient. "Justice demands a guilty verdict," he concluded.

Defense Attorney Ed Chernoff said the prosecution failed to prove a crime was committed.

- Murray made mistakes. But this is not a civil case. For a crime to be committed, the prosecution has to show Murray killed MJ.
- Alberto Alvarez testified that Murray -- who barely knew Alvarez -- chose him to hide vials and bags for him.
- Alvarez testified he grabbed the IV bag with his hands but the fingerprints found on the bag didn't belong to him.
- Alvarez also said there was a milky substance in the IV bag, but no Propofol was found in the bag.
- Alvarez's testimony doesn't add up.
- There are no photos showing any vial inside an IV bag.
- Detective Scott Smith said he never saw a vial in a bag. He made no notes of it either ... because he didn't see it. It wasn't there.
- Murray didn't need to create an elaborate IV set up -- placing a vial inside an empty bag -- when he could have just used the hanging tab on the bottle.
- The tubing found in MJ's bedroom did not have any Propofol in it.
- Shafer is not an investigator he is a computer analysts working for the prosecution.
- Good scientists don't take positions. Shafer had an agenda. He was trying to make a point. Dr. White knows more about Propofol than Dr. Shafer will ever know. White told the truth.
- Shafer's simulations had nothing to do with the case. Why would he do that? Because when you go backwards trying to figure out what happened... there are a million possibilities. But Shafer demonstrated what happened as if he were a cop.
- Even though there was Lorazepam found in MJ's stomach, Shafer never explained how it got there because it didn't fit his theory.
- There are 2 reasonable scenarios for what happened and if that's the case, the jury should acquit.
- Chernoff asked the jury, "If it were anyone else other than Michael Jackson, Would the doctor be here today?"
- Chernoff told the jury in order to convict they have to believe Murray had disregard for human life ... he reminded them all of Murray's patients testified he was a caring doctor.
- The prosecution argued the reason the IV tubing was not found at the scene was because Murray bundled it up and stuck it in the pocket of his baggy cargo pants. But Chernoff argued he could have taken anything, why would he choose the tubing?
- Murray's biggest personality defect is his greatest strength. He thought he could help MJ. He was wrong. "He was a little fish in a big dirty pond," he said.
- Murray didn't call 911 because he was busy trying to save MJ's life. He immediately tried CPR ... when that didn't work he injected him with Flumazenil. He then asked MJ's chef to call for help.
- The 911 call was 163 seconds. Had Murray used that time to call 911 instead of reviving MJ, the prosecution would have argued THAT was a deviation of the standard of care.
- The prosecution says everything Murray did was a deviation from the standard of care because they're out to get Murray.
- There is a tremendous desire to paint Murray as a villain. There is no perfect villain or perfect victim. The prosecution showed surveillance footage of Murray leaving the ER ... suggesting he was on the run... even though he was only headed to another part of the hospital to help the family draft a press release.
- Chernoff agreed that giving Propofol in a home setting may be inappropriate but said Murray never gave MJ any illegal drugs or controlled substances.
- Dr. Alon Steinberg's testimony that leaving MJ in that room was equivalent to leaving a baby on a kitchen countertop was insulting. MJ was a grown up man who made his own decision.
- MJ didn't die of Propofol alone. He died of Propofol and a lot of Lorazepam. Are we going to
- Chernoff asked jurors not to hold Murray responsible because it's Michael Jackson, saying, "it's not a reality show."

Prosecutor David Walgren is attacking with sarcasm in his closing statement rebuttal ... telling the jury, "Poor Conrad Murray ... everyone is just working against him."
Walgren says Dr. Murray's treatment of Michael Jackson was littered with, "bizarre, unethical, unconscionable behavior" ... adding, "That is why we are here."
Walgren says the defense team is blaming EVERYONE but the doc -- mocking the defense for suggesting a "conspiracy" against the doctor.
"Everyone's to blame but Conrad Murray ... poor Conrad Murray."

Jury instructed by judge Michael Pastor start their discussion over the verdict in the next day on November 4th, 9:00 am.

Source: MJJCommunity / GeniusMJ

Date: November 1, 2011 Murray's trail: Day 22.

November 1st, 22nd day of the Murray's trial. On Tuesday took stand: Dr. White testified, Judge Michael Pastor warned White to stop mentioning personal conversations he had with Murray ... which could allow the defense to introduce statements by Murray without subjecting him to cross examination. At one point, White suggested Jackson had his own private stash of Propofol... Finally Pastor lost his patience, and excused the jury so he could read White the riot act.
After the trial resumed, White told jurors it's possible MJ climbed out of bed, found a syringe containing Propofol that Murray left behind and injected himself with the fatal dose.

Steve Shafer recall by prosecutor; Drugs taken by IV go into all organs. SO even if lorazepam was given by IV, it would still be in the stomach. This has nothing to do with/post mortem redistribution.
it is very easy to take propofol from a tube and put lidocane in. The most common side effect of propofol is that u stop breathing. The lack of oxygen is what kills the heart.
MJ had 82.5micrograms of propofol in his urine.Cross examination by Flan who asked SSch about the lidocane found in MJ at time of autopsy. SSch said that the defense has misread his report. SSch says that he doesn’t deny Simon's article but the defense's interpretation of it.
Redirect by Walgren. SSch says that the article mentioned had no dependence on dosing except that the larger the dose, the more accurate findings.

The judge says the next time they meet all exhibits will b ready for the jury. The attorneys need time to prepare their closings. The judge and attorneys will determine final jury instructions/exhibits. So court is in recess until Thursday, 11-03-11, at 9am.

Trial live at: CNN website: http://edition.cnn.com/video/flashLive/live.html?stream=stream1?hpt=hp_t1

Source: MJJCommunity / GeniusMJ

Date: October 31, 2011 Murray's trail: Day 21.

October 31st, 21st day of the Murray's trial. On Monday took stand: Dr. White testified,questioned by the prosecutor.  cross examination, prosecutor David Walgren got Dr. White to acknowledge that Murray deviated from the standard of care when he gave MJ Propofol.
White told prosecutors he's never heard of anyone administering Propofol at a home setting.
White said it's "desirable" to keep medical records but did not think Murray's failure to keep records was an "extreme" deviation from the standard of care.
White told Walgren he's been paid $11,000 for his testimony so far. He said his usual fee is $3,500 a day.
White said he had no problem leaving a patient's bedside 15-30 minutes after giving them a small dose of Propofol. After some serious prodding by the prosecution, White agreed he would have never left a patient alone in a room full of drugs. White said he would have called 911 sooner but he didn't it would have made any difference in this case. During a particularly contentious moment, Walgren asked White whether Murray had an obligation to report all the drugs he administered to MJ. White said sometimes, in cases of emergency, details are "overlooked." Walgren then asked whether Propofol was an overlooked "detail?" White answered, "Obviously it was overlooked"... Walgren shot back, "Not obviously... It could also be a lie." White acknowledged that yes, it was a possibility. White testified he now rejects his initial theory that MJ may have died from drinking Propofol. White said he wrote that opinion in a preliminary report which he wrote in 2 days. Walgren asked him to find the word "preliminary" in the report. White was unable to find it.
Walgren asked White whether he had come up with any theories that did not place the blame squarely on MJ. White said no. White said he would have never agreed to administer Propofol as a sleeping aid. Saying "no amount of money" could persuade him to do it. White said he believes Murray drew up a syringe of 50 mg of Propofol and after giving MJ 25 mg, he left the room. MJ then self administered the remaining 25 mg that were left in the syringe. He said Jackson likely administered the final dose in the 40 minutes Murray was on the phone. Cross examination by defense: White told the jury, ER docs would not have been able to save MJ ... regardless of what Murray did or did not tell them. White said David Walgren contacted him early on to see if he could testify on the prosecution's behalf ... but White had already committed to testifying for the defense.

Trial live at: CNN website: http://edition.cnn.com/video/flashLive/live.html?stream=stream1?hpt=hp_t1

Source: MJJCommunity / GeniusMJ

INVINCIBLE best selling Dance & DJ album on Amazon, 10 years after release date!.

Before and after 2009 we already proved the world that Michael Jackson fans are a very special bread. No artist in the world is backed up and supported by such a huge and loving army as Michael is. After Michael’s death fans have set different targets and most of them are succesful. For example; ‘uncovering Michael’s name on the Michael Jackson Auditorium’, ‘the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award’ was reinstated by MTV’, ‘the Discovery special with a reconstruction of Michael’s autopsy was cancelled’, ‘several mainstream media agreed not to use the term Wacko and/or Jacko anymore’, etc.

Early October Michael Jackson fans set another goal to achieve. In honor of the 10th anniversary of Michael’s 10th studio album INVINCIBLE we agreed to buy at least another copy of this great album which has reached the number one position in many, many countries. The goal was for the album to get the number one spot once more. Today we were notified that INVINCIBLE has reached the number 1 spot in “Best Sellers in Dance & DJ” on Amazon.com. What a way to honor our hero. Congratulations Mike!

Source: Amazon.com/ LMJ / GeniusMJ

Date: October 28, 2011 Murray's trail: Day 20.

October 28th, 20th day of the Murray's trial. On Friday took stand: Dr. White testified, there was no evidence - either on the scene or in Murray's police interview - that Murray hooked MJ up to a Propofol IV drip the day he died.

It's worth noting - Murray admitted during his police interview that he had previously administered Propofol to Michael using an IV drip in the weeks before the singer's death.

According to White, the evidence on scene suggests Murray was only responsible for a small, non-fatal Propofol injection - and he believes MJ was the one who injected the final and fatal dose.

White told jurors the amount of Propofol that Murray said he gave MJ the day he died was barely enough to reduce anxiety and cause a bit of sleepiness.
White challenged Dr. Shafer's conclusion that Murray gave Jackson at least nine 4 mg injections of Lorazepam throughout the morning of June 25 saying those amounts are "enormous" and would have put anyone to sleep or even killed them.
White said a more reasonable scenario would be: MJ took 8 pills of Lorazepam - two or three at a time - throughout the night.
He explained the reason there were only traces of Lorazepam found in MJ's stomach, is because it's absorbed quickly by the digestive system. Had the Lorazepam been given IV - as Shafer argued - NO Lorazepam would have been found in MJ stomach.
Not to be upstaged by the prosecution White did his own Propofol demonstration, showing it was not only easy but "perfectly safe" to administer Propofol via injection.
White said if Murray had used an IV bag to administer Propofol, there would have been traces of the drug in the bags recovered at the scene and there weren't any.
White said he believed Jackson gave himself a dose of Propofol around 11:30 am - and that, combined with the Lorazepam and the 25 mg Murray gave him earlier, is what killed him.

Trial live at: CNN website: http://edition.cnn.com/video/flashLive/live.html?stream=stream1?hpt=hp_t1

Source: MJJCommunity / GeniusMJ

Date: October 27, 2011 Murray's trail: Day 19.

October 27th, 19th day of the Murray's trial. On Thrusday took stand: Dr. Waldman, Addiction expert, Michael Jackson received "unusually large" amounts of the pain killer Demerol during frequent visits to his dermatologist between March and June, 2009. Michael Jackson became physically dependent on on the pain killer Demerol right before he died. one of the symptoms of withdrawal from the drug is insomnia. Condition MJ was known to suffer from. Medical records from MJ's dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein which showed each time Jackson went in for a botox and anti-perspiration treatments relatively painless procedures he got a boatload of Demerol. MJ started his "treatments" in March 2009 getting 200 mg of Demerol per visit. By May, he was receiving 300 mg. During an extremely tense cross examination, Waldman admitted he couldn't say for sure whether MJ was addicted to Demerol but he would diagnose him as "dependent."
If a person is addicted to painkillers it is not safe to go cold turkey and it is very uncomfortable. Most people who are addicts have tried to stop but failed. If a person is denial they are dishonest and they don't want to give up their daily routine and livelihood. Most need an intervention. Don't want to live by someone else's rules. They often hide their use from their families/docs. I have treated some who go to many different docs to get prescriptions. This is called doc shopping. Those who are addicts are very good at compartmentalizing. We might use buprenorphine which stimulates opines receptors. Another option that is older is to use sedation, benzos, muscle relaxes, etc. Symptoms of withdrawal are sweating, increased heart rate, muscular aches/pains, nausea, diarrhea, insomnia, chills: hot/cold.
RW read a long list of drugs that may be used to combat discomfort of withdrawal mentions lorazepam as a drug that can be used. Dr. Waldman says drugs used to avoid discomfort from withdrawal include Clonadin, Lorazepam and Valium.
Walgren asked 3 times if it was important for RW to know who MJ's personal doc was. Judge Pastor told him to move on.
When Walgren asked RW about listening to MJ's past history when knowing who MJ's personal physician was RW said he does not look at what is in the news so he can remain objective.
But Walgren pointed out that RW said he used what was in the news to determine whether or not MJ was dependant/addiction.

Dr. Paul White, resumed to stand; I am basically retired. I do consulting work. Flan sent me CM's interview, coroner report/toxicology, 13 expert documents, court testimony including
Dr. Ruffalo, Dr Rogers. I did not understand how these experts came to conclusion CM infused MJ. This wasn’t obvious to me and based on what CM
said he gave I would not expect MJ to die. I said before I would sign on to this case, I wanted to meet CM.  White just testified, claiming his initial theory that swallowing Propofol could have been fatal for the singer - a theory he included in a prior report for the defense attorneys - was just a plausible suggestion not a foregone conclusion.  Rest of the testimony were about Dr's education and drugs's describing and its details

Trial live at: CNN website: http://edition.cnn.com/video/flashLive/live.html?stream=stream1?hpt=hp_t1

Source: MJJCommunity / GeniusMJ

MICHAEL JACKSON: THE LIFE OF AN ICON World Premiere Exclusive Webcast November 2!.


Event Date: November 2, 2011

Event Time: 1:45 PM - 3:45 ET / 5:45 PM - 7:45 PM GMT

Link: http://www.livestream.com/mjlifeofanicon

Source: MJJCommunity / GeniusMJ

Michael Jackson, Despite Not Being Alive, Made $170 Million This Past Year.

Even in death, Michael Jackson is a member of the 1%. The King of Pop once again earned the venerated distinction of being Forbes' Top-Earning Dead Celebrity after Jackson's estate raked in $170 million over the past 12 months. They should just rename it "Forbes Presents Michael Jackson's Top-Earning Dead Celebrities" list, because MJ is just dominating his fellow moneymaking corpses. Elvis Presley ranked Number Two on the list, and he made a little less than a third -- $55 million -- than Jackson earned. In fact, if you add up the amount of money the other fourteen celebrities on the Forbes list made, it's still less than Jackson.

It's been said that Jackson is worth more dead than alive, and as morbid as that sounds, it's proven to be true: The majority of Michael's earnings come from posthumous endeavors like his estate's $250 million, 10-album deal with Sony, $60 million from the concert film This Is It, and the $2.5 million Jackson's Cirque du Soleil show brings in on a nightly basis. (That's more than Jay-Z and Lady Gaga gross from their individual gigs.) Factor in Jackson's 50 percent share in the cash cow Sony/ATV music catalog (they own the Beatles' songs) and Jackson's own Mijac Music publishing, which adds another figure in "double-digit millions" to the fortune. And that's not including album sales. Jackson had a $400 million debt at the time of his death. That's nearly erased now.

Source: Yahoo News / GeniusMJ

Date: October 26, 2011 Murray's trail: Day 18.

October 26th, 18th day of the Murray's trial. On Wednesday took stand: Gerry Causey,has known Murray 11 years. Met him in Las Vegas after a heart attack. I stayed in constant contact With CM over 11 years partly for medical reasons but also because we developed a friendship.
CM is not the type to abandon his patient. He will spend the time it takes with a patient and he does it in layman's terms. CM is not greedy. There is no way.
I can't remember the last time CM saw me professionally, maybe '08. He called me to tell me about leaving for MJ. But I cant remember when. I knew him and his passion of his patients. All of them will say the same. Because of his clarity. I just don't think he did what he was accused of so I wanted to help.

Andrew Guest, I live in Las Vegas and I am 48yo. I work at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino as a locksmith. I met CM in Apr of 2002 when I was 39. I was refereed by my Doc Dr.Dickson. He called CM on his Cell and I saw him a few days later. CM did tests and EKG. He didn't do a treadmill test for fear I would die because of history.
I am allergic to iodine so the 1st thing CM did was give me things to combat this allergy. CM is the best doc ever. He explains everything he is going to do and he follows up. CM never gave me propofol in my home.

Lunette Sampson,
I live in CA now but lived in Vegas from 11-'02 til 10-'11. I had 2 heart attacks when I lived in Vegas. CM repaired arteries in both of her legs. She is a diabetic. I have never had a doc that was more caring than CM. He is very caring. CM is not the type of doc to rush his patients. When we come there we know we are going to be there for a while. CM is not greedy.
CM was able to find out what the previous doc did because CM was able to read the charts and notes from the other doc.

Dennis Hicks,
met CM in '99 or '00. I had heart problems. 1/2 my heart was blocked off. I explained 2 him what was wrong and told him another doc said it can't be fixed but CM fixed it. CM gave me 7 stints and cleared out part of my heart. 1 to 1.5 months later, he gave me 6 or 7 more and fixed everything. CM is the most caring doc I had ever seen and I have seen many docs. I told CM I had insurance that didn't pay for a lot of things. CM treated me 4 free with many treatments. My brother also had heart problems and he had no insurance and he wanted to go to CM. CM treated him.

Ruby Mosley,
I live in Houston, TX since Jan 1,1949. I met CM in '03 when his dad passed away. In '06 I met him again when he opened a clinic. I don’t think CM was greedy. I have been treated by CM for blockage in my heart. Stints were placed in my arteries. CM was very knowledgeable. He was able to accurately recall info about patients.

CM was crying at courtroom.

Trial live at: CNN website: http://edition.cnn.com/video/flashLive/live.html?stream=stream1?hpt=hp_t1

Source: MJJCommunity / GeniusMJ

Date: October 25, 2011 Murray's trail: Day 17.

October 25th, 17th day of the Murray's trial. On Tuesday took stand: Cherilyn Lee, continues: 4-12 MJ told CL he needed products for sleep but did not specify what he needed. 4-19 MJ again he could not sleep, MJ said he needed Diprivan was the only drug that really helped him to sleep. MJ seemed to, to have a familiarity with Diprivan. I researched what that drug was and I also called a doc.
He did not agree with what doc said. The doc I called and said it was never used outside hospital. MJ said docs told me that as long as I was monitored that this was a safe drug. CL: Based on records. (But she cant find this in her records). On 19th when MJ woke up he was upset he didn’t sleep longer. MJ told her again about Diprivan and asked me to find someone to help him sleep. I received a call from Faheem on 6-21 because he said MJ wanted to see me. He said he was cold on 1/2 his body and hot on other 1/2. I was out of state and told Faheem to take MJ to hospital. I told MJ to stop drinking caffeinated drinks. MJ's blood work showed a big improvement after she gave him vitamin shots. I explained to MJ the danger side effects of Diprivan. He didn't want to hear anymore symptoms. CL begins to cry. He went to sleep and slept for 3 hrs. He woke up upset and said,"C, I told you only Diprivan would work." I told him that it was not safe That was the last time I saw him. I refused to give him Diprivan. When I spoke to police, I told them I told MJ "That anyone that cared about you or had your best interests at heart would not give this to you."

Amir Dan Ruben, I am a hospital executor at Stanford. I am responsible for operation/maintainenance/functionality of med center. He spoke about press conference and CM looked distress. Later Katherine was told about death of MJ by Dr.Cooper.

Rany Phillips, is CEO of AEG live a subsidiary of AEG (Anshutts Entertainment Group). AEG owns O2 Arena. I have CEO for 9.5 years or so. I am responsible for yearly PNL (Profit/Loss) and for booking talent. AEG also owns the Staples Center. Most shows we promote/produce are world tours. We also promote/prod one venue artists in LV. I worked with MJ 1st in middle 90's maybe 93 and reply him in negotiations with LA Gear. The next time I saw MJ was in 2007. I was already CEO of AEG live. Phillips says MJ told him he wanted his own physician 24/7 and he had already one. Phillips says MJ wanted to do 31 shows to do 10 more than Prince. "He came up with the number." He was in great health, I felt very good based on MJ's and Murray response as was dileo, MJ had great trust in MJ Michael and Murray had a very close relationship, both happy with each others trusting moved at some time in June to the forum, as the rehearsals had moved into the production stage. Kenny started to get concerned that Michael was not engadged for a show of this magnitude. Although it was mainly Ortega and Dileo who would be dealing with this. Radny didn't know from any one from MJ team of MJ is taking dugs. There was a meting Phillips says MJ wasn't focused during a meeting after a visit to Dr. Klein and he talked about it to Dr. Murray. After MJ gone, we had gone into conference room to discuss how to deal with tragedy of MJ's death. I talked to CM once. CM was in severe distress. Before he got to hospital, he received a call about MJ at about 10:30/11am. He said he recall details of hospital and what CM said the one time he spoke to him. CM didn’t say what happened to MJ. I had meet CM in the 1st week of June. I had no idea of what CM's treatments 2 MJ were. After this meeting I asked Cm about Klein and asked him if he was aware of that. CM said either he knew or he was going to check into it. Mj seemed motivated, energized, receptive. MJ's demeanor towards the tour was genius. He was amazing performer. Paul called me in London & told me what was happening w/presale. I then called Thome. Thome said that MJ agreed to additional 19 shows but no more than 50. About 20 min later MJ called me and agreed 2 shows with condition of 16acre. MJ was an excellent father. His children meant everything 2 him. In early June when we discussed MJ's tardiness & weight CM said MJ was in excellent health. In meeting on 6-20 when we discussed MJ's tardiness, CM said he would take care of it.

Mike Henson, Technical Operations Officer at Pacific Technology. Our clients are typically defense lawyers and some servies for Police. We provide independent testing for forensics and toxicology.
8-31-11 we received 2 urine samples. 1 called scene and 1 called autopsy. The lorazepam we tested for was for lorazepam and glucoronide. We found the scene lorazepam was at level 12.9mg/ml and the autopsy urine was at 15.1mg/ml.

Trial live at: CNN website: http://edition.cnn.com/video/flashLive/live.html?stream=stream1?hpt=hp_t1


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Date: October 24, 2011 Murray's trail: Day 16.

October 24th, 16th day of the Murray's trial. On Monday took stand: Dr Schafer, continues: He was again questioned by the defense of CM. The defense was trying to find some mistakes of done job by Dr. Schafner.
> The prosecution has finished with their witnesses. Now the defense is calling their witnesses.

Donna Norris, She is the Manager at the Beverly Hills Community and Property Evidence Unit: She has worked there for 17.5 years. The call from Alvarez came into Beverly Hills dept at 12:20:18pm on trunk line 9(TK009). The Beverly Hills police dept has 9 lines which are called trunks. They were over the rest of the 911 call record.

Alex Supall, police Surveillance Specialist. I have worked for LAPD for 11years: We operate/maintain Electronic Surveillance Equip for Police Dept. My dept was called out to Carolwood to assist in playing back video. I arrived some time after 6PM. I spoke with Martinez at Carolwood when reviewing footage. Security did not know to play video so I 1st had to find hard drive where its stored.
We started viewing recording. Me, Martinez, and a security member. I cannot remember who this was. DVR had no CD burner just Play/Reverse. We went back to relative time MJ got home and played back a few minutes before this.

Orlando Martinez: 4-2011 Meeting with Alvarez. Before meeting I reviewed Alvarez's statement on 8-31-09. Walgren called Martinez to bring evidence to his office.
Martinez: I don't recall what time I arrived at office. Me, Alberto Alvarez were present. I brought with me saline bag, pulse oxymeter, prop bottle. (looks at notes to refresh memory).

Dr. Allan Metzger, general internist and rheumatologist. He has been in practice since '74 and in the same office since '81. He met MJ maybe 15-20 years ago. There were other docs he would call who were specialists but I was his General practitioner. Feb,09 I spoke to MJ this was 1st time in a year. I am holding my medical records since 02, there are 5 pages. I spoke to him in 6 '08. I spoke to him B4 that lastly in '03.
I was seeing him for preoperative exam and for sleep issues. He told me he was taking zanax to sleep. When I spoke to him in '08 we spoke about general health, skin issues, his back strain and he told me he was taking tylenol PM to sleep. I next spoke to him on Feb 26,09. Next time I saw MJ was early afternoon on Apr 18'09. I visited his home. It was not unusual to come to his home but infrequent. MJ, the kids, some security was home. Grace was not there. I sat in private with MJ. We talked for 20/25 min about stress and health issues. His mental outlook, he was excited and talking about creative things he was thinking about. He had some fears about tour. He did not want to not do a good job with having 50 shows. He felt he was up to the task but worried about nutrition. We talked about hydration and what he had to do before and after performing. I think he was handling back pain well. This conversation is indicated with notes. He told me about his sleep issues 15 years ago typically after tours since he could not come down. I traveled with him on tours. In Apr, MJ asked me about intravenous sleep meds. He asked me about juice, I don’t think he asked for something specific. I don't know what he meant. He wanted something with IV and didn't think oral meds would help. Before we tried Tylenol PM and zanax. This visit I gave him clonopan/trazidone. He asked for some kind of anesthetic, but not by name. I was not familiar with Propofol at this time. We worked with Andy Rosen, a pain manager. I worked with Andy on MJ's pain from his back strain and pain mostly associated with overworking. I presumed MJ would see Klein frequently. MJ would have minor treatment for dermatological conditions and his chronic Vitiligo. I did not provide any IV meds to MJ, ever in 15 years. I spoke 2 MJ in Apr in afternoon. I provided my records on MJ to an attorney and was not asked to present anything else. When MJ asked me for IV meds I told him it was dangerous. I said it should not be given outside of an hospital.
Walgren redirects. No amount of money would have convinced me to give him this.
AM: I told him it was dangerous.
Redirect by EC. U told him it was dangerous but you weren't familiar with what he was talking about?
AM:I told him any IV med used as a sleep agent was dangerous.  

Cherilyn Lee, Nurse for 15/20 yrs: Nurse practitioners can sign a prescription but I choose not to bcuz I don't like what meds do and they have a natural remedy to problems.
Nurse practitioners cannot prescribe controlled substances. I met MJ at his home. A friend of mine's son worked as security of MJ (Faheem).
I went to home to see children Jan '09 the same day as call from Faheem. I treated their colds. I spoke 2 MJ and explained what I do. He said he was tired. I told him 2 fast that night and told him to come in next day 2-1-09 so I could do lab wk before I treated him. Tiredness is vague symptom so I wanted to rule all anything else that might cause tiredness. I gave him a history and physical and drew blood and had tests done.   MJ filled out a symptom survey form. He listed 5 main physical complaints. He told me of no meds he took 4 fatigue but drank a lot of Red Bull. I told him caffeine might cause this. He told me he took Tylenol PM at times. He told me he had difficulty falling asleep. I thought this was from Red Bull. He told me to tell him whatever to do nutritionally to have energy. I ran blood tests because he told me he was anemic. During time I saw him he told me when rehearsing he could lose 4/10 lbs through perspiration alone. Medically he was very healthy. I sent his blood out on the next day 2-2-09. He told me whatever I told him to do he would to stay healthy. I next saw him 2-3-09. He said he was feeling better. I received lab results on the 5th. I next saw MJ 3-09-09. This was the 1st time I went over his labs. I treated him w/concentrated smoothie. The smoothie was sophisticated & really worked. I treated him w/nutritional IV. B4 this I made sure he had a specific blood test done before I would give IV & his test came back normal. Vitamin C IV was given in early part of Feb. I came out 2 MJ's house on 3-9-09. He complained of low energy. I gave him a nutrient IV. I next saw him 3-16-09. I gave him Meyer's cocktail. 3-26th I came to house at 6am. MJ was complaining about what he had to do that day. MJ said he needed energy and I gave him the cocktail. He told me he felt great with what I gave him and he asked me to go to London with him. On 24th MJ told me he could not sleep and I recommended natural sleep products and he told me it would not work for him. He told me he had a problem sleeping & said when he needed 2sleep he needed 2go right away. I recommended companies to do the study. I told him we can check testosterone levels and amino acid levels. He said he didn't have time. She treated MJ with sleeping being at his home , no anesthetics were used.

Trial live at: CNN website: http://edition.cnn.com/video/flashLive/live.html?stream=stream1?hpt=hp_t1


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Date: October 20, 2011 Murray's trail: Day 15.

October 20th, 15th day of the Murray's trial. On Friday took stand: Dr Schafer, continues: He was questioned by the deffense of CM. First part of question were going nowhere and wintess didn't undertand the goals of ased questions. Some questions were rehtolically. The 2nd part of question concerns drugs and demonstartion which witness had done day before. The defense was trying to find some mistakes of done job by Dr. Schafner.

Next hearing on Monday at 8:45.

Trial live at: CNN website: http://edition.cnn.com/video/flashLive/live.html?stream=stream1?hpt=hp_t1


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Date: October 19, 2011 Murray's trail: Day 14.

October 19th, 14th day of the Murray's trial. On Thrusday took stand: Dr Schafer, continues: I reviewed report of Dr. White dated March 11, 2011. I was disappointed by the article which suggests MJ might have orally swallowed propofol. Oral propofol on pricipal alone has no biological properties. When propofol is put in body it 1st goes into blood.
Liver is so strong at metabolizing things that it would remove the propofol so rapidly. This is called 1st pass effect. Meaning it has to 1st pass through liver before it goes anywhere else. When a drug is given by IV it goes right into blood stream. When taken orally it goes to stomach 1st then to liver and maybe into blood. What goes blood is bio. Propofol taken orally would not make it past the liver to reach blood  In '96 a study was done on rats being given propofol orally. Only 10% made it to blood stream. 90% was cleaned out by liver. A patent from 2009 in which propofol was given to dogs and monkeys showed bioavailability was .25% made it to blood stream. This again shows MJ could not have swallowed propofol. This was done with a Dr. Sapovada. He is a leader in the pharmacokinetics of propofol and past president of Chilean Society of Propofol.

I am aware of toxicology which said lorazepam levels were .169 at Cm said he only gave 4mg at different times that night. I matched up this claim with my model to see if that amount would give a reading of .169 in the femoral blood. Based on the model when CM gave the push via IV at 2am, the level would have risen 2 .05 but about 1 hour later it is only 1/3 of this. It levels off. At 5am another dose is given and it is higher than before (the .05) since doses R stacked, but by 6am it is only at .3/.4. and by noon it is only at.01. No where near .169. This shows me CM gave MJ more than what he said he did. 
A 10ml bottle of lorazepam has 40mg of drug in it. An empty one of these was found at the scene. A metabolite is what is produced after lorazepam goes through liver. When going through liver, liver attaches some sugar to it which turns it into lorazepam glucuronide. The metabolic cannot make u sleepy only the actual drug can. The actual drug was what was tested in autopsy.
SSch demonstrate the whole process of infusion in the way of CM did.
SSch's testimony culminates in the fact that CM is directly causative of MJ's death & even if MJ self injected or swallowed pills CM abandoned patient and setup circumstances that allowed him to do this.

Trial live at: CNN website: http://edition.cnn.com/video/flashLive/live.html?stream=stream1?hpt=hp_t1


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Date: October 18, 2011 Murray's trail: Day 13.

October 18th, 13th day of the Murray's trial. On Wednesday took stand: Dr Schafer, Difference of MAC sedation with intensive care sedation. Intensive care is for sedation for long time where you have to combat environment.
MAC sedation is when you need to be sedated for a short period of time.
Specific to this case I took it on 1. Such a public case, reputations of physicians ?. I want to restore confidence. 2.Anesthesia given in ways anesthesiologists do not give. I want to explain this. 3.I am asked everyday when explaining procedures to patients if I am going to give the drug that killed MJ. There is an unneeded fear of propofol and I hope to alleviate this some with my testimony.
Says they always use saline solution or smthng similar so drug can get in vein. How to get Propofol vial from it. Bottle is made of glass It has a rubber stopper at the top. You cant get to propofol without removing aluminum seal and putting a hole in rubber with either a small needle or is going to demonstrate how to open and remove propofol from bottle. You cant get drug out without putting oxygen back into bottle. CM's propofol ws opened with spike, not a needle. Later explains the procedure how to care with patient and medical equipment which would be used to administer propofol and is needed with adminiter propofol.

Procedure of adminitering propofol:
Verbal informed consent does not exist, it must b written. 1.Patient it brought in. 2.BP cuff, pulse oximeter and ECG leads are attached to patient. 3.Oxygen by nasal cannula is attached. 4.(I missed) 5.Anesthesia pause.
Make sure patient understands. 1 last check. Anesthesiologist keeps contact with patient as he comes under effects of drug. Then he charts all that happens to patient. BP, heart rate, keep track of drugs. Its integral to care of patient.
If somthg goes wrong it is integral so this will not happen again. This is not a convenience. It is integral to care of patient. then doc looks at patient carefully for breathing. Then he checks machines for vitals. Check infusion pump. Check saline Carrier Infusion. Then u again document. Write down everything.
Systolic/Diastolic pressure comes in every 5 min. It must be documented. Blood pressure drops all of the time. Doc sees low BP so doc gives patient ephedrine. These simple manuevers very effective. You keep doing this till patient breaths on his own. If patient does not breathe on own for a prolonged period then it is apnea. This means the patient has so much drug he cant breathe on own. So doc must take over and force oxygen into patient's lungs. If patient vomits (aspiration) suction must be used within 1 sec.

Cardiac arrest when heart stops and patient stops breathing. Once it is confirmed that patient has had arrest the doc immediately calls for help. This is basic training. Before you treat in emergency. You call for help.
You'll need it. Emergency drugs are drawn up. Order of things to do: 1. Access patient. 2:Call for help 3: Begin chest compressions 4: Ventilate lungs 5: Begin specific therapy. These steps are to be done in order for doc to reverse whatever caused the arrest. It is done till patient breaths on his own or is pronounced dead.

If CM left MJ for 2 min and 2 min only and CM came back and MJ was not breathing, MJ could have been saved. MJ was trying to breath but his tongue was probably in the way. A simple chin lift was probably all needed to save MJ. Ambulance bag was not said to be used by CM. Advanced airway equipment was also not there. SSch originally wrote that this was an extreme violation but now considering the setting with no back up, no necessary equipment The backup equipment not being there is not serious but egregious. CM purchased 130 100ml vials of propofol which sounds to me like the purchase of 1/night.  Also 125 20ml vials of propofol shipped which is 155,000mg or 15.5 liters 4.09 gallons of propofol. This is an extraordinary amount to purchase for 1 person. 1,937mg/person/day based on 80 days since propofol began to propofol til the time MJ died. Propofol can be a cultured media for bacteria. Once a botlle is opened, it has to be used within 6 hours. So no 1 opens a 100ml bottle with the intention of only using part of it. Whatever is not used in 6 hours must be thrown out. If 100ml were not going to be used, a person would just order smaller bottles. The fact no suction apparatus was on hand was egregious. There was also no indication that CM told MJ not to eat at least 8 hours prior to being infused. This takes him from average risk to great risk of stomach content going into his stomach. This is egregious. the lack of infusion pump was an egregious violation that most likely contributed to MJ's death. It is extremely egregious to give it in this setting without this pump. Any one of these violations on their own could have led to MJ's death. Pulse oximneter used was a Nonan 9500 without an alarm and was totally inappropriate for this application. Oxygen saturation in healthy person with good lungs is 100%. So there is a delay of about 60 secs b4 oxygen levels start to fall because there is a reserve.
An electrocardiogram missing is egregious. This allows you to measure heart rate and to also measure the rhythm. Without this CM cannot tell what heart is doing at time of arrest. Because this was missing CM did not know what kind of therapy to give MJ. Capnography not being there is a violation. There is no evidence of a physical for MJ since months prior to his death. You would ask questions about his physical and mental health. There’s no record this was done each night or even records of BP. No medical professional does this.
Also it is a serious violation of doctor/patient relationship. this relationship is built on foundation that doc will put patient's interest 1st. Not doing what patients asks and using sound medical judgment to provide care in best interests of patient. CM with MJ did not have doc with patient relationship they had an employee with employer relationship. A doctor does not say yes just because he is asked. MJ said he wanted something and CM said he would give him whatever he wanted.

CM doing CPR on bed is ineffective. Doing 1 hand compressions is ineffective. you need your body weight behind it. So CM saying that he had 1 hand behind MJ and doing compressions was ineffective. CM shld have called 911, moved MJ to floor, so he told then position himself properly and give effective CPR. MJ's heart did not stop, he ran out of oxygen. What needs to happen particularly. When there is a pulse as described, you need to get oxygen in lungs. That needed to be the focus. The heart was dying because of lack of oxygen. Mouth to Mouth given by a health care provider is an admission of failure to not have the proper equipment you need to properly move oxygen into lungs. Giving Mouth to Mouth is a serious violation. An ambulance bag was needed to be used. CM said he moved MJ's legs. This was a minor violation because this was a waste of time. If a person had a wound like gun shot, you raise legs 2 get more blood 2 heart. Raising legs when a person does not have oxygen does not make sense and tells me CM did not know what to do. Flumazenil is an anecdote to reverse effects of benzos. There was nothing wrong to give this. But 4mg of lorazepam hrs earlier would not need reversal. I found it curious at this time that CM would give this reversal drug. I believe he knew he gave more than the 4 mg, a lot more so he reached for flumazenil. That is my conclusion. It was an egregious deviation from SOC when a person's life hangs in balance and you with hold info about propofol. This is unexcusable. Also that CM would categorize this as a witnessed arrest. A witnessed arrest usually means a cardiac disaster. So Respiratory arrest is not considered to have happened when a patient was with a doc. So efforts to save MJ were geared towards a cardiac arrest. The EMTs at docs and at UCLA were not given the proper info to choose the appropriate path to revive MJ.

Trial live at: CNN website: http://edition.cnn.com/video/flashLive/live.html?stream=stream1?hpt=hp_t1


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Date: October 17, 2011 No hearing in Murray's trail.

On October 17th and 18th there's no hearing in Murray's trial. The cause of cancelled hearing is death of wintess' father Dr. Shaffer and made re-test of lorazepam. Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor ordered the delay so that defense attorneys can get more details on test results that the coroner's office recently conducted. The tests dealt with the levels of the sedative lorazepam that were found in Jackson's body. Attorneys for Dr. Conrad Murray have raised the issue of lorazepam levels and told jurors that the amounts were so high they could have put several people to sleep.
Deputy District Attorney David Walgren told Pastor that he asked for the coroner's office to re-test for lorazepam levels and found that they were lower than the defense analysis suggested. Day after re-test defense attorneys said they needed time to prepare for how to deal with testing the coroner's office conducted last week on the level of the sedative lorazepam in Jackson's system.


Trial live at: CNN website: http://edition.cnn.com/video/flashLive/live.html?stream=stream1?hpt=hp_t1


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Date: October 13, 2011 Murray's trail: Day 12.

October 13the 12th day of the Murray's trial. On Thrusday took stand: Dr. Nader Kamangar, continues: On 6-25 MJ was receiving very potent drugs in a home setting, this was a perfect cocktail that crated a perfect storm cocktail is the propofol with ativan with no baseline charting with no document CM could not see any trends that would alert him to something going wrong.
I reviewed records of Klein for months of Apr-Jun. I understand he was treating MJ with demoral. He sometimes got demoral with midazolam.
I don't use demoral often it is neuro excitatory. Demoral can cause a feeling of euphoria then a neuro excitatory reaction that can see use insomnia. If it did it would be a secondary cause. MJ clearly had insomnia. based on writings, there were some suggestions of secondary can uses of insomnia. I can't make a determination as to the cause of MJ's insomnia. He wasn't my patient. I don't think he had refractory insomnia.
If CM should interview people involved who witnessed changes in MJ's behavior and patient should be confronted with this info. I would ask patient not enough of a work up done.
using propofol to treat insomnia is incomprehensible even in hospital at this time. See him using it at home without monitoring just stresses this more. When we use propofol for sedation we start with 5mg/kg/min. SO see can go up 2 50. 2 intubeate we use 1.5/2mg/kg slow push over complications when you have dehydration, other drugs induced, etc can, you see cannot be sure.


Trial live at: CNN website: http://edition.cnn.com/video/flashLive/live.html?stream=stream1?hpt=hp_t1


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Date: October 12, 2011 Murray's trail: Day 11.

October 12the 11th day of the Murray's trial. On Wednesday took stand: Dr. Alon Steinberg, Dr. Nader Kamangar. Dr. Alon Steinberg, cardiologist Steinberg has reviewed CM's resume. CM was not board certified on June 25th 2009. Steinberg tells board certification is an extensive 2 day test and 90% of the cardiologists that take it pass it.
Cardiologists use sedation for many procedures and sometimes they use Propofol. Cardiologists are expert in mild or moderate sedation. In conscious sedation the patient is able to talk and respond to touching. Deep sedation is when patients are only responsive to pain or repeated stimuli. General anesthesia is when patients feel no pain. Cardiologists are not trained in deep sedation. When deep sedation is needed, they call anesthesiologist and that’s the only time they use Propofol.
When they are giving mild or moderate sedation they use benzodiazepines. For deep sedation they are required to give Propofol with an anesthesiologist.
Steinberg found 6 separate extreme deviations from standard of care.

1: Propofol was not medically indicated. Steinberg mentions Propofol is an anesthesia. Steinberg tells there was no written informed consent. The patient must be informed of the risks and benefits of treatment. Steinberg never heard of Propofol used for insomnia. Steinbers says that using propofol for insomnia is gross negligence and extreme deviation.

2: Propofol was given in a home setting, without proper equipment and without proper staff.

Walgren asks what equipment needed. Steinberg says that first a pulse oximeter with an alarm is needed but Murray's oximeter didn't have an alarm. Steinberg says he had to stare to MJ nonstop every second. Steinberg says he should have automated blood pressure cuff, to check blood pressure at least every 5 minutes. Murray had a manual cuff and did not use it. Next thing is needed is an EKG monitor to track the heart rhythm. Another thing that is needed is oxygen with a nasal cannula or mask. You need suction in case the patient regurgitates and you need to get it before it goes into patient’s lungs. Another equipment needed is an Ambu bag. Murray had an Ambu bag but did not use it, he did mouth to mouth. You also need to have a way to call for help. Backboard is needed in case CPR is needed. You also need a back up battery for the equipment in case of a black out. Other equipment needed is equipment needed for airway such as endotracheal tube. Endotracheal tube requires trained staff to place it. Also you need a defibrillator.

A lot of special drugs are also needed. Those are fluamzenil, narcan, lidocaine, betablockers, atropine, dopamine, epinephrine, prednisone, dextrose.

Steinberg says when giving sedation you also need BLS (basic life support) and ACLS (advanced cardiac life support) trained assistant.

3: Inadequate preparation for an emergency. You need to have the drugs ready, equipment ready, have a person ready to help you. You need to be prepared to use those medicine and equipment in the case of emergency.

4: Improper care during the arrest. MJ’s breathing had stopped and CM didn't follow proper protocol.
Steinberg explains cardiac arrest which is when heart stops beating. There’s no blood pressure and the patient collapses. In that case you call 911, use a defibrillator, and do CPR on a hard surface.

In MJ's case, it was a respiratory arrest. MJ stopped breathing and the oxygen goes down. Then heart started to beat harder while trying to distribute little oxygen in the body. According CM’s statement this is where CM found MJ. If you do nothing, the heart weakens because of lack of oxygen, and stops contracting but there is still an electrical activity. That’s PEA (Pulseless Electrical Activity). After PEA, there's asystole.

Steinberg says CM should have called 911 immediately then try to arouse MJ, should have used the Ambu bag and give him Flumanezil. Steinberg says it’s inexcusable that CM did chest compressions. This was a respiratory arrest not a cardiac arrest and there was blood pressure and pulse. CM should NOT have done CPR.

CM’s CPR was poor quality because MJ was on a bed. It has to be done on a hard surface such as on the floor and should have done CPR with 2 hands. Steinberg says it would have been very easy to put MJ on the floor.

5: Failing to call for help. CM should have called 911 immediately. CM should have known that he didn’t have any of the medications and the equipment and he had to call for help. But CM instead called MAW which caused a significant delay. EMS was only 4 minutes away. If CM had called them he could have gotten help sooner.

For every minute delay in calling EMS, there are less and less chances the patient will survive and there is a risk of permanent brain damage. Walgren: “Every minute counts”.

Steinberg also thought it was bizarre to call an assistant instead of calling 911. CM as a medical doctor should have realized he needed help and call 911.

6: Failure to maintain proper medical records. Medical records are important because of several reasons. Insurance companies want them. Second reason is litigation. The most important reason is for better health care for the patient. CM did not document a single thing. He didn’t ask when the last time MJ ate was, he had no vital sign records, he had no physical exam. There was no informed consent. He didn’t write what medication he gave and what was the reaction. CM was confused and was not able to explain MJ's history or what he gave him to the ER doctor or EMTs. Walgren asks if he could be dishonest rather than confused.

Steinberg concluded that these extreme deviations directly contributed to MJ's death. Without these deviations, MJ would still be alive.

Dr. Nader Kamangar, Sleep Medicine Exper: NK states that he found multiple deviations of standard of care with regard to Conrad Murray's care of MJ :

1. Propofol was given in an unacceptable setting : using this deep sedation agent in a home setting is inconceivable and an egregious violation of standard of care.

2. ACLS certified : the person who gives propofol must be trained in ACLS and airways management. There was a risk of hypoventilation (diminishment in rate of breathing), apnea and obstruction of the airway.

3. Need of assistance : Murray needed a second person (a nurse) to monitor, to pay complete and utter attention to MJ, especially if Murray was going to leave the room; this goes without saying. This violations Hippocratic oath, to abandon his patient.

4. Pre-procedure setup : imperative to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. Things can change very quickly. A patient may look good, and the next minute there's a problem. Murray needed a suction catheter, because patients can regurgitate into their airway, and block the airway, this can cause death. A crash cart (medication on hand : adrenaline, ephedrine, medication to correct the heart beat, etc...) , pulse oximeter, defibrillator, automated infusion pump (precise dosing for propofol) even with people who are intubated;

NK states that all of these factors are extreme deviation of standard of care and are the equivalent of gross negligence.

NK states that he has never seen someone giving propofol at home in such settings, and would not have expected to see that.

5. Charts / medical documentation : or medical history, reactions to a medication. For example a blood pressure can look normal, but not be normal for a particular patient, and that change in blood pressure could be the indication of a problem.

6 . MJ was left alone, which is not acceptable, especially since Murray didn't have the right equipment.

7. Use of benzodiazapines: using lorazepam and midazolam on top of propofol can have higher effects : more significant respiratory depression, decrease cardiac output (often a consequence of respiratory depression), decreased blood pressure and cardiac arrest can occur directly, or because of low levels of oxygen.

8. Dehydration : blood circulation is not good when you are dehydrated , causes low blood pressure. Benzos and propofol would also lower blood pressure . Murray should not have used benzos or propofol if the patient is dehydrated.

9. Failure to call 911 : 911 should have been called immediately.

10. Improper CPR : Murray stated there was a pulse, therefore the heart was beating, so the problem was respiratory not cardiac. Murray should have dealt with airway management by placing an ambu-bag over MJ's mouth. Murray's administration of CPR was ineffective; it was not on a hard surface, and it was done with one hand . Correct CPR correctly allows about 20% of the normal blood circulation, so if you do it incorrectly.

Midazolam : not appropriate for long term use for primary insomnia
Valium : not appropriate for long term use for primary insomnia
Lorazepam : can be used on short term basis, tablet form. Really addictive after 3 to 4 weeks. Used to treat underlying conditions, not primary innsomnia.
NK states that the use of midazolam and lorazepam to treat insomnia was an extreme deviation of care, especially in IV form.


Trial live at: CNN website: http://edition.cnn.com/video/flashLive/live.html?stream=stream1?hpt=hp_t1


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Date: October 11, 2011 Murray's trail: Day 10.

October 11the 10th day of the Murray's trial. On Tesday took stand: Scott Smith, Dr. Christopher Rogers. Scot Smith, continues: Smith states that when Conrad Murray stated he gave MJ milk, Smith asked whether the milk was hot or cold. Smith stated he had no idea that milk meant propofol
Smith states that the first time propofol was mentioned was in his interview with LAPD two days after MJ died, and that prior to that Murray had only mentioned he administered a sedative.
Smith states that very little of the questioning of Murray was limited, but that they allowed Murray to speak freely. Smith states that Murray did not mention the phone calls he placed or received on June 25, and was unaware of Sade Anding at that time.
Smith states that Murray was surprised by the fact that LAPD had not recovered Murray's medical bags at the time of the interview, dated June 27, 2009.
Smith states that the next search warrant was issued on August 11 to Applied Pharmacy at Las Vegas, owner Tim Lopez. Smith states that this is when LAPD discovered that propofol was being sent to an apartment in Santa Monica, CA belonging to Nicole Alvarez. Smith states that then a search warrant was issued for Alvarez Santa Monica home, on August 13, 2009. Smith states that there were no propofol bottles recovered from Alvarez' home.
Smith states that he had been with robbery/homicide for 1 and half years, before that he worked in another division for 10 years, 24 years as a police department, 14 in homicide. Smith states that he is an avid note taker, and that he took notes for various individuals and evidence collected regarding MJ' death, because he understands the importance of those notes. Smith states that he was in and out of the room while Elyssa Fleak was investigating on June 29, 2009. Smith states that while Fleak was removing items, he did not make notes about what she was removing them, but after that when all items had been laid out for display purposes for photographs.
Smith states that while he was at UCLA, he spoke to Alberto Alvarez. Smith states that Alvarez said he was called into the bedroom, and that Alvarez was told that MJ was having a bad reaction. Smith states that Alvarez never mentioned CPR, or that the propofol bottle was inside the IV bag was on August 31, 2009. Smith states that Faheem Muhammad made a statement on June 25, but that he said nothing about Murray wanting to go back to the Carolwood home on that date, nor did Michael Amir Williams until 8/31/09.
Smith states that when Conrad Murray stated he gave MJ milk, Smith asked whether the milk was hot or cold. Smith stated he had no idea that milk meant propofol.
Dr. Christopher Rogers, coroner:Rogers states he has been present for several thousand autopsies over his career. Rogers states that he did the autopsy report for Michael Jackson on June 26, 2009. On that specific day, Rogers states he was not able to specify a cause of death, there was nothing anatomically obvious to state cause of death.
Rogers states that MJ was healthier than the average person of his age. Rogers states that there were incidental findings, that MJ had an enlargement of the prostate gland which meant that it was difficult to urinate so he was retaining urine, he had vitiligo, and he also had a polyp in the colon. Rogers states that the nervous system showed mild diffuse swelling, lung exam showed chronic inflammation and scarring, radiology showed an extra rib and also some arthritis. The dental examination showed root canals and implants were done. Rogers states that an anesthesiology consultation was also done.
Rogers states that a previous scalp injury caused an area of pigmentation at the top of the scalp which was scarred, Rogers was aware of the scalp injury. Rogers states that MJ was 5'9" and that he weighed 136 pounds, BMI index was within the normal range, however a thin individual.
Rogers states that the stomach content was examined, and that Rogers found 70 grams of drug fluid.
Rogers states that he requested toxicology reports to assist him to report cause of death. Rogers states that he sought out other doctors in specialties to help him with cause of death. Rogers states he read Conrad Murray's interview with LAPD to help him and asked for medical records from Murray, but was never able to obtain any records from Murray.
Rogers states that he was at some point, able to determine cause of death, and the manner was homicide. Rogers states that he based his homicide report on 1) Murray's statement to the police he administered the propofol and benzodiazepines 2) it's not appropriate to give propofol for insomnia, that the risk outweighs the benefit, and in addition, the setting in the home did not provide for the use of an EKG monitor, a precision dosing monitor, equipment available to revive MJ adequately, not an endotracheal tube, no meds to improve circulatory function and 3) and that the circumstances do not support self-administration of propofol, because Murray stated that he only gave MJ 25 mgs, went to the bathroom, returned from the bathroom to find MJ not breathing. Rogers states that you would have to assume that even though MJ was under the influence under the influence of propofol and other sedatives, injects himself with propofol, seems less reasonable than Murray giving MJ propofol from time to time.
Rogers states that the cause of death was acute propofol intoxication, and the contributing condition was the benzodiazepine effect. Rogers states that Lorazepam and Midazolam, both sedatives were a smaller contribution to MJ's death, and could exacerbate respiratory depression, causing someone to stop breathing. Rogers states that it could have also stopped the heart from beating.
Rogers states that a diagram was made of MJ's body during the autopsy, noting various IV puncture marks during revival efforts. Rogers states that on MJ's right arm, left arm, neck, just below the left knee (where Murray had administered the IV, not revival puncture mark). Rogers states that he observed the empty propofol bottle that was found in MJ's bedroom, noting that it was unusual as the stopper had a center which had a linear opening, showing that it did not show any needle punctures. Rogers states that the linear opening is an opening from side to side in the center of the rubber stopper of the empty bottle of propofol, indicating it was not made by a syringe needle. Rogers states that the linear opening could have been made by a spike.
Lorazepam levels in the blood didn't cause any red flags because it wasn't too much. Flanagan shows 2 Lorazepam pill bottles found in MJ's house. Both had 30 pills (60 total), one bottle is empty the other one has 9.5 pills left in it.
Flanagan asks if what level of Propofol would be lethal. Rogers says 1 to 17 mg per ml. Flanagan asks if a person with 2.6 level of Propofol would feel pain. Rogers says yes.
Walgren brings up what was mentioned earlier and asks is it true if a person found with eyes open it would mean they died quickly. Rogers says it's not true. People can die slowly and still have eyes open.


Trial live at: CNN website: http://edition.cnn.com/video/flashLive/live.html?stream=stream1?hpt=hp_t1


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Date: October 7, 2011 Murray's trail: Day 9.

October 7 the 9th day of the Murray's trial. On Friday took stand: Dan Anderson, Elisa Fleak, Scott Smith. Dan Anderson, continues: When I received the evidence, I do not know where the evidence came from (whether house or not) & don't know how they were found in house We tested 2 syringe barrels that had both propofol & lidocane. We did not find any apparatus that had propofol only.

Elisa Fleak, recalled to stand: she was taken to discussed again over the pictures that was taken by her and LAPD at teh scene.
Scott Smith, I work in the Homicide Robbery dept of the LAPD. I was working on Jun 25th:
I spoke briefly to Faheem M. It was a brief interview. I spoke to Alberto A. I wanted to estimate a chronology (chrono). Only wanted basic info. After interviews, I went to Carolwood.
I arrived at about 7:15/30 at this time this was not a homicide invest it was a death invest (coroner's investigation). I was there to assist and support coroner’s office anyway I could. If this had been a homicide, the LAPD would have been the lead agency handling evidence. Evidence collected on 6/to5. On that day my roll was to go in and b additional set of eyes. Direct r photographer and assist EF if she had 6/25 r focus was on upstairs bedroom where decedent passed away. We left Carolwood at 9:30pm. The house was not locked down.
We released home at request of Jackson family to private security at home. SS was present for entire autopsies. Following autopsy I was told we needed to wait for toxicology to get C.O.D. Ed Winter had gotten some more items given to him by family. Coroners Office called me and we went back on 6/26. We went in master bathroom and found some pill bottles. There was a shaving kin bag. There was Valisone from Arnold Klein prescribed 5/3/09, Lorazepam bottle, 2 mg, for MJ, from 4/2/09 from CM Bottle for Diazepam.
At some point during investigation I was made aware by CM's attorneys that CM wanted to have an interview. We agreed on 6-27 at 4pm at Ritz Carlton Marina Del Ray. Det Martines went with me. We met in hotel in office area. We were adjacent to a banquet hall or something. Tells men that this interview will not b released by them even after toxicology us released. Full name, his residence his number, as well as his business address, number and CP number was given. CM said he was 6'4 or 5 and weighes 220lbs. He was born 2-19-63(?). Ss says that noene of media circus was from them. He says dets at hosp were not handling case so did not do thorough interview and took few notes... CM said he was doc of MJ. MJ woke up at 4:30 and said he had to sleep. Cm said he said he had to go to rehearsals, he was going to have to cancel trip, because he cannot function.
Going on 5am, CM said he gave an additional 2 mg of lorazepam slowly. This did not help him. At this time he complained that he could not perform and I then cautiously checked IV site and made sure meds were going into him since he was wide awake. He urinated. Because he is getting IV fluid. Now he is complaining that what I did was not working and he was going to have to cancel. He said, "please, please give me something to sleep". He asked for propofol. It is a sedative that can also be used to anesthesias. It is given intravenously. Most patients arer given this based on body much sleep do you expect to get? He said to just make him sleep. I agreed to switch over to propofol and gave him to 5mg. at 10:40 we started to discuss propofol, so I had to prepare propofol. I diluted it with lidocane. I slowly infused it over 3-5 mins.
The effects go very quickly and last about 15 minutes. I took all precautions available to me. I made sure there was oxygen. Pulse oximeter He asked for this before and knew how he reacted to it. I did not give him the same amount I normally do since before I had given him versed and ativan. Based upon his weight the highest amount I have given to start before starting the drip was 50ml. But I gave less since I had given him other things to sleep and I wanted to be cautious. I have given this over 10 times, much more. 30 days/month everyday, with exception of 3 days leading up to his death since I was trying to wean him off of this. before this I was not aware MJ was taking this daily. I was surprised at his pharmacological knowledge. He knew exactly what he needed to have. He knew about lidocane and called it "anti-burn". He said without this it was uncomfortable.
He said he had used it many times before, in Germany as well. He did not name names. He said docs would let him infuse it himself. I would not let him do this. He said he like to do this, it made him feel great. Propofol was 1st suggested by MJ. I constantly cautioned him that it would an artificial sleep and I wanted to get him back to a physiological sleep. He told a doc Lee was giving him a special cocktail to flush his body and give him energy. I asked him what was in it. He did not know. I said let me know since his veins were becoming very sarotic from too much use. He also told me about a Dr Adams. He said he had pills from a Dr Klein and a Dr Metzer. I told I did not have anything I could give him.
He said what about diprivan? I told him I did not now how to get that from him. He got frustrated because I could not satisfy him. He asked if I knew about Dr. Adams and said he gave me the milk before. I told him I could not help him. In 5/10min Mj called me back and gave me number of Adams and asked me to get him to help him sleep. He said Adams would take him to a surgeon's office or cosmetology office. This cosmetologist said he would not let them use the office unless MJ was getting a cosmetology procedure so he could make money off it. I called Dr. Adams and he told me to give him a hr. He said MJ loved that drug. Since the cosmetologist would not let them use his office, I let them on a Sun to use my office. It is about to, and Adams aid he would let him sleep about 5 hrs. So I left and came back at 7. MJ was under the drip. When he woke up, I asked him how he felt.
He said he was wonderful since he was able to sleep. He said this was divine guidance. We left the room, and he said when he was on tour he had problem sleeping. He asked me if I wanted another doc to go on tour with me. He said docs put him out for 15-18 hrs. He said this was too much for 1 doc. He was talking about to docs on his team now and I did not know if he could afford this. I was surprised he was springing this on me without warning I told him whatever he wanted. So Adams would call me. He called me and told me he was on board. I asked him what kind of salary he was looking for. Me to be around forever and he wanted to open children's hospital. I’m monitoring him at house. He was not snoring, if he has deep sleep he snores. He was not in a deep sleep and could quickly wake up, but I monitored him his oxygen satur. Was in high 90s. I went to bathroom.
When I came back to femoral region. He was warm so I thought this happened during time I was gone. I went into resuscitating him. I knew compressions were more important than ventilating. I would switch between CPR/ventilation. I looked at phone and none of the phones in house work. I could not move him off of bed on my own. I improvised. His bed is firm but maybe not firm enough so I put my hand under his back while doing CPR. I made sure his I could not tell the assistant to call 911 because he would want to know what this was about and I had a patient to tend to. I gave him flumazenil since it was an antidote to benzos. I gave . 2 mg to counteract benzos I had given in case they were now working with propofol. I did chest compressions to circulate flumazenil. I did chest compressions, and then ran downstairs and told cook to get help.
Security came and I told them to call 911. They were trying to asks. I told him to just tell them to get here. 911 got here, hooked him up. We realized he was PEA. CM is now telling the story about getting MJ to UCLA via ambulance. CM could not understand why they could not get his oxygen up. The doc at UCLA could not understand either. Doc said they could not rule out pulmonary embolism. I told them I could not sign a death certificate since I did not understand cause of death. I am the 1 that recommended an autopsy. Detective agrees he heard this from multiple sources. In 3 days before his death, MJ's drug intake changed. 3 days before his death I started to wean MJ off of propofol. I told him I wanted him to have a more natural sleep. I have never seen anyone addicted to this. But there may have been withdrawal effects since I tried to wean him off for 3 days.
I asked him what would he do after tour. He told me he thought he would be able to sleep. I gave him versed, ativan and lower dose of initial amount of. I thought we were on to something. On last night, I started off with ativan and loazepam, but it didn't work. So was he going through withdrawal? Or because he said his mind was always going. Tape is interrupted and Pastor wants to see counsel.

The trial will resume on Tuesday. On Monday is national holiday.


Trial live at: CNN website: http://edition.cnn.com/video/flashLive/live.html?stream=stream1?hpt=hp_t1


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Date: October 6, 2011 Murray's trail: Day 8.

October 6 the 8th day of the Murray's trial. On Thrusday took stand: Elissa Fleak, Dan Anderson. Elissa Fleak, continues: I issued a subpoena to CM through Chernoff. I wanted medical records including psychiatric & radiology.. None of the records included info from Apr-Jun 2009. It was all for dates before this. Allergies, 1 page, 2page is medication log. Omar Arnold with MJJ next to it parenthesis. A page also had Paul Farnce with MJ next to it in parenthesis. Some blank pages from CM about things like payment policy. Pages about hydroquinone with depigmenting agent at top. 09.26.2008 document for MJ. Document said MJ complained of insomnia.
Written notes for patient MJ from March, 2007, Some reference Omar Arnold from as far back as Jan 2006. Page of prescriptions, Feb 10, 2007 for patient Omar Arnold. Next echocardiograph report 4 Jan 17, 2007. next some exams at Tower St John's Imaging for Paul Farance. Steinberg Diagnostic imaging Center for patient MJ. Also page for Mike Smythe (this name is crossed out & replaced w/ Omar Arnold. These records was all EF received concerning records related 2 MJ. Some 4 children were sent but 4 privacy were removed.
My job is 2 provide enough info 2 pathologist so they can make determination of death & mode of death. I get evidence w/as much accuracy as possible. I was primarily resp.4 collecting evidence & chronicling evidence. I worked in conjunction with LAPD det. Scott Smith. Winters was there as well. Scott did not have camera, he may have taken notes. Chernoff is asking EF for coroner case notes and original notes she took on Jun 29th by hand. He wants EF to look for note where Propofol bottles were found. In coroner chrono it does not say propofol bottle in IV bag nor in investigator narrative.1st time this was said was 3/29/11 in case notes. Chernoff wants to know why EF revised the case notes. Chernoff is recalling meeting with EF and naming who attended. EF does not remember when she 1st told prosecution abt Propofol in IV bag. She does not know Alberto Alvarez only heard of him 2 days ago. I intentionally destroy all my notes once I make a 3A except for from Jun 29th since there was a lot of med evidence so I kept these. Defense was trying to prove that EF did many mistakes during her job as the Coroner in MJ's home, way of taking pictures, making notes etc. EF denies to those claims. We collected medical records from mor than CM. We requested them from Klein, Metzger, Adams, Tadrissi, Slavit, Rosen, Nurse Lee, UCLA. I spoke to other doctors that did not provide records. Maybe 1 or 2 who said they did not have them or did not treat MJ.

Dan Anderson, Supervising criminalist or toxicologist from LA County Coroner's Office: I have worked exclusively in toxocology for 21years. All analysts under me r trained and I am responsible for methodation and make sure results r correct. I have Mast Of Science in Criminalistics. I have 2 certifications in toxicology. Results of toxycology on Jun 25, 2009 at 13:30 p.m. : Lidocaine 0.84 mg/ml, Lorazepam 169 mg/ml, Propofol 2.6 mg/ml. In heart Lorazepam 162 mg/ml, Lidocaine 0.68 mg/ ml, Diazepam <0.10 mg/ml, Midazolam 4.6 mg/ml.Zaleplon was not detected. Carbon Monoxide was found at <10% saturation.
Cocaine & metabolites was ND(not detected) Cyanide ND, Fentanyl ND, Tizanidine (muscle relaxer)ND Ethechlorvynol Trichlorethanol both ND.
Clonazepam w/ metabolit 7-Amino, Oxazepam, Temazepam all ND. Nor was marijuana. Methamphetamine: Ectasy,etc, amphetamine, Ephedrine, ND.
Neutrals: analysis propofol was present.
Hemoglobin A1C was 5.1% it does not have a meaning to toxicologist. Oxycodone (oxycotin, percoset) ND. Phencycladine (PCP) ND. Propofol was found at 3.2ng/ml Salicylate (aspirin) ND. these were the heart /blood tests done.

Next tests relate to blood vials handed to lab by EF.
Acetametaphine, barbituates, ND. Diazepam was present. Lidocane was found at 0.51 micrograms/ml. Zoloft/metabolites ND. Propofol was found at 3.2 micrograms/ml not nanograms.

The same tests done for heart/blood analysis was done and was found propofol which was detected at 4.1 mg/ml.
Also detected was lidocane at .45mg/g This was found on a test done on the liver. 1 of 2 done. In liver propofol was found at 6.2 mg/g.

The tests for liver were measure in grams because liver is a solid substance. Medical Evidence was tested. Stomach contents to tests done. Lidocane found at 1.6 mg, propofol at 0.13 mg.

Similar tests to Heat/blood & hospital blood done. Urine samples are not as accurate as to what is going on at time of death as blood. Urine just says what was in body at one time and is being expelled. Lidocane was only drug found. Midazolam found at 6.8ng/ml in urine.
Sleep aid, phedrine was Present. In neutrals Propofol was present.
Under opiates: Propofol found at .15mg/ml.

Now going over tests done on jug of urine found at scene. Approx 450ml of urine collected. Lidocane Present. Midazolam was Present at 25ng/ml.
Propofol was found at <.10mg/ml
Propofol found in 8 specimens :heart blood 3.2, hosp blood 4.1, femoral blood 2.6 Vitreous <0.40 Liver 6.2, Gastric content .13, Both urine samples.
Lastly is ephedrine. Found in urine but not found in blood.

Trial live at: CNN website: http://edition.cnn.com/video/flashLive/live.html?stream=stream1?hpt=hp_t1


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Date: October 5, 2011 Murray's trail: Day 7.

October 5 the 7th day of the Murray's trial. On Wednesday took stand: Sally Hirschberg, Steve Marks, Elissa Fleak. Sally Hirschberg, She works for a pharmaceutical Company. I contacted him and we communicated. June 17 was a discussion with Miss Ng for a small condomn catherter bag.  Worked w Global Cardiovascular for 3 years. Not unusual for them to order lidocane. Just unusual for them to order large amounts. July 2007 there was order for a safe site horizon pump set. The same one ordered on Apr 2009. Also ordered on Oct 2007 and June 2008. They are now reviewing the invoice for Apr 13th. Last item was an Excel IV set. I don't know what this is. I am not a doc. Its some type of infusion.. Apr 14th,excel IV adminstration set was purchased. They were also purchased in May. There are 50/case

Stevie Marks, He is a computer forensic analyzer for DEA: It is located in VA. I had worked for them in this pos for 51/2 years. Computer forensics is to try to retrieve data from software. U start w a copy of the original data & then try to extract data from that. Iphone It is a mobile computer. It does most things comp wld do. It has operating sys. Image on screen of iphone will be saved in temp folder for use in operating sys. Walgren showed SM iphone marked June 28th 2009. The phone is collected from CM. 3 different refs of Ng sending emails to the iphone. SM was able to later locate these emails. Another a collection of emails abt Omar Arnold's progress reports. Now going over the package of email from Ng to CM abt Omar Arnold. 1st is from Jun 24th. Ng tells Cm here is the progress report and tell her if CM cannot open them. They include handwritten notes from as far back as March 2007, on page 2. Email was from Ng & called Omar Arnold medication. Email was sent on Jun 24th, 2009 at 5:38pm. It was one attachment with it. it had a medication log 4 Moar Arnold. handwritten notes of benoquine and vitamins, etc. Info for an email from Bob Taylor to CM concerning artist insurance. Bob Taylor: Email says that MJ denies release of his records because he is of the opinion that insurance is already procured from USA and Cm says that stories in media are all fallcious.
voice message recording was also recovered from Frank Dileo. The audio recording is a transcript of the audio recording. Frank Dileo calls and says he is MJ's manager. I am the short guy with no hair. Mj had asn episode last night he is very sick. I think we need to get a blood test and see what he is doing. This was left at 7:48am pacific time on June 20th.
There was a recording from May 10, 2009 at 9:05.

Jackson: Elvis didn't do it.The Beatles didn't do it. We have to be phenominal When people leave this show, when people leave my show, I want them to say, “I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. Go. Go. I’ve never seen nothing like this. Go. It’s amazing. He’s the greatest entertainer in the world. I’m taking that money, a million children, children’s hospital, the biggest in the world, Michael Jackson’s Children’s Hospital. Gonna have a movie theatre, game room. Children are depressed. The - in hospitals, no game room, no movie theater. They're sick because they're depressed. Their minds is depressing them. I want to give them that. I care about them, them angels. God wants me to do i, God wants me to do it. I'm gonna do it Conrad. Don't have enough hope, no more hope. That's the next generation that's gonna save our planet, starting with - we'll talk about it. United States, Europe, Prague, my babies. They walk around with no mother. They drop them off, they leave - a psychological degradation of that. They reach out to me - please take me with you. I'm gonna do that for them. This will be remembered more than my performances. My perforamnces will be up there helping my children and always be my dream. I love them. I love them because I didn't have a childhood.I had no childhood. I feel their pain. I feel their hurt. I can deal with it. Heal The World, We Are The World, Will You Be There, The Lost Children. These are songs I've written because I hurt, you know, I hurt.  

Email body asks for an expert musculoskeletal orthopedic surgeon to advise of ability to perform after being absent from stage for so long. There was concern over receiving a 5 yr medical history of MJ. Emails from June 20, 24, and 25th. Chain of emails were sent 2 Cm at 1:54am. Sent again at 5:54. Then at 11:17 Cm responded to this chain of emails saying that media reports about MJ's health was fallcious.

Elissa Fleak, Coroner from Los Angels: says she saw a 25ml bottle of propofol on floor on left side of bed. This evidence was collected by the coroner's office and then turned over to the LAPD. Police evidence item 140 is the propofol bottle. She also found in bedroom: on floor propofol and was empty save a few drops of fluid, empty bottle of flumazenol in th same area on floor. She found bottle of flumazenil on table, prescription medicines next to bed, diazepam, lorazepam, flomax was in the bottle of prescription medicines. June 3rd, 2009 is lorazepam, 2mg, prescribed by CM. On lower shelf of nightstand table was a wicker basket that had additonal medicines in it. Clonazepam, timazepam, tyzanidine, trazidone were all found in this basket. 30mg timazepam, 12/22/2008 prescrbed by CM. LAPD evidence item 152 is bottle made out to Omar Arnold, tyzanidine, prescribed by Arnold Klein. LAPD item 156, bottle made to Mick Jackson, prescribed by Alan Metzger. In wicker basket was found tubes of various lotions. LAPD 145 is 8% hydroquinone w name Applied Pharmacy Services on it. 20% phenoquine from Applied pharmacy. Lidocane from Applied Pharmacy with name CM. Oxygen tank was on a rolling dolly near the bed. 10CC syringe was without needle in it. I recovered blk bag and its contents on Jun 29th.Starline blood Pressure cuff was found in the black bag. Black bag was blood pressure cuff inside of it. In bag was also recovered 3 bottles of lidocane. Lidocane 1%, the 3 bottles. EF: Agrees 2 bottles are empty and 1 is a little over half full. This was as I found them. bag was recovered with contents: Pulse oximeter & various vials & plastic grocery bag. Contents of Costco bag: Saline bag found in it w/ cut in it & 100ml bottle of propofol found in it. 20ml bottle of propofol, found in blue Costco bag and 10ml vial of lorazepam, Midazolam, 10ml. Small bloody cotton gauze/prep pad, Pulse oximeter were also found in Costco bag . Excel IV administration set was found in debris/Kendell Kenguard urinary bag 4 leg/empty bag with wideband on it/ 2 empty 3M tegaderm. transparent dressing/ 22guage 1in gel coat, empty/various alcohol prep pads/ tegaderm dressing backings/Excel 10ml disposable syringe w/ needle, empty, 2 individual straps/ dark blue, light blue, orange vial top/ Needle or IV catheter top/ Pill top/ misc debris all found in the bag found in the Costco bag. 2 100ml propofol bottles was found in Baby essentials bag. Also found 7 smaller bottles of propofol, 20 ml. 4 of these bottles were in an unopened condition w the blue caps on them. 3 bottles were open w/various levels still contained in them. 20% full, a little less than 1/2 full, 15/205 full was levels of propofol in the 3 20ml bottles of propofol, 2 lidocane bottles. 3 bottles were open w/various levels still contained in them. 20% full, a little less than 1/2 full, 15/205 full was levels of propofol in the 3 20ml bottles of propofol, 2 lidocane bottles, One lidocane bottle has silver cap still on it. 2 r opened and have contents partially consumed. 3 bottles of midazolam, 10ml 2 midazolam bottles r unopened w/ caps in tact. 1 is opened w/cap removed. 4 bottles flumazenil, 3 bottles r capped & unopened. 1 uncapped & majority of it consumed. 2 bottles of lorazepam. 10ml vial of lorazepam. 1 is unopened. The other has the foil cap rmoved & is abt 1/2 full. Stand prescription pill bottle, ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin. EF:This was found inside Baby Essentials bag. Lotion bottle, from Applied Pharmacy, Bosch & Laumb eyedrops. Contains some type of IV tubing device. Blue tourniquet, 5 individual business cards with CM's info on it. Jun 29, EF bagged saline bag & IV tubing. on Jun 25th. Tubes of lotion LAPD111, 18 tubes of hydroquinone 8%. Those tubes of lotion were recovered from cabinet next to bag. 18 benoquine tubes were also found there IV tubing kit that contains blood in it and was cut off 4 analysis purposes. As coroner investigator, after collecting this info I tried 2 obtain all medical records related 2 MJ. Medical documents from CM and coroner Looking at that table I can not believe my anger at Murray for making this amount available to Michael. subpeona, as well as the records. After EF collected info from the scene she tried 2 collect med history of MJ.

Trial live at: CNN website: http://edition.cnn.com/video/flashLive/live.html?stream=stream1?hpt=hp_t1


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Date: October 4, 2011 Murray's trail: Day 6.

October 4 the 5th day of the Murray's trial. On Tuesday took stand: Michelle Bella, Sade Anding, Nicole Alvarez, Tim Lopez . Michelle Bella, I met CM in Feb of 2008 in a social type club where I worked in LV. He gave me his phone number. I contacted him and we communicated Looking over People's 52 which are the phone records. 8:35am was the time of a text message Cm sent to her on June 25th 2009 received a voicemail message on June 16, 2009. They are admitting People's 54 in2 evidence which the vm message. 55 is the transcript. Cm told me he was acting as MJ's personal physician. He left this info on a voice message he left on Jun 16th.

Sade Anding, I live in Houston, TX. In 2009 I was working as a waitress in Sullivan Steakhouse. I met CM there: I called CM and he answered. After phone contact we spent time together. We called each other on the phone as well. Txt messgs as well. From Feb 2009 to June 2009 we kept in regular contact with each other. CM referred to me as his girlfriend in a plain sense. On June 25th 2009 CM called me. I was in Houston. CM called her at 11:51am. Receiving a phone call from CM on June 25th it was not extraordinary or unusual. Hello, It's CM. How are you doing? Fine, how are you, etc. We saw each other in May 2009 and went out 2 dinner. On phone call I asked him how he was and he said Well... So I said let me tell you about my day. I then realized he is not responding to me and that is when I pressed the phone to my ear and heard coughing and mumbling.
It was abt 5-6 min in2 the phone call that he was not listening. It sounded like the phone was in his pocket. SA describes coughing sound I did not recognize the mumbling. I kept saying Hello, hello. Are you there? I repeated this several times. I never received an answer. I hung up the phone and tried calling back 2 times and no answer. I tried texting multiple times and no answer. Later that day I learned that MJ had passed away.

Nicole Alvarez, In Santa Monica.. had lived there 3-4 years. is 29yrs old and confirms phone numbers - First met 05 in social setting, a club in Vegas: I was in a relationship with CM. In March of 2009 I gave birth in LA at Cedar Sinai Hospital to CM's child. CM and I were living together: He told me he was treating MJ. It was pretty exciting because it was MJ. I was extremely interested.The times I went to MJ's residence was after my son was born. It was once or twice during the day and once in the evening. I went with CM.I never finished packing to go on tour. I do not know when we were leaving. I knew we would b gone at least until holidays. CM did not tell me what was in the packages. I assumed it was some medical equip. Brazil is now admitting People's 56, which is a bunch of fedex receipts. Apr 26, May 1, 13,15, Jun 11, Jun 16 all fedex receipt dates. Receipts were marked People's exhibits 56-61. They r now looking at the 1st receipt on overhead. I don't specifically remember signing Fedex receipt. They r going over each receipt individually and making sure the address is correct. Packages were left I just don't know who always signed for them,(Some package receipts have signatures that r not familiar to NA). No one else lived in my apt btwn months of Apr 2 Jun 2009 besides me, CM and my child. Now looking at phone call at 1:08 pm to NA's residence on June 25th, 2009. Brazil missed a fedex receipt for Apr 8, 2009 this will be marked as People's 62. They are asking NA if she remembers this. I do not recall that part phone call but I do remember speaking 2 him that day. I spoke w Murray it was a brief conversation. He told me he was on the way to hosp and he told me not to be alarmed. There were phone calls, 4 additional, back and 4th during that day. I don't remember if I was able to reach him or not. He showed back up at my apt later that day. I don't know how he got there.

Tim Lopez, Applied pharmacy was a specialty pharmacy compound which means that a med was made diff than what was avail on market depending on what a physician. Our clientele was patients who were sent to the pharmacy from a physician. Ex of service would be for pets. Nov of 2008 I received a phone call from a man called Dr CM. He was looking for a dermatological agent for whitening skin. Benoquine make this. My company was in mid of move so I lst his contact info. He had a patient that was suffering from vitiligo and was interested in this cream. I found 1 supplier and was told after this it would b a special order and wld need payment up front. Cm was pleased I found it. He told me what strength I could make it. I said 20%. I told him I could make 40 of a 20g tube at 20%. He ordered the whole lot at that time. I told him circumstances of reordering. He said ok and make sure I had some in stock. He said he had several African Amer clients who would use this on a trial basis to see how they would react. He also mentioned that he would be using it on patients overseas. He came to my to pick it up and paid with company check. It is on the date of Apr 3, 2009. CM payed personally when he came to pick up cream. Cm gave me his full name and med address for LV and license number for Nev. and DEA license number. DEA license number is sufficient for a physician to be able to order controlled substances. I verified if the license was active. I asked if it was non restricted in a delicate way. He answered satisfactorily to be able to go into bus relationship. Once CM found that patient would need the drug for long term use, I would need to know the patient name since it would be less in control of dr. When CM came to pick up benoquine. CM asked if we would be able to order other med for his office. he asked about saline IV bags and propofol. Saline normal to supply propofol not He wanted 100ml and 20ml vial size of  propofol. He wanted me to provide info about prices for these. Then he placed order on Apr 6, 2009 on phone with. Documents (financial receipts) from applied pharmacy. This receipt is 4 Apr 6 2009. For CM with address in LV, Nevada. 1st propofol order, 10 vials at 100ml and 25 vials of 25ml. Reorder of benoquine, 40 tubes at 30g and 9 saline bags at 1000ml. Price of propofol was $195. Benoquine was $1200. Saline bags were $18.00 CM took some vials of propofol from this order and asked the rest of the items to be sent to his other office in Santa Monica. They r now going over a shipping receipt. It has an address on it that CM wanted the remainder of the order shipped to. Ship date is 4.7.09. Invoice of 25 bottles of 25ml each/ 4 trays. So a tot of 40 vials of 100ml each. And 25 vials at 20ml each. Told 2 ship this 2 Santa Monica. Murray had a concern regarding the greasiness of the bottles Discussed also with Murray high-energy formulas, briefly spoke about an energy boost, wanted something on a natural side. CM place a telephonic order around middle may June 15th. CM call saying happy with energy supplement have a telephone conversation with CM shortly before MJ's death, call was not understandable as there was lots of background noise and I could not get the gist of the conversation. 255 bottle of propofol were shipped to CM. Benoqune is not a controlled substance nor is propofol. I am not familiar w the drug otherwise. Asking was all of CM's papers for purchasing medicines in order. There are no regulations to ship things only to a hospital. On 1st order, Cm bought a total of 12 individual saline bags.

Trial live at: CNN website: http://edition.cnn.com/video/flashLive/live.html?stream=stream1?hpt=hp_t1

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Date: October 3, 2011 Murray's trail: Day 5.

October 3 the 5th day of the Murray's trial. On Friday took stand: Richelle Cooper, Edward Dixon, Jeff Strome,Thao Nguyen, Joanne Prashad, Antoinette Gill . Richelle Cooper, continues testifies: attached was a urinary device via a catheter, mainly for patients who are unconscious.
thought it was very unusual for a 50 year old man to have one attacked, and was surprise he did have one.
it was never discussed with Murray about the death certificate, it would be RC's responsibility.
nothing wrong with documents.
asked when was apparent time of death. I am unable to say specifically, however after 12.57 he was pronounced dead. It was said Murray said to RC there was a feint pulse. RC saying that was not the case base on the patient at that time. At the time MJ was my patient he had been dead for some time. I wrote my report on the morning on June 26th. I do not recall if his temp was taken. Taking that temp would not tell the time of cause of death. It is unlikely after 20min that there will be a change in condition even with further resuscitative efforts.

Edward Dixon, senior network and sales manager at the phone company AT&T:
talking about what the terms are on a read out of a activity of a mobile phone/cell

June 25, 2009:
9:23 AM – call 22 min
10:14 AM – call 2 min
11:07 AM – call 1 min
11:40 AM - call – 32 minuty
11:49 AM – call – 3 min
11:51 AM – call – 11 minut
12:12 PM – call – 1 min
12:15 PM – call from number previous conversation – 1 min
3:38 PM – call – 2 min
4:31 PM – call (the same number as above) – 1 min
4:32 PM – as above – 1 min
5:02 PM – as above – 1 min
Jeff Strome, Nextel, network operator: going over CM's phone records.
Thao Nguyen, ER Doctor: 20% of her time is practicing & 80% of her time is doing research. Now going over her education. received a page from trauma room about assistance needing for help with VIP patient Michael Jackson. 1st thing I did after talking to Dr. Cooper was to speak to CM. CM introduced himself as MJ's personal physician. He said he gave MJ 4 mg atavan (lorazepam) intraveinously. He said nothing else was given besides this. He said he did not know whta time he found the patient not breathing. I asked him how long was the time btwn when the patient was down and 911 was called and he said he did not know & could not approx. He said he had no concept of time since he did not have a watch. He never mentioned propofol to me Murray said he found a pulse Dr. Cruise nor I could find one. After ballon pump I don't know, my estimate would be 5-7 min after decidee to use. I bgan speaking to CM at 1:35. CM participated in this agreement. We all agreed to call time of death after balloon pump did not work. do not use ativan to treat insomnia, there r other drugs available. I use it for procedures. Propofol is not just used anywhere in the hospital, it is used in approp area w/ approp equipment available. We always have a crash cart available. Crash cart has defibulator and drugs like EMTS use, pulse oximeter, etc When admistering drug we always have to prepare for worst case scenario before we even give the drug becauseuz propofol does not have antedote.
Dr Thao Nguyn does not use propofol outside of a suitable setting, "Murray" is someone's bedroom a suitable setting not it is not.

Dr. Joanne Prashad,  Houston physician. before I was a professor of microbiology.: The patient had a stint. I asked patient when stint was placed. Looking at chart i found he had taken flavax for 4 mos. You normally take it 4 6 mos after a procedure like stint. I called CM's office & was given a 2nd number. That went 2 answering machine when I needed answers since patient was 2b having surgery later that day. Patients sometimes do not know teh specifics of meds or procedures so charts r necessary. CM told JP the patient needed 2 cont plavax & it wld b better to postpone surgery. She made a call to CM at 10:20am that he answered. It was strange cuz he readily knew the info on the patient. When patients said we have to go get charts etc it is because they do not remember the patient. I was impressed that Murray remembered.


Antoinette Gill, works in cosmetic sallon, former patient of Murray: When I received this letter I called CM on Jun 25th on his CP. I had a conversation w him. It was a short convo. It was a normal convo.

Consuelo NG, I met him through my grandma around 2003/2004. Defendant was treating my grandma. I later began to work in CM office: In 2009, CM was in LV 1 wk and 1 wk in Houston. When CM was in LV, the office was still open. We still saw patients for smthng like an echocardiogram. it would b done by outside person. When CM was not in LV he would call the office every day & speak to whoever was on the phone. Murray didn't perform procedures in LV off. I did not know Cm was spending time in CA in June 2009. When not in the office I did not know where he was. CM told us he would be traveling on tour & leaving for Europe. He told us he wld b the physician of MJ before letters went out. When we got back we heard from our biller that something happened to MJ.

Bridgette Morgan,Met CM in 2003 in a social setting and we began a relationship: In June 2009, I had a convo w/CM & he told me he was MJ's personal physician. Called CM on phone on June 25th, 2009. In June 2009, I had a convo w/CM & he told me he was MJ's personal physician. Called CM on phone on June 25th, 2009.

Trial live at: CNN website: http://edition.cnn.com/video/flashLive/live.html?stream=stream1?hpt=hp_t1

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New soundtruck album "IMMORTAL"

On November 21, Epic Records in conjunction with the Estate of Michael Jackson, will release IMMORTAL – the highly anticipated musical tapestry for Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour. Led by esteemed musical designer Kevin Antunes (Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Madonna) IMMORTAL takes a fresh, creative approach in redesigning and reimagining more than 40 of Michael Jackson’s greatest original recordings into a compilation that allows listeners to experience his music in an entirely new way. After spending a year in the studio working with Michael’s original multi-track master recordings, Kevin created IMMORTAL which offers listeners a new soundscape to Michael’s artistry while preserving the power and familiarty of his unparalleled voice and his legendary tracks.
  1. Working Day and Night (Immortal Version)
  2. The Immortal Intro (Immortal Version)
  3. Childhood (Immortal Version)
  4. Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ (Immortal Version)
  5. Shake Your Body Down To The Ground (Immortal Version)
  6. Dancing Machine/Blame It On The Boogie (Immortal Version)
  7. Ben (Immortal Version)
  8. This Place Hotel/Smooth Criminal/Dangerous (Immortal Version)
  9. The Mime Segment: I Like The Way/Speed Demon/Another Part Of Me (Immortal Version)
  10. J5 Medley: I Want You Back/ABC/The Love You Save (Immortal Version)
  11. Human Nature/Speechless (Immortal Version)
  12. Is It Scary/Thriller/Ghost/Somebody’s Watching Me/Threatened (Immortal Version)
  13. You Are Not Alone/I Just Can’t Stop Loving You (Immortal Version)
  14. Beat It/Jam/State Of Shock (Immortal Version)
  15. Earth Song/Planet Earth (Immortal Version)
  16. Scream/Little Susie (Immortal Version)
  17. Gone Too Soon (Immortal Version)
  18. They Don’t Care About Us (Immortal Version)
  19. I’ll Be There (Immortal Version)
  20. Immortal Megamix: Can You Feel It/Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough/Billie Jean/Black Or White (Immortal Version)
  21. Man In The Mirror (Immortal Version)
  22. Remember The Time/Bad (Immortal Version)

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Date: September 30, 2011 Murray's trail: Day 4.

September 30 the 4th day of the Murray's trial. On Friday took stand: Bob Johnson, Robert Russell, Richard Senneff, Martin Blount, Richelle Cooper. Bob Johnson, his comapny  makes pulse oximeter is a device that shines a light of different wavelengths through the skin. It monitors the level of oxygen connected. He testifies: We make abt 10 or more models of Oximeter proximeters. He is describing the NONIN 9500. The 9500 is a fingertip model. There is no separate monitor. It does not have an audible alarm. It is for spot checking of vital signs. It is not designed for continuous monitoring. It is only for spot checking. Its instruct for use are against cont monitoring with this. If you needed to monitor a patient for 15 minutes you would have a constant reading. If you were under propofol for 5 minutes you would get a changing accurate reading. You can use this to monitor for 5 or 10 minutes, if you constantly watched the screen.

Robert Russel, Murray's patient in year 2007: I had a heart attack in 2007. I was seen by Murray in Spring Valley Hos. Murray advised me I needed to have immediate surgery. It was my first time seeing him. Nurses prepared me. Anesthesiologist was there. Anesthesiologist gave anesthesia. I was awaken during the surgery because I was given too much pain medicines to lower heart rate. Murray installed 3 stints. I had to stay in hospital. Told CM I wanted to leave. CM told him to follow his treatment or I would be a dead man. After that CM told him that there's another person to care, RR had 2nd procedure that occured on Apr 6,in different hospital. My wife was present and I was overjoyed the patient was MJ. I have a meeting after EEPC therapy on Jun 15th to get results and to get another Cardiologist to continue my care. Someone phoned my home and told my wife that the appointment was cancelled. The letter is CM saying he is leaving and will be managing his practice from a distance because of a once in a lifetime opportunity. I felt nonchalant about receiving that letter since he knew about it ahead of time. Had 2nd meeting on June 22nd. I was frustrated that the 2nd meeting was cancelled. I wanted to know where I stood health wise and I knew Murray was going out of country 1st thing in morning on Jun 25th, I called the office and expressed frustration and said I expected a phonecall from Murray or I was going to take legal action, block him from leaving the country, etc so I could get answers. I felt abandoned. I received a voicemail later that morning from Dr Murray. The message was strange since he told me my heart was repaired when he told me before that it can never be repaired. Also strange that he told me he was leaving on a sabbatical when I knew where he was going. "Sabatical" was a weird term to use. I felt like a 2nd fiddle.

Richard Sennef, Los Angeles fire fighter/paramedic: I have worked as such for 27 years. I am an emergency med tech and recertification instructor. When it came in at 12:22, we grabbed the teletype, grabbed our rescue (apparatus) ambulance and head out. I was the passenger. Mr Blunt is the driver and engine 71 joins us. We were a mile and a half away. If Murray would have called 911 immediately, Michael Jackson's life might have been saved. Richard Senneff said Murray told him he called 911 the second he realized MJ was in distress, when in fact there was a 20 minute delay. Senneff said had Murray called earlier there was a good chance EMT's could have restarted Michael's heart. He said, he saw Murray and Alvarez are taking Jackson from bed on the floor. Senneff said when he hooked up the EKG machine onto MJ, there was a flat lined. According to Senneff Murray lied when he told paramdics MJ had no underlying condition. When Senneff asked him what medications MJ was on, Murray lied again, saying "none." He then admitted he had given MJ a sedative, Lorazepam. At NO point did Murray ever mention the word Propofol.
After almost 40 minutes and several unsuccessful rounds of starter drugs, the dispatcher at UCLA decides to call time of death... but Murray insists on continuing.
Paramedics decide to take Michael to the hospital. After getting him into the ambulance, Senneff goes back to MJ's room to retrieve his equipment.... that's when he says, he saw Murray picking up "items" off the floor.
Senneff said there was no sign of life at any point during the 47 minutes he treated MJ.

Martin Blount, Los Angeles fire fighter/paramedic: claimed they could have saved MJ's life if Dr. Conrad Murray had called 911 sooner. Senneff also claimed Murray never mentioned Propofol while they desperately tried to restart MJ's heart. Blount said when he entered MJ's room, he immediately recognized the patient.
He said Murray was "flushed, sweating profusely, agitated," and yelling, "He needs help! Can you help him please?" Blount said he thought MJ was already dead when paramedics arrived at the scene. They administer several drugs, 5 times they can't find veins. When EMT workers asked Murray about the IV bag, he said he was giving MJ normal saline (salt water) because he was "dehydrated" after 16-hours of rehearsals the night before. Once they loaded MJ onto the ambulance, he noticed Murray scooping up Lidocaine bottles into a black bag. He said Murray told them MJ was only down for "about a minute" prior to their arrival. 

Richelle Cooper,  the attending ER doc who first treated Jackson when he arrived at the hospital: She said paramedics called in more than 40 minutes after Michael was clinically dead. So she made the call to pronounce him dead at 12:57 p.m. Protocol is to call death after 20 mins of efforts w no result. They had worked on Jackson for 40 min. When Cooper asked Murray what had happened, he told her he thought Jackson was "dehydrated" because he was working hard. When she asked him what medications he had given him, Murray told her 4 mg of Lorazepam. Cooper then asked what other drugs Jackson was taking, Murray said Flomax - for enlarged prostate - and Valium. Cm told me had witnessed the arrest. Which he saw when the patient stopped breathing. CM did not give me any medical documentation whatsoever. I asked about other meds and he told me his regular meds were flomax and valiums. I asked if witnessed seizure activity or if patient complained of chest pains. CM said no. There no physical signs of trauma. Upon arrival, he was clinically dead as described by paramedics. He had signs of dying heart. Heart muscle is tactile so it may count to produce activity (PEA) but there was no pulse. But we still tried to revive him.

Next stand on October 3rd.

Trial live at: CNN website: http://edition.cnn.com/video/flashLive/live.html?stream=stream1?hpt=hp_t1

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Date: September 29, 2011 Murray's trail: Day 3.

September 29, the 3rd day of the Murray's trial. On Thursday took stand: Alberto Alvarez, Kai Chase. Alberto Alvarez Jackson's security guard- the man who called 911 the morning MJ died -- just took the stand, claiming Murray asked him to remove several vials of Propofol before he called an ambulance.

Alvarez claims he quickly arrived at the scene on June 25th, 2009 - and saw Murray performing one-handed chest compressions on MJ, who was still in the bed. According to Alvarez, Murray immediately asked him to pack away several vials and an IV bag.

Alvarez claims there were two saline bags on the IV stand, but Murray cared only about the one that contained a vial with a "milky white substance."

Alvarez claims Murray THEN asked Alvarez to call 911 - at which point the dispatcher ordered him to move Michael from the bed to the floor in order to perform CPR. According to Alvarez, paramedics arrived soon after.

Defense attorney Ed Chernoff tried to get Alvarez to admit he may have been confused about the timing of the events -- but Alvarez insisted ... Murray ordered him to bag the vials BEFORE paramedics arrived.

Alvarez says he has been offered enormous sums to provide interviews to media outlets - as much as $500,000.

The defense just showed footage inside a hospital room where MJ's body was relocated after the singer was pronounced dead -- and the place was crawling with cops.

Kai Chase, Jackson's personal chef: was present inside the house the morning MJ died. Chase said eating healthy was important to MJ. A typical breakfast would consist of granola and almond milk, beet juice or carrot/orange juice or an omelette with veggies. 
On June 24, Chase made him what she called "an organic beet juice blast" a mix of organic beets, celery, green apples and carrots.
On the day MJ died, she was preparing lunch - a spinach cob salad with organic turkey breast  - when Dr. Murray came into the kitchen sometime between 12:05 - 12:10 pm, looking "frantic" and "nervous." He then shouted "get help, get Prince, get security."
She went to get Prince, telling him "Hurry, Conrad Murray needs you... there may be something wrong with your father."
She said the Prince, Paris and Blanket  were crying and screaming... so she tried to comfort them by holding their hands and conducting a prayer circle.

Trial live at: CNN website: http://edition.cnn.com/video/flashLive/live.html?stream=stream1?hpt=hp_t1

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Murray's trail: Day 2.

September 28, the 2nd day of the Murray's trial. On Tuesday took stand: Paul Gangaware, Kathy Jorrie, Michael Amir Williams, Faheem Mohammed. Mr. Paul Gangaware finish his testifies by saying about June 2009, he saw Murray during rehearsals in Forum. On June 24 and 25, saw Michael totally engaged and full of energy. Questioned by defense he testifies about relation between Michael and himself. Rest of his hearing in cut long story short: - Paul and Michael were in business relation, - Jackson had personals Dr. on his past tours, - Paul called Murray on Michael's request to employ him as a Dr. though Paul didn't know who Murray was, - He didn't know what kind of specialization Murray is, he didn't saw final deal between AEG and Murray, - During 1st meeting there was conversation about diet, rehearsals and free time schedule for Michael, - he didn't know about propofol which was administered by Murray to Michael every night, - Michael called himself "machine which should be cared".

Kathy Jorrie, lawyer for AEG, she prepare deal for Murray: first of all the project of the deal was on June 15 and last to September 2009 later was made date March 2010. Deal was sent on June 24. On date June 18 and 23 there was written changes in deal like, signed not for last name just company name - she agree and wrote down last name and name of company, instead of "nurse" he want to employ "medical help", Murray wants assurance in deal like, if he would be fired till 15th day of month he would be paid off, medical equipment. On June 23rd another change, Dr. will be performing stuffs that Michael wants him to do, not AEG. June 24, Murray was on rehearsal and says that was amazing. Evidence number 4, copy of the deal, it was invalid because it wasn't signed by Jackson. In deal was assurance about play ticket, he would be assurance and got home in London. Michael could cancel the deal in any time he wants.

Michael Amir Williams, Jackson's personal assistance: he testifies, what were they doing after rehearsals, where ho goes with Michael. He said that Michael asked him to called people in behalf of Jackson from Jackson's personal cell phone. On June 24 about 5-6 p.m. they go for the last rehearsal, they were late. Jackson in good mood. Williams saw rehearsal and Michael said "he gave only 30-40% at rehearsal. But I thought it was great. About 12.14 a.m. Murray called Williams but he didn't pick up the phone, 1 minute later he listen to message, Murray ask to call him immediately, he did it and Murray said to immediately come back, because Michael had "bad reaction". Williams called Muhammad to immediately come back home, because happened something bad.

At 12:15 MAW calls CM back and CM tells him that MJ had had a bad reaction and asks him to get someone up to the room. Amir said Murray did not ask me to call 911 initially. After he got off of the phone with CM, MAW called Faheem Muhammad (FM) at 12:16 and told him to go upstairs. FM told MAW that he was not on the property to run an errand to go to the bank. MAW told him to hurry and get back home. There were then 3 calls between Amir and Alvarez that were not being connected so he then contacted Derrick Cleveland (another security). He did not get him. Later he was able to talk with Alvarez. He told Alvarez to go to the house and told him to run. Nanny opened the door. Alvarez asked MAW for permission to go into the house and go upstairs. Alvarez hanged up the phone after a little while. MAW made multiple phone calls.

Amir: "It took maybe 30/40 minutes to get from my home to Carrolwood. When he got there medics were bringing gurney down."

MJ's kids were in the car to follow the ambulance to the hospital. MAW thinks CM looked frantic. CM ride with the ambulance. People were following them to the hospital. MAW shielded the children with their jackets and took them inside the hospital to a private room with their nanny. They placed a security on the door. MAW waited outside the room they were working on Michael. Slowly people such as his manager and family came to the hospital. Later they learned that MJ dead. After Michael was announced dead, Murray asked him if he or someone else could take him back to the house so he could get some cream of MJ's that he was sure MJ would not want the world to see. MAW said "let me check". He spoke about this with Faheem Muhammed (FM). He told FM he was goig to tell CM that the police had his keys. He then spoke to CM again who asked to be taken to go get something to eat. MAW refused. MAW went to FM and told them to call the security and tell them to lock down the house and do not let anyone go in or out. MAW did not see CM after that talk about food. MAW gave CM's contact information to the police. After MJ was announced dead MAW and the other bodyguards loaded the cars and drove to fool the media so that the Jackson family can leave without being followed. On the ride MAW received a phone call asking them to come back to Carolwood. They spoke to the police at Carolwood. Oxygen tanks was normal. Security would pick oxygen tanks and bring to the house.

MAW says there was a lot of police officers both at UCLA and Carolwood. Police asked him about the timeline of the day. MAW says that his initial talk with police wasn't in detail. Defense mentions the phone calls between MAW and CM. Defense asks if sounded like an emergency. MAW: "When I hear someone has a bad reaction, I don't think anything fatal - me personally. I wasn't asked to call 911. He told me what to do and I did it what doctor told me to do - get someone up there quickly" 2 security on the property 24/7. House has gates and those gates are monitored. Family only allowed by Michael's request.

Faheem Mohammed head of Jackson's security guards:claims Prince and Paris witnessed Conrad Murray desperately trying to resuscitate their father the morning he died, and had to be removed from the scene.

Muhammad testified Paris was  "on the ground, balled up crying," and Prince "was shocked and slowly crying."

Muhammad claims Jackson appeared to be dead when he arrived at the scene - and when he noticed Prince and Paris in the doorway, he took them downstairs.

Muhammad says that's when he heard Murray asking if anyone knew CPR - and his fellow bodyguard Alberto Alvarez rushed to help.

Once MJ was pronounced dead, MJ's assistant Michael Amir Williams relayed to him Murray's request to go back and retrieve the "cream" - and that's when they both agreed not to let Murray back in the house.

Muhammad also claimed MJ visited Dr. Arnold Klein's office several times a week and often came out "a bit tipsy" -- but never explained why. According to Muhammad, MJ once said to him, "You must think I'm crazy for going to Dr. Klein's everyday."

Trial live at: CNN website: http://edition.cnn.com/video/flashLive/live.html?stream=stream1?hpt=hp_t1

Source: mjjcommunity.com / GeniusMJ

Date: September 27, 2011 Murray's trail: Day 1. (update).

September 27, 2011 the 1st day of the trial. Prosecution started with opening statement in which was multimedia presentation from days before and after June 25, 2009. In speech was shown picture of MJ in hospital's bed. Presented were also pieces of Murray's testify at police. Very interesting thing was presented recorded voice of Michael from May 2009, when Michael was speaking hardly about shows in London and fans: "We have to be phenomenal. When people leave this show, when people leave my show, I want them to say, “I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. Go. Go. I’ve never seen nothing like this. Go. It’s amazing. He’s the greatest entertainer in the world. I’m taking that money, a million children, children’s hospital, the biggest in the world, Michael Jackson’s Children’s Hospital."

Prosecutors: recording of Jackson made on Murray's iPhone on May 10, 2009. The recording appears to feature a drugged Jackson, slurring his words.

Between April 6, 2009, and the time of Michael Jackson's death on June 25, Dr. Conrad Murray ordered enough propofol to give Jackson 1,937 milligrams a day, prosecutor David Walgren told jurors.

Prosecutors: Jackson trusted his doctor, "Jackson put his life in hand of Murray, cost of Jackson's life". At the beginning the Dr. demands 5 millions of dollars for 1 year of work, later Dr. agree to 150,000 dollars per month. Prosecutor confirmed that the deal was never signed and Murray wasn't given money.

In addition Walgren said that Murray delays to call emergency and when emergency finally arrived, Dr. said nothing about given propofol to Jackson.

The defense of Murray in opening statement keep their way of proving that Jackson kill himself by demanding of giving him propfol which Dr. Murray did not want to administer. "Jackson wants to sleep, when Murray came out of the room, Michael took 8 tablets of lorozepam which is enough strong to make sleep six people". The defense said also that Michael and Dr. Murray were close friends, after that Dr. did wipe tears on his face. They said that Murray was worry about Michael's taking propofol. He was afraid of Michael and taking propofol. By two months Michael was giving propofol by Murray, then Michael was sleeping, woke up and work. In defense opinion Michael died when Murray stop to giving Michael propofol. On June 25, 2009 Michael was two days without propofol. Two days after death of Jackson, Dr. Murray testifies to police,"I don't know what killed Jackson, I want to know this too". The defense said, that Dr. Klein will be testify about Michael having trouble sleeping by addiction to Demerol which he was giving to Michael. On June 25, 2009 Jackson had trouble with sleeping and Murray finally decided to give Michael 25 mg of propofol with lidocaine, after that according to Murray, Jackson fallen asleep. Dr. had to check Jackson who was in norm, after that Murray went to toilet. The day Michael died had to say before death that if he won't sleep, he could not rehearse and he would fail his fans. The dose which Murray gave to Michael - 25 mg- for person about weight of Michael had to be normal, "This is not poison, but the drug which help to sleep the person it's given" said defense.  

List of winteses:
- Kenny Ortega (Director of "Dangerous", "HIStory" and "This Is It" tour):
He testifies: Jackson wanted really bad to do the This Is it shows. Kenny met Dr. Murray in April or May 2009, "This is my Dr., Murray". Murray was on rehearsals, not often but he was. Michael wasn't present at rehearsal in June a week before his death and moving to Staples Center. On June 19 in Forum, kenny was afraid of Jackson's condition:"With MJ, my friend, happening something bad - he had shivering, he was lost - he didn't answer questions, he wasn't feel good." Michael didn't take part in rehearsals, he wants to watch with Kenny at rehearsals with Travis Paine (about 2 hours), Michael go out home ealier as suggested Kenny.

On June 20, Kenny wrote e-mail to Randy Phillips about Michael's condotion, in Kenny's opinion Michael lost weight. Michael beg to not cancel the shows. The meeting in Michael's home: R. Phillips, F.Dileo, C. Murray and Michael. Murray was angry that Kenny sent Michael home last night, don't play a dr. and psychologist, just do your thing as a director, said to Kenny. Murray assure Michael's condition is good to take part in rehearsals. Kenny was schocked, last night he saw somthing else. Kenny talked to Michael. Jackson confirmed that he didn't want to take part in rehearsals. Kennywas afraid of his condotion, Jackson says, "I feel fine."
June 23, Another rehearsal. Meanwhile moving to Staples Center. MJ came with full of energy and enthusiastic - totally different MJ.
June 24, the same situatian as day before - totally engaged. After Earth Song and The Way You Make Me Feel and 2 days of rehearsals Jackson asked Kenny, is he happy? Kenny said "yes", Michael said:"I feel like we would be making dream come true"
June 25, the day were planned rehearsals with illusion, Michael was happy of that. Kenny started work waiting for Jackson. he was called by P. Gangaware who said:"ambulacne took Michael from home, he would call back if he finds out more." he called back: "We lost him". Kenny finds out about Michael's death. Kenny caled all of peole and announced that Michael is gone. The night after Earth Song Michael hopes to show the shows in USA after London. Later he wants to make a movies - full-lenght movies at base of Thriller and Smooth Criminal.  

- Paul Gongaware (AEG Live) he worked with MJ at Dangerous Tour, HIStory Tour and This Is It
Testifies: Michael was totally engaged. At the beginning there had to be 31 shows in O2 Arena - that was written in contract - Prince gave 21 so Michael wants to give 10 more. First of all there were 10 concerts announced to check how big interest will be., they were sold out very fast so it was planned before about bigger amount of shows. After 50 shows sold out there were more people to can be made another  50 shows, 250,000 people still wanted to buy a ticket for a show.
Evidence number 3, list of rehearsals and planned concerts, from May, Gongaware made it himself.
May 2009, rehearsals in  Burbank
June, rehearsals in Forum (3 weeks), later Staples Center
July, rehearsals,- shows - free days
August, 10 shows
September, 9shows
October - December, no shows
January 2010, 10 shows and 3 rehearsals
February, 10 shows, no rehearsals
March, 3 shows.

Rehearsals in period of time May -June 2009, Paul was present at rehearsals, Michael was excited, wants to work, seemed happy. In Forum the same. In May there was conversation about MJ's personal Dr., MJ wants Murray. Paul didn't know Murray so he wants to employ Dr. in London, Michael show himself and says, "
it's machine and i want to Murray take care of it". Murray was called by Paul and said, that he would need to close 4 clinics, so he wants 5 mln of dollars, MJ's assistant called Paul and says, Michael give him only 150,000 per month, so it was said to Murray, he agreed. Murray assure that there's no worry about that fact, Dr. has not license for UK - he just said that he would need assistant, medical equipment and home for him and his children. 

June 2009, meeting in Michael's home. In opinion of Kenny Ortega, Michael wasn't ok at rehearsals, he was too slow than show. Paul understood goal of meeting, he wasn't angry. Murray listens and tries to understand situation.

Trial live at: http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/livenow?id=8366366, http://edition.cnn.com/video/flashLive/live.html?stream=stream1?hpt=hp_t1

Source: mjjcommunity.com / GeniusMJ

Date: September 24, 2011 Jury in Murray's trail are selected. The trial begins.

On September 23, 2011 84 jury candidates were brought in for selection process. 10 jury candidates were quickly dismissed because they said they could no longer serve on such a long case. The personality and life of Michael Jackson dominated much of the jury questioning. Conrad Murray's defense team asked potential jurors:

- Do you believe Michael Jackson is less capable of making decisions that somebody else his age?
- If Michael Jackson was "childlike...not capable of making decisions?"
- Does anybody think that Michael Jackson should be held to a different standard of responsibility?
- Does anybody believe that Dr. Murray is partially responsible for Michael Jackson ‘s death? Prosecution asked if the jurors could convict Murray if they found Michael Jackson had contributed to his own death. Jurors were given a hypothetical situation where a reckless driver runs a red light and kills a pedestrian who was “also not being safe as he could be and steps out in front of a car.” “You could say the driver is not 100% responsible, but he did play a substantial role,” DA Walgren said. “Could you find him guilty?” he asked to the jurors.

12 jurors selected consists of 7 men and 5 women. 6 of the jurors are White, 5 of the jurors are Hispanic and 1 is African American. 5 alternate jurors (3 women, 2 men) were also selected. Below are basic information about the 12 jurors.

Juror #127 Mexican-American female, 54, property manager, has a daughter who was an alcohol and drug user 5 years ago, thinks famous people are treated differently in court. She loved MJ's music as a girl.

Juror #145 White male, 45, partner in management consulting firm, wife is pediatric nurse at a hospital, served twice on a jury, watched "This is It".

Juror #61 White female, 57, unemployed, worked in past for Red Cross, followed the OJ trial, her younger brother uses drugs, served 5 times on a jury.

Juror #70 White male, 54, college professor of animation and art, created characters for motion pictures at Disney, followed OJ trial, convicted of DUI, thinks celebs are not treated the same by police and can bend rules. MJ fan.

Juror #44 Cuban/Mexican-White, family members with alcohol addiction, served on a civil jury, fan of MJ, especially Thriller.

Juror #49 White female, 43, head of communications for international marketing firm, served as juror in child sexual abuse case, does not think cops are more lenient with celebs.

Juror #100 white female, 48, paralegal for 30 years, watched Casey Anthony trial, brother is an EMT, people of wealth and fame treated differently in court system.

Juror #52 Mexican male, 51, USPS letter carrier, wife is back-office medical assistant, fan of MJ.

Juror #99 Hispanic male, 42, school bus driver, father was addicted to alcohol, father-in-law died from alcohol abuse, served on a jury, MJ fan.

Juror #38 Hispanic female, 36, customer service rep, watched Casey Anthony trial , former employer is a doctor, father was an absent alcoholic, served on a DUI jury, MJ fan.

Jury #128 African American male, 54, technical director for TV, has cousin is a judge and another cousin who's a lawyer, his dad died of alcoholism, juror on 3 cases, loved the Jackson 5 as a kid, now likes Jay Z.

Juror #108 White male 32, book seller, juror in civil trial, trained actor, MJ fan.

Source: mjjcommunity.com / GeniusMJ

Date: September 22, 2011 Murray's lawyers "Jury should see Michael Jackson video detailing final tour"

Attorneys representing Dr. Conrad Murray want the jury to see the video of Michael Jackson announcing his "This Is It" tour in London months before his death from a drug overdose.

In a motion filed Tuesday, attorneys for Murray -- charged with involuntary manslaughter in Jackson's death -- wrote that at the March 5, 2009, press conference, Jackson announced there would only be 10 shows and "that it was the 'final curtain call.' "They said the video is material to the case because it "allows jurors to see Mr. Jackson's mental and physical condition back in March 2009." The defense team said this will corroborate testimony of Karen Faye, Jackson's make-up artist, who is expected to testify at Murray's upcoming trial that the singer was "furious" when the number of concerts was increased to 50, and that he expressed concern about physically performing for so many shows. Prosecutorshave argued that she should not be permitted to testify, claiming that her knowledge was based on hearsay. Lawyers on both sides of the case are due in court Wednesday to discuss potential jurors. Opening statements in Murray's trial, which will be televised, are scheduled for September 27. The trial is expected to last about a month. If convicted of involuntary manslaughter, Murray could face up to four years in prison.

Source: cnn.com / GeniusMJ

Date: September 3, 2011 "Michael Jackson: The life of an icon" new document.

Prepare to go behind the headlines as producer and television star David Gest, Michael Jackson's mother Katherine, brother Tito, sister Rebbie and more than fifty friends, peers and associates share intimate and fascinating stories about the singer's celebrated life. Released on DVD and Blu-ray' on October 31st 2011 from Universal Pictures International Home Entertainment, and featuring performance footage as well as never-before-seen family photography, Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon is a powerful behind-the-scenes account of the star's life, providing fresh insight into his early years with the Jackson 5, his rise to global solo-stardom through to the final moments before his sudden death in 2009.

Michael's mother Katherine says, 'Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon is a truly remarkable film that captures the true character, wit and sensitivity of my son. Producer David Gest takes you on an emotional roller coaster that will bring people to tears as well as really understand who the man behind the music was and is.'

Producer and close friend David Gest says, " have tried to show Michael in a truly unique light. I have spent the past fifteen months travelling the world interviewing people who were most important in his life. I believe this film will entertain and educate in equal measures about who the real Michael Jackson was. I hope this will serve as a lasting testament to the compassion and love that he had for all mankind. He was a very complex individual and this film reveals the many different facets of his personality."

Source: music-news.com / GeniusMJ

Date: August 29, 2011 Michael's 53rd Birthday.

Today Michael would celebrite his 53rd Birthday. Happy Birthday Michael wherever you are!

Source:  GeniusMJ

Date: August 27, 2011 Michael The King Of MTV Video Music Awards

King of Pop Michael Jackson is gone, but he is not forgotten - not by MTV Video Music Award voters. Two days before the widely-watched awards show, MTV on Friday released a poll of the top moments chosen by voters in the program's nearly three decades with Jackson singled out for most iconic and best pop performances for a medley of songs he sang in 1995.

Jackson singing and dancing to "The Way You Make Me Feel," "Scream," "Beat It" and "Smooth Criminal" picked up 57 percent of the vote for most iconic performance, beating the likes of Madonna with "Like a Virgin" in 1984 and Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" from 2009.

The "Thriller" singer, who died in June 2009 from a drug overdose, also got the nod for best pop performance with the same medley, again topping artists including Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, TLC and his own sister, Janet Jackson, who performed a tribute to Michael the year he died.

Source: rteuters.com  / GeniusMJ

Judge denies to two request of Conrad Murray's attorneys

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michael E. Pastor disagreed to isolate the jury during the trial.

"Did not want jurors to feel like "inmates," supervised even when they contacted loved ones" the judge said. And he expressed confidence that they would heed warnings to avoid exposure to media coverage.

The judge also disagrre to remove TV cameras from the courtroom. 

In additional Pastor has noted "The current case should focus on the events surrounding the medical care provided to Michael Jackson by Conrad Murray," said the motion. "The case should not be allowed to deteriorate into an unfair, unwarranted and irrelevant attack on the deceased victim."

They asked the court to bar any reference to the molestation case."

Source: yahoo.com / CNN.com / GeniusMJ

Date: August 24, 2011 Personal Michael's manager Frank Dileo has died at age of 63

Frank Dileo died today in age of 63 cdue to complications from heart surgery in March. Frank Dileo had problems with heart from many years.

Frank became Michael's personal manager in time of releasing "Thriller" album and he contribute to its success. He return to Michael, when Jackson was participating to come back tour, creating series of shows in London entitled "This Is It"

The last interview with Frank is the document entitled "True Crime With Aphrodithe Jones". The document is available on our website in "Donwload" category "DVD" in original audio version.

Source: billboard.biz / GeniusMJ

Date: June 22, 2011 Michael weekend on TV

June 25 it's 2nd anniversary of death of Michael Jackson. Music channel but not only are creating for the fans and not only tv shows with Michael's music and documentary.

MTV Poland:
"Weekend z Michaelem Jacksonem"

Sat.: 2.p.m. - 4 p.m. hour.

Sun.: 2.p.m. - 4 p.m. hour.

VH1 Europe

All weekend, "Weekend with Michael Jackson"


Michael Jackson in „Power Hour” – on tv channel 4fun.tv: wed: 6 p.m.

„Michael Jackson weekend” on tv channel 4fun.tv:

fri: 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.

sat: 9 a.m., 10.30, 3.00 p.m. & 7.00 p.m.,

sun: 9.00 a.m. , 10.30, 3.00 p.m. & 4 p.m.


All weekend with Michael.

TVP Info

"The truth about last days of Michael Jackson"

Sat: 11:20 p.m.


"E! Special statemant: Last days of Michael Jackson"

Sat: 3:45 p.m.

Source: MTV.pl / 4fun.tv / 4 / TVP Info / E! / GeniusMJ

Date: June 10, 2011 Michael Jackson in studio with Barry Gibb part 2

Two parts connected in one it means 1 minute and 30 seconds from more than 2 hours of footages.

Source: mjtunes.com / GeniusMJ

Tribute 4 Michael Jackson in 2nd Anniversary


Monika Bral (teacher of Jackson Style www.souldance.pl) - is inviting for big official party in tribute to King of Pop.


- Professional dance show! Including original parts of short films and world tours of Jackson,


- Breaking records by number of people dancing to one piece of Jackson's choreopraphy,


- Michael's music all night and first of all great party +2 DJs and numbers of surprises...


- MJ's disguise – are very welcome.


Come to Capital of Poland (Warsaw) for the biggest Tribute in Poland.

Start: 10:00 p.m.

Source: michaeljackson.pl / GeniusMJ

Date: June 09, 2011 World premiere of "Behid The Mask" video

On June 14th on Michael Jackson's official facebook website will have its premiere brand new video "Behind The Mask"

Source: michaeljackson.com / GeniusMJ

Date: June 06, 2011 Michael Jackson Fan Fest (Update)

The first ever Estate-authorized Michael Jackson Fan Fest which will take place for a limited time only at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino starting on December 3, 2011.

Fans will have the chance to experiance it by whole month from December 03 to December 27.

This experience is expected to include a wide variety of elements such as an up-close look at Michael Jackson memorabilia, items from Neverland Ranch, photo opportunities in recreated sets from historic Michael Jackson videos, a behind the scenes look at the creation of Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour, a main stage featuring contests, Q&A sessions with members of the creative team from THE IMMORTAL World Tour as well as other associates of Michael Jackson, giveaways and more.

In addition, the Fan Fest will give attendees the chance to play and compete against others in contests centered around the recently released UBISOFT video game "Michael Jackson: The Experience." An interactive, engaging, and immersive design will create a larger than life environment for all Fan Fest goers and promises to be a one-of-a-kind unique event.

The Fan Fest will be open for 4-hours before THE IMMORTAL World Tour shows on December 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, and 14 in the Bayside Exhibit Halls. In the case of two-show nights, the Fan Fest will have two sessions open to the public at separate starting times. Ticket and session information will be announced in the coming weeks.

Tickets' price:
From 62$ to 194$
Vip - 280$

Use code at Ticketmaster: MJFF35
Fan Fest tickets are $35 for general admission, and $75 for VIP.

Source: michaeljacksonfanfest.com / GeniusMJ

Date: May 30, 2011 Jackson by KOPER

Patient: man who invented Michael Jackson.

Verissage: June 3rd 2011, hour 8:00 p.m. Galeria Lodz, Sienkiewicza 65 street
The biggest Michael Jackson's sculpture exhibition in EUROPE!
Sensual exhibition where every one can stand face to face with history of Pop music!
King of 21st century music stage is alive in 14 scenes!

Real legend is within arm's reach! Come! See! Feel!

Invitation to exhibition of young sculptress Aleksandra Koper in GALERIA: FARBIARNIA SZTUKI which is in Centrum Kultury Kreatywnej - ETERNIA, Sienkiewicza 65 street in dates June 2-16, 2011

In June 2011, in Centrum Kultury Kreatywnej ETERNIA and Nasiadowni Stara Szwalnia will take place exhibition dedicated to King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Those are 14 sculptures of human's size inspired by Jackson himself as a show man, artist and human being. In scenes from Acient Egypt to Art Nouveau. Sculptures are made of ceramics, resin, cotton fibre, cellopahne and others.

4 leves of Galeria, on each one other attraction between other:

-All night MJ Disco
-Silent Disco
-Photo exhibition
-competetions, between other for a double of MJ

Disguises in Michael's style are welcome.


Media patronage:

Source: michaeljackson.pl / GeniusMJ

Date: May 25, 2011 Michael Jackson in studio with Barry Gibb

Short footage of Michael in studio with Barry Gibb is available from Barry's official website and youtube.

"Michael Jackson and I were the dearest of friends, thats simply what it was. We gravitated towards the same kind of music and we loved collaborating and he was the easiest person to write with. The more we got to know each other the more those ideas entwined and it all came to this song All in Your Name is in fact the message that Michael wanted to send out to all of his fans all over the World that he did it all for them and for the pure love of music. I hope and pray that we all get to hear it in its entirety. This experience I will treasure forever."

Recorded and filmed at Middle Ear Studios in December 2002. All footage was shot by Ashley Gibb on a High 8 camera. There is over 2 hours of footage.

Source: mjtunes.com / GeniusMJ

Date: May 19, 2011 New book about Michael Jackson from Dieter Wiesner

On November 9, 2011cwill be released new book about Michael Jackson from Dieter Wiesner. Dieter it's a longtime trustee and former advisor in marketing business and personal manager in year 2002. He ended up his collaboration with Jackson right after came accusations about child molestation where Wiesner was also accused in point of allegations about planning kidnapping and holding accuser with his family on Jackson's Neverlnad ranch.

Book entitled: "Why Michael Jackson had to die?"
(org. title: "Michael Jackson Die wahre Geschichte")

Short description:
June 25, 2009 the world had stopped for a while. Michael Jackson, greatest musical star of all time, died. Two year later many questions are not answered: Why Michael Jackson had to die? Why so short time before planned comeback on stage? Who need his death?

The author wrote in this book:

-how MJ fall into mafia's show business’s clutches
-he's showing that fear and persecution complex wasn't baseless reaction: there are some spheres which benefits more on his death than when he was alive
-he recall he's private memories: Michael's secret escapades, his loneliness, missing to love
-for the first time he recall about unraveled plans of MJ which he wants to realize after ended up music carrier.

Book in German language.

Source: amazon.de / GeniusMJ

Date: May 03, 2011 Michael Jackson doctor Conrad Murray trial delayed

The trial of the doctor accused of causing the drug overdose death of pop legend Michael Jackson has been postponed until September.

In Los Angeles, lawyers for Dr Conrad Murray had asked for a delay to prepare for new prosecution witnesses.

Source: BBC.com / GeniusMJ

Date: April 24, 2011 Michael Jackson's Autopsy Photos Allowed at Trial

Images of Michael Jackson in life and death will be shown to jurors at his doctor's trial, a judge ruled Thursday, after a prosecutor promised restraint while using autopsy photos that might upset the singer's family.

Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor also said he will allow prosecutors to screen segments of the concert movie "This Is It" for jurors in highly redacted form to show the pop star's mental and physical state in the days before his death.

"I don't think this should be entertainment," the judge said. "We should not feel deprived of our 99-cent iTunes if we don't hear the whole song." Pastor said only two autopsy photos will be allowed of Jackson's body laid out on a coroner's examining table. In one image, the singer is swathed in a hospital gown. In the other, he is nude, with portions of his anatomy obscured, prosecutors said. "Although they are tragic, they are not gruesome or gory," Deputy District Attorney David Walgren said. The defense had asked to bar autopsy photos, saying the images would inflame the passions of the jury.

Walgren, however, was adamant about the need to show Jackson's physical condition to bolster the prosecution claim that Jackson was healthy when he died of an overdose of the anesthetic propofol and other sedatives allegedly administered by defendant Dr. Conrad Murray. "This is a homicide and we can't pretend it's not a homicide," Walgren said.

The judge agreed the photos were needed. He recalled testimony from the preliminary hearing in which witnesses said Jackson was exceedingly thin and one witness described him as looking like a hospice patient. Walgren said he was aware that Jackson's family would be in court and said the pictures will be carefully displayed. When he showed them to Pastor, the judge found they were not graphic or gruesome, as the defense contended. Regarding the video footage, Pastor said only relevant portions of Jackson's performance on "Earth Song" and "The Way You Make Me Feel" can be shown to jurors. "Earth Song" is a colorful tribute to the environment that prosecutors say was the last piece Jackson recorded the day before he died.

"What's admitted will be Michael Jackson singing. What will not be received will be a picture of a cute little girl and orcas and flower and fauna," the judge said. Defense attorney Edward Chernoff objected to showing the film footage, claiming it was edited to present Jackson in the best light. Pastor said prosecutors can only show footage from Jackson's rehearsals on the two days before his death on June 25, 2009.

Murray, a Houston-based cardiologist, has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter. Authorities have accused him of giving Jackson a lethal dose of propofol in the bedroom of his rented mansion. Murray's attorneys have suggested in recent months that the singer may have given himself the fatal dose.

In other rulings, Pastor said:"Prosecutors can have several of Murray's mistresses testify during the trial, but some salacious details should be omitted. For instance, Pastor said he didn't want to hear any references to the strip clubs where Murray met some of them. Prosecutors cannot refer to Murray's child support issues or how many children he has.

Defense attorneys cannot probe Jackson's financial condition, saying it would turn the trial into "a slug fest which inflames the jury and has no end." The defense has claimed Jackson was despondent over debts.

Ruled out the use of statements made by Murray to his forensic experts in which he appeared to change some of the details previously given to police about Jackson's treatment. The judge said experts cannot act as "parrots" to get hearsay statements of the defendant before the jury.The prosecution suggested if Murray wants to tell his story, he should do it from the witness stand.

Opening statements were scheduled for May 9.

Source: Billborad.com / GeniusMJ

Date: March 06, 2011 Died Michael's closest friend, Elizabth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor, the legendary actress famed for her beauty, her jet-set lifestyle, her charitable endeavors and her many marriages, has died, her publicist told CNN Wednesday. She was 79.

Taylor was also longtime friend of Michael Jackson and the author of Jackson's artistic title "King Of Pop, Rock And Soul". Michael had organized one of her marriage at Neverland Ranch, where she was often guest. We can see Taylor with Jackoson in, "Private Home Movies" and "30th Anniversary Celebration". In 90's Michael Jackson performed specially for Taylor the song he wrote and composed "Elizabeth I Love You".

Taylor died "peacefully today in Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles," said a statement from her publicist. She was hospitalized six weeks ago with congestive heart failure, "a condition with which she had struggled for many years. Though she had recently suffered a number of complications, her condition had stabilized and it was hoped that she would be able to return home. Sadly, this was not to be."

Though a two-time Oscar winner -- for "Butterfield 8" (1960) and "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" (1966) -- Taylor was more celebrated for simply being Elizabeth Taylor: sexy, glamorous, tempestuous, fragile, always trailing courtiers, media and fans. She wasn't above playing to that image -- she had a fragrance called "White Diamonds" -- or mocking it.

Source: cnn.com / GeniusMJ

Date: March 06, 2011 'The Behind the Mask Project' - appear in Michael Jackson's video

On March 7th begin campaign "The Behind the Mask Project", during it the fans from all over the world will be allowed to participate in creating new Michael Jackson's video clip. On March 7th fans will got special website where they will have applications to upload their own records which presents their own performed famous Jackson's "moonwalk". When fans do their job, director of the clip, Dennis Liu, will choose the best performance of the step which finally will be use into the video. The result will be presented in first week of April.
Song "Behind the Mask" is the song for multi-platinum "Michael" album. The album had its premiere on December 13, 2010 and had been put to stores in more than 3.000.000 copies and immediately reached to bestseller album chart in year 2010. Now they album has been certified platinum whether many times of platinum in 17 countries.
Platinum status 'MICHAEL' had been certified in United Kingdom,Germany,Spain, Denmark,Poland, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France (2x), Italy (2x), Russia (2x) and Czech Republic.
Gold certified is in 18 countries between others Australia, New Zeland, Brazil, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Holand, or Sweden.
Present promo single of ‘MICHAEL’ album is song ‘Hollywood Tonight’.

Source: michaeljackson.com / GeniusMJ

Date: February 08, 2011 "Hollywood Tonight" drugim singlem z płyty "MICHAEL"

The second single from Michael Jackson's ‘MICHAEL’ Platinum album will appear in polish radio on  February 14th. With great status of ‘Hold My Hand’ duet with Akon single in polish radio this time another one in polish radio will be great rhythm and dance tempo with characteristic melody of chorus song "Hollywood Tonight". The song produced by Teddy Riley with guest vocal of Taryll Jackson, you will be able to listen to in new special radio mix. The short film to the single "Hollywood Tonight" you can expect in the last days of February.

Single "Hollywood Tonight" is not going to be on CD in Poland. The song you will be able to take in mp3.

"MICHAEL" album was released on December 13, 2010 in first week was certified Platinum in 14 countries. In Poland CD peaks #3 on the best selling albums chart.

Source: michaeljackson.com / GeniusMJ

Date: February 08, 2011 Judge rules trial of Michael Jackson's doctor can be televised

Jury selection in the involuntary manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, accused in the death of pop star Michael Jackson, will begin March 24, a judge ordered Monday.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor also approved television cameras in court for the trial.

Pastor had set the trial to start March 28 when Murray invoked his right to a speedy trial during his arraignment last month. But the judge later decided it was cutting too close to the 60-day limit.

"Absolutely, we simply can't start on the last day," Pastor said.

The opening statements are likely to be delivered during the first week of April. The trial is expected to last about six weeks, according to the defense and prosecution.

Murray, who remains free on $75,000 bail, was not in court for Monday's hearing. His lawyers said he was busy earning a living with his medical practice in Las Vegas and Houston.

Pastor blocked the doctor from using his California medical license until the trial is completed. The state medical board requested that be made a provision of his bail.

Murray entered a not guilty plea at his arraignment last month.

"Your honor, I am an innocent man," Murray said.

He was Jackson's personal doctor when the pop star died June 25, 2009, from what a coroner ruled was "acute propofol intoxication," in combination with "the contributory affects of the benzodiazepines."

Source: CNN.com / GeniusMJ

Date: January 20, 2011 Game Michael Jackson: The Experience Surpasses Two Million Sales

Ubisoft announced today that it’s hit Christmas release Michael Jackson: The Experience, currently available on Nintendo DS and Wii, has sold over two million units to date. The latest sales figures do not include Japan where the game is scheduled to launch later this year. Launched at the end of November, Michael Jackson: The Experience allows players to experience the magic of the King of Pop by performing dance moves inspired by his choreography, while listening to and singing along with the music that continues to excite and move people today.
Yves Guillemot, chief executive officer of Ubisoft commented, “Michael Jackson: The Experience is a worldwide hit and offers fans the game they have been waiting for. As the leader in the dance game genre, our teams have worked enthusiastically to build an experience that recreates the magic worlds of Michael Jackson’s videos and performances.  We’re looking forward to bringing Michael Jackson: The Experience to Kinect and Move so an even bigger audience can enjoy playing the game with their friends and family too.”
John Branca and John McClain, the executors of the Estate of Michael Jackson have said, “We are extremely thrilled with how people around the world are embracing and enjoying Michael Jackson: The Experience. The passion they are showing for learning and performing Michael’s signature dance moves to the songs they have loved for years is a tribute to his amazing legacy. Families are sharing an entertainment experience that is fun, unique and energizing.”

Michael Jackson: The Experience will also be available for Kinect for Xbox 360 and PlayStation Move Motion Controller for the PlayStation 3 from 14th April 2011. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated on all the latest news about Michael Jackson: The Experience.

Source: MJJCommunity.com / GeniusMJ

Date: January 12, 2011 6th and the last day of Dr. Murry's hearing / Dr. Murray trial begins

On yesterday preliminary hearing took stand; dr Christopher Rogers Emoloyed LA Co coroner, dr Richard Ruffal, Pharmacologist and Anethesiologist.

Stephen Marx:

On June 26, 2009 he performed autopsy. In his opinion the cause of death is manslaughter - intoxication of propofol and benzodiazepines.

Dr. testify that he doesn't believe Murray administering to Michael just 25mg of propofol - if it would be so Michael would wake up after 5 minutes.

Dr. doesn't agree with defense theory that Michael would have to administering propofol himself.

In dr. opinion Michael was in good condition, Dr failed his medical care which was lower than any standards. The propofol indicated for the treatment as a sleep aid or insomnia. Absolutely not. As also shouldn't left Michael when he was under control of propfol.

Defense of Murray asked: according to my knowledge, the lidocaine could be administering orally, is the same with propofol? - According to my knowledge intravenously.

 Defense asked if someone would drink propofol, is it possible to get into stomach? - dr. said it's possible however on this case quantity of drug found in stomach was too small to think that way.

before administering propofol (cause of pain how big it makes) is administering lidocaine - pathologist doesn't know what kind of reaction would be of the organism on orally taken drug.

Defense asked also is it possible that Michael administering propfol himself up of knee - judge sustained objection.

Dr. was asked about other drugs - in his opinion same drugs couldn't kill but in connection with other, said yes.

dr Richard Ruffal:

He investigated if there was some bad standards OF medical care. In his opinion before administering propofol, patient must be monitored. If propofol is connected with other drugs risk is bigger. Then must be more paid attention on patient and have to be prepared to eventually CPR.

In his opinion in the moment of Jackson's death concentration of propofol in his blood could be bigger than showed up later research. Likely he believe that Murray administering bigger amount of drugs kind of benzodiapz than he did admit to.


The End of Hearing/ Trial Begins:

Defense asked judge of dismiss the allegations. Judge Michael Pastor made break.

Judge Michael Pastor decided that Dr Conrad Murray is brought to trial for involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson. In case of guilty verdict, he face 4 years in jail

In closing statement prosecutor David Walgren said, It wasn't yet time for Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson would be here today with us, if there wouldn't be neglect and reckless actions of dr Murray.

Until end of trial dr Conrad Murray is not to practice in any other jurisdiction, in less he is so license.

Judge Michael Pastor suspend the medical license

Source: sprocket-trials.blogspot.com / MJPolishTeam Forum / GeniusMJ

Date: January 11, 2011 5th day of Dr. Murry's hearing

On yesterday preliminary hearing took stand; Stephen Marx, policeman, computer forensic examiner, Tim Lopez, pharmacist, Jaime Lintemoot from Coroner office, Orlando Martinez, policeman.

Stephen Marx:

Recovered IPhone of Dr. Murray on June 28th, 2009.

DDA Q: Did you also recover an e-mail?
Marx: Yes I did.
DDA Q: Where on the iPhone was that recovered?
Marx: That was in the database where the phone stores e-mail. Part of a thread referred to as a series of communications.
DDA Q: E-mail June 25, 2009, with the greeting of Hi Conrad, with signature, Bob Taylor, of Bob Taylor’s Insurance of London. See the header there, Mr. Marx?
Marx: Yes I do.
DDA Q: Came from a sender based in London England?
Marx: Yes
DDA Q: 5:54 am, that time is that the time interpereted in Los Angeles? Based on that header as sent from UK, 5:54 a.m. in Los Angeles.
Marx: Yes, correct.
DDA Q: Reviewed contents of that e-mail?
Marx: Yes I have.
I have reviewd ...
DDA Q: ...specific inquires regarding the health of MJ?
Marx: That’s correct.
DDA Q: Were you able to obtain a screen shot to determine that that e-mail was read?
Marx: Yes I was.

Murray respond on this email about 11:27 AM LA time, content of message concerns authoroztion of press statemant about Jackson's heath condition.

Tim Lopez:

Pharmacist from Applied Pharmacy Services in Las Vegas says that from April 6 Murray begin ordering big sum of propofol.

Deliveries from Las Vegas were sending on Murray's girlfriend address.

On April 28, 2009 he ordered 4 box - in each 10x100ml. But in Aril he ordered 20 violets of midazolan and lorazepau.

On May 12, 2009 Murray ordered 4 box of propofol and midazolan.

On June 10, he ordered 4 box of propofol and 2x20ml of propofol.

Within 2 months Murray ordered 225 violtes of propofol - 130x100ml and 125x20ml

 Jaime Lintemoot:

On June 29, 2009 she made tests of blood for the content of propofol - test was positive.

There was present also lidokain, diazepam, lorazepam, midazolam and ephedrine.

Orlando Martinez:

Detecitve testify that Murray said authorities that not less than 6 nights before Jackson's death he administering to Jackson strong anesthetist.

Orlando Martinez testify that Murray said to him that that day when singer died Dr. about 10:40 a.m. didn't want to administering to Jackson propofol.

Murray testify to police and he admit that then he gave to Jackson 25mg of propofol, it means half dose. Earlier he gave sleeping pills into his vein.


On June 17, 2009 det. Martinez made hearing of Murray (with present of Chernoff).

Murray met Michael in 2006, he didn't call himself cardiologist but just Dr. - in Las Vegas he was healing on flu Michael and his children.

Michael Amir Williams called him and asked in Michael name, to Murray drive with him to London, later he spoke with Michael.

Murray testify that about 2 months he followed Michael on afternoon (6 days of week), he helped him to asleep giving him 50mg of propofol and drip.

 Murray said to authorities that he found Michael is being addicted of propofol, that's why he decides to change the drugs. He took smaller dose of propofol and he give him other drugs like larozepam and midazelam.

On June 25, 12:50 am he arrived to Carolwood, Michael got back home about 1 am, he had short conversation and took a shower. Murray gave him ointments.

Later gave him about 2 drips and 2ml of lorazepam with saline solution and pill valium. After 1 hour according to Murray's testify Michael still wasn't sleeping, he gave him then 2mg of diazopam, about 3.20 a.m. Michael was sleeping about 10-12 min (Murray was checking the time of his whirs watch).

Michael woke, Murray turned off a light, play music and suggested to Michael to do a meditation. Murray said to police that Michael was warring if he would not be able to sleep he would must to cancel rehearsals and concerts. Murray gave him mirazepam, about 5 a.m. lorazepam.

According to Murray, Michael being under pressure and be worry about cancel concerts still couldn't sleep. About 7.30 a.m. Murray gave him 2mg of diazopam.

About 10 a.m. as Murray said, Michael asked him of propofol, which he probably gave him about 10.40-10.50 a.m. Murray claim that he gave him only half dose as he usually was giving. Michael fell asleep.

Murray said to police that he observed Michael until he was comfortable sleeping. he went to bathroom, where he was 2 minutes.

When he came back he was shocked seeing Michael not breathing. Then he started to to puch his chest and doing CPR:

Michael was laying in bed, Murray 1 hand take under his back and 2nd he push his chest. Murray claims that he wasn't able to take Michael on a floor.

Murray said to police he called to Williams. He left Michael and run into kitchen where he taold that there was an accident and he needs immediately security. he came back to Michael's bedroom and there came up Alvarez, who was asked to call an ambulance by Murray.

According to transcript Murray spoke to police by 20 min. (Ed Chernoff claims it was 2 hours)

They asked him where was kept medical machines - he answered.

Murray didn't show any medical documents concerning healing Michael. He didn't tell that during looking after Michael he was using cell phone. He said he wants to be performed autopsy.

During hearing by defense, policeman was asked about Murray's testify in which he had to speak that Michael wants to do injection himself, but Murray didn't agree.

Source: sprocket-trials.blogspot.com / MJPolishTeam Forum / GeniusMJ

Date: January 7, 2011 4th day of Dr. Murry's hearing

Yesterday was the third preliminary hearing in which took stand; Sade Anding friend/lover of Dr. Murray,Bridget Morgan ,Nicole Alvarez, former prostitue,Elissa Fleak, LA County Coroner's Investigator.

Sade Anding:

Brazil black woman. She met Dr. Murray in restaurant after valentines day. In 2009 she was working in Sullivan Steak house as coctail waitnress, she was working there for 6 to 8 months.

She answered affirmatively on question On June 25th 2009 did you rec a phone call from conrad murray?

QWhat time was it your time in houston when Dr.

AI know it was 12:30 about. It was in the afternoon yes.

Q:What did he say when he first spoke?

A:He told me he it was Conrad; he said “Hi,” and “How are you?”

Q:Did you recognize his voice?


Q:He identified himself and asked you how you were.

Did he tell you how he was doing?

A:He told me I was doing well, then I cut him off and I started talking. I said, “Well, let me tell you about my day.”

She testified that, Murray call on her cell phone. Moment later Murray didn't respond to her after she heard another phone go off, probably he kept the cell phone in a pocket, Sade heard "mumbling and coughling". She claims that conversation wasn't longer than 5 minutes

Bridget Morgan:

Mrs. Morgan testify very short. She was generally asekd in few question did she called to Dr. Murray on June 25th what she answered affirmatively.

Nicole Alvarez:

Mrs. Alvarez is a former prostitute, she met Dr. in a club in Las Vegas around year of 2005. She has son with Dr. since March of 2009. She didn't remember does Murray told her he was still married. Murray was living with her between March and June.She was awarad by Dr. that he was personal Jackson's physician but it wasn't her bussienss. Dr. also was sending package from pharmacy to Alvarez's home, but she never opend any one.

Elissa Fleak:

She was performing preliminary autopsy on Jackson, but she didn't found any caused of death, kind of wounds. She's doing notes of all medicines and dr. who made prescriptions.

Q:Do you remember what prescriptions you recovered?

A:Yes I do.

Q:What did you recover?

A:Flomax, clonazapam, diazapam, lorazapam, tomazapam, trazadone, and tiziandine.

Also collected several pill bottles, tubes of lotion. Hydrocodone [ed. note: Vicodin]. Tube of Lidocane lotion that was it on the nightstand [ed. note: Lidocaine lotion may have been used to reduce pain when starting IV].

Q:How about Benoquin?

A:Yes. There was Benoquin.

Q:Lotion in a tube?

A:Yes it was.

Q:Did you document who prescribed?

A:reports diazepam (Valium), Flomax, Lidocaine lotion, lorazepam (Ativan), temazepam (Restoril, a sleep aid) prescribed by Dr. Murray. Clonazepam (antianxiety), trazodone (antidepressant) by a Dr. Metzger, name missed prescribed by Dr. Klein [ed. note: presume Benoquin as it’s a medication used for vitiligo]

She tesyifys what does she sees in presented photos of Jackson's home, she answered: (in bag called "baby essentials") 2 100ml bottles of Propofol, 2 20 ml bottles of Propofol unopened, 3 20 ml bottles of Lidocaine opened,1 30 mil bottle of Lidocaine unopene,20 ml bottle of diazepam opened, 5 mi diazepam opened, 1 4ml (Sprocket note: I missed) opened, 1 4ml of diazepam unopened.

Q:In total, looking at contents of both bags, is accurate to say, there were 11 bottles of Propofol?


2 in bedroom and 9 in other close room. Later defense attorney asked her about the disatnce from bed where were found vial and propofol, vial found 30 cm from bed but propofol was found couple of feets away then attorney asked:

Q:And the syringe, was it in reachable distance of the bed?

Prosecutor:Objection! Judge: Sustained!

Q:How far was the syringe from the bed?

A:About 2 Feets.

Q:And the syringe? (Miss answer)

Q:Bottle of Propofol, how far was that?

A:I don’t know if it was one foot, or..???

Q:Defense attorney asks, something about what about a 136 pound, 5'9" man, could they have reached it?

Prosecutor:Objection! Calls for speculation! Judge: Sustained!

The prosecution is ahead of schedule. 9:00 a.m. Monday to discuss evidentiary matters. 10 a.m. for testimony.

Source: sprocket-trials.blogspot.com / GeniusMJ

Date: January 7, 2011 3rd day of Dr. Murry's hearing

Yesterday was the third preliminary hearing in which took stand; Harry Daliwal from AT&T and eff Strohm from Sprint Nextel, Martin Blount, paramedic,dr Richelle Cooper from UCLA, Dr. Thao Nguyen from UCLA, Dan Myers, police man.
In short cut on the hearing acoding to CNN.

Dr Thao Nguyen:

Murray "appeared devastated" as she spoke to him in the emergency room. "He asked me not to give up easily and try my best to save the patient," testify Nguyen.

They agreed to the last ditch effort with the "understanding with Dr. Murray that if this should fail, we will call it," Nguyen said. "Unfortunately, it did not help revive the patient."

"He said that the patient had been preparing for a tour in England and had been very tired and had some difficulty sleeping and had some medications for sleep," Nguyen said.

dr Richelle Cooper:

"The patient had no signs of life,"

"Dr. Murray reported the patient had been in his usual state of health, not ill, but working very hard, and he thought he may be dehydrated," Cooper said.

Cooper declared Jackson dead at 2:26 p.m.

The prosecution contends that Murray misled the doctors about what might have caused Jackson to stop breathing -- information that might have helped them revive the singer.

Both doctors said Murray never told about one benzodiazepine he gave Jackson, but he said nothing about the propofol.

Prosecutors presented phone records Thursday that suggest Murray was talking on his cell phone almost non-stop for the 45 minutes leading up to when he realized Jackson was not breathing.

Dan Myers:

The calls were with another patient, his Las Vegas clinic and a woman in Houston, Texas, Los Angeles Police Detective Dan Myers said.

Source: CNN / GeniusMJ

Date: January 6, 2011 2nd day of Dr. Murry's hearing

Yesterday was the second preliminary hearing in which took stand; Alberto Alvarez, Richard Senneff, paramedic and Kai Chase,cook of Michael.

Alberto Alvarez:

With Michael Jackson lying lifeless in a bed, his doctor ordered a security guard to remove an IV bag of medication resembling the anesthetic blamed in the pop star’s death before calling for an ambulance, the guard testified Wednesday.

Alberto Alvarez told a Superior Court judge deciding whether there is enough evidence to try Dr. Conrad Murray for involuntary manslaughter that the physician first told him the singer needed an ambulance urgently, but then instructed him to gather up medical vials and an IV bag in larger bags.

“I noticed that inside (the IV bag), there was like a bottle ... and then I noticed that at the bottom of the bag there was a milk-like substance,” Alvarez testified. The surgical anesthetic propofol –- which the coroner said caused Jackson’s death -- is a white liquid administered intravenously.

Murray, 57, acknowledged giving the singer propofol as a sleep aid in an interview with police, authorities have said.

Testifying on the second day of the preliminary hearing, Alvarez offered the closest view yet of Murray’s behavior after Jackson stopped breathing in a bedroom of his rented Holmby Hills mansion.

The first security guard on the scene, Alvarez said that when he arrived in the bedroom, Murray was doing chest compressions on Jackson in the bed with one hand.

“He said, ‘We need to get him a hospital. We need to get an ambulance,’” Alvarez quoted Murray as telling him.

He said that when he asked Murray what had happened, the doctor said Jackson “had a bad reaction.”

But soon after that, Murray grabbed a handful of medical vials from Jackson’s nightstand and told Alvarez to place them in a bag, the guard testified. He repeated the instruction for the IV bag containing the white substance, but did not tell him to remove another IV bag, he said.

Only then, Alvarez testified, did the doctor order him to call for an ambulance.

Paramedics and emergency room doctors are expected to testify later in the hearing that Murray concealed his use of propofol from them as they worked to save Jackson’s life.

Prosecutors have said other medical experts will testify that Murray did not have proper monitoring equipment for administering propofol, a drug that can suppress the respiratory system.

Alvarez said he did not see any heart or blood pressure monitors in the room, but Murray clipped a monitoring device to Jackson’s finger after paramedics were called.

Deputy Dist. Atty. David Walgren played the 911 call for Judge Michael Pastor.

When Alvarez told the emergency operator that the stricken man’s personal physician was there, the operator expressed surprise.

“Oh, you have a doctor there?” the operator said, adding the doctor would be the “higher authority.”

Alvarez said before they arrived, Murray asked him and another security guard if they knew how to perform CPR. Prosecutors have said Murray was doing it incorrectly by using one hand and on a soft mattress.

Alvarez said the 911 operator told them to move Jackson to the floor to administer CPR. There, Alvarez said, he did chest compressions while Murray gave the singer mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

“After the second time, he gave a breath, he came up and said, 'You know, this is the first time I give mouth to mouth, but I have to do it, he’s my friend,'" Alvarez said.

In the spectator’s gallery, Janet Jackson, the singer’s sister, shook her head and held the bridge of her nose with her fingers. Jackson family members and friends filled an entire row in the courtroom for the dramatic testimony.

His mother, Katherine, dabbed away tears as Alvarez recalled Jackson’s daughter, Paris, rushing into the bedroom where her father lay stricken and screaming, “Daddy!”

Alvarez, his own voice choking with emotion, recalled Murray shouting, “Get them out! Get them out! Don’t let them see their father like this.”

The cardiologist, who was tending to Jackson during a comeback attempt, has pleaded not guilty and said through his lawyers that he did nothing that should have caused Jackson’s death.

Under cross-examination, Alvarez acknowledged he had not told police in two initial interviews that Murray had ordered him to remove potential evidence.

“You didn’t think it was suspicious?” asked defense lawyer Ed Chernoff.

“Apparently not, sir,” Alvarez said.

“You thought he was packing up to go to the hospital, right?” the lawyer asked.

“Yes, sir,” Alvarez replied.

Chernoff also questioned Alvarez about his relationship with the Jackson family, which briefly employed him as a guard for the late singer’s children, and his discussions with other Jackson staffers, with whom he shares an attorney.

Alvarez acknowledged that he had refused to speak to a defense investigator who had sought to interview him, but that in a police interview he had said he might sell his story to the media at a later date.

Kai Chase Testimony

- Chase testifies that around 12:05 Murray comes down the stairwell and tells her "Get security, get Prince". She says she told Prince "something might be wrong with your dad".

- Chase testifies from Murray's behavior it was evident there was an emergency. She also testified that Murray didn't ask her to call 911.

- She also testified that Murray generally comes down around 10 AM to get the juice she prepared for MJ, she says in that morning Murray didn't come down.

- She mentions that MJ was on an extremely healthy diet, dining on seared ahi tuna salad for lunch the day before he died and that she found it odd that the Tuscan white bean soup she prepared for MJ and Murray the night before and left in the refrigerator for when they returned from rehearsals was untouched when she came to work next day.

EMT Richard Senneff Testimony

- EMT Senneff testified that what Murray has told them didn't add up and he had a "gut feeling" Murray wasn't telling the truth.

- For example Senneff said when they came in Murray told them MJ's condition had "just happened" but based on the MJ's dilated pupils, dry eyes and his skin, which was cold to the touch, Senneff believed Jackson may have been dead for more than 20 minutes. “All I can tell you is my gut feeling at the time was this did not just happen, it’s been a period of time, Senneff testified.

- Senneff also testified that Murray told them Jackson had no underlying condition and was just being treated for dehydration, and that the only medication he had been given was the sedative lorazepam. He said even they repeatedly asked for what medications MJ was given, Murray never mentioned them propofol.

- Senneff testified when they initially came in they thought MJ to be a hospice patient and frail as he looked pale, thin and had a IV stand and a personal doctor by his bedside.

- Senneff testified that paramedics hooked MJ up to an EKG and he was flatline-his hands and feet ‘tinged blue’ and his pupils were fully dilated.

- Senneff testified that despite resuscitation efforts and three rounds of giving MJ epinephrine & atropine, paramedics did not feel a pulse on MJ and their attempts to revive MJ was unsuccessful. Senneff testified Conrad Murray was the only person who claimed to feel a pulse on MJ.

- Senneff testified that Murray refused to pronounce MJ dead on the scene.

- Senneff testified that at UCLA Murray was "spinning ... moving around, nervous, sweating, multitasking."

- In cross examination Murray's lawyers asks if the way MJ looked (thin, frail, black/bluish feet) could be signs of drug addict. Judge stops the question.

Source: Los Angeles Times / MJJCommunity / GeniusMJ

Date: January 5, 2011 First Dr. Murry's hearing

Yesterday was the first preliminary hearing in which took stand; Kenny Ortega, Michael Amir Williams (he was present at home when Jackson died) and security guard Faheem Muhammad.

After the lunch hour, a security guard for Michael Jackson took the stand and described the frantic final moments when he saw Jackson’s physician kneeling over the singer, who was sprawled next to his bed.

Jackson was lying with his eyes and mouth open, appearing not to be alive, testified Faheem Muhammad. “I recall him being in a sort of panic state, and I recall him shortly after asking if anyone in the room knew CPR,” Muhammad testified of Dr. Conrad Murray.

Muhammad said he and another security guard exchanged looks of surprise.

“I knew Dr. Murray was a heart surgeon, so I looked at Alberto [Alvarez] kind of shocked,” he said. Alvarez eventually began helping Murray administer CPR, Muhammad testified. He said he left the room to whisk two of Jackson’s children, Paris and Prince, away from the foyer at the front of the room to keep them from the commotion.

Muhammad testified that less than an hour after the singer had been declared dead, the doctor approached him, saying he was hungry and wanted to get something to eat, and abruptly left the hospital soon afterward.

.“It was scary. I didn’t know what was wrong, but I knew there was something going on,” Ortega recalled.

He said the doctor insisted Jackson was emotionally and physically strong enough to perform and scolded Ortega for sending Jackson home -- something he said he hadn’t done.

“Dr. Murray told me that this was not my responsibility and asked me to not act like a doctor or psychologist ... and leave Michael’s health to him,” he said.

Ortega said that earlier in June, there was a week during which Jackson was “sort of missing” from rehearsals without explanation, a situation he said “created anxiety for me.”

The first witness to testify in Tuesday’s preliminary hearing for Michael Jackson's physician described a run-in with Dr. Conrad Murray six days before the pop star's death on June 25, 2009.

Renowned choreographer Kenny Ortega was the first to take the stand and said the singer showed up at a rehearsal at Staples Center seeming “lost” and too weak to perform.

“It was scary. I didn’t know what was wrong, but I knew there was something going on,” Ortega recalled.

The next day, he said, he was summoned to a meeting at Jackson’s mansion with the singer, his manager, the concert promoter and Murray.

He said the doctor insisted Jackson was emotionally and physically strong enough to perform and scolded Ortega for sending Jackson home -- something he said he hadn’t done.

“Dr. Murray told me that this was not my responsibility and asked me to not act like a doctor or psychologist ... and leave Michael’s health to him,” he said.

Ortega said that earlier in June, there was a week during which Jackson was “sort of missing” from rehearsals without explanation, a situation he said “created anxiety for me.”

But in two rehearsals preceding Jackson’s death, the singer appeared to have turned a corner.

“It was like the Michael we all knew and loved,” he said.

The judge also heard from Jackson’s personal assistant, the first person Murray called after discovering Jackson had stopped breathing.

Michael Amir Williams said Murray left a “frantic” message saying Jackson “had a bad reaction” and urging him to come to the house. At the hospital, Murray went with Williams and Jackson’s manager to inform the singer’s children their father was dead.

His voice faltered as he recalled how the children, still thinking their father was alive, began listing his allergies for the doctors.

“It was horrible,” he said.

Shortly thereafter, Murray took him aside with a strange request, Williams said in his testimony.

“He said, ‘Brother Michael, Mr. Jackson has some cream in the house that I knew he wouldn’t want the world to know about,’” Williams said. “It was an odd question, to ask to go to the house to get the cream.”

Subsequently, Murray said he was going to get something to eat and left the hospital. In his cross-examination, Murray’s attorney, Ed Chernoff, questioned Williams about his connection to the Nation of Islam and about other phone calls he made in the minutes after Murray’s call.

He also asked the personal assistant how frequently he went upstairs to Jackson’s bedroom, and whether his fingerprints may be found on vials, intravenous bags or syringes.

“I don’t know how that’s possible, I never touched any of that,” Williams said.

Another stands will take place every day for 2 weeks. There is about 30 witenesses to testify, after all testify will be clear if and when the trial will begin.

Source: Los Angeles Times / GeniusMJ

Date: January 1, 2011 Discovery cancels Michael Jackson autopsy TV show

The Discovery television network on Friday said it canceled plans to air a reenactment of the autopsy on Michael Jackson's body, citing an upcoming court hearing and concern by the late pop star's estate.

The show, "Michael Jackson's Autopsy: What Really Killed Michael Jackson," had been set to air in several countries of western Europe and in the United Kingdom on January 13.

"Given the commencement of legal proceedings beginning next week, and at the request of Michael Jackson's estate, the scheduled broadcast of the medical documentary related to Michael Jackson's official autopsy has been postponed indefinitely," Discovery Networks International said in a statement.

A Discovery spokesman declined comment beyond the statement. Co-executors of the estate responded in their own statement saying they were "pleased" with the decision.

The "Thriller" singer died suddenly of a prescription drug overdose on June 25, 2009, age 50, only weeks before beginning a series of comeback concerts. An autopsy by Los Angeles officials showed Jackson died chiefly of an overdose of the powerful anesthetic propofol that he used as a sleep aid.

Discovery's show, which was not scheduled to air in the United States, was an unofficial, fictional account of what the autopsy must have been like and its results.

But Jackson fans worldwide protested in an online petition launched earlier this month, and the co-executors of his estate sent a letter this week to Discovery Networks calling the program "insensitive" and "in shockingly bad taste."

A print advertisement for the program shows a body covered by a sheet, with one hand poking out wearing the singer's well-known sequined glove.

Following Discovery's decision, McClain and Branca released a statement saying, "we are hopeful that this show will never run in any market in the future."

"While Discovery cited legal proceedings and our request as the reasons for its decision, none of this would have happened had it not been for the incredible passion displayed by countless Michael Jackson fans worldwide who knew they stood as one and that their voices could not be ignored," the statement said.

Jackson's physician at the time of his death, Dr. Conrad Murray, has admitted giving the singer propofol, which is often used in surgery, and Murray has been charged by authorities with involuntary manslaughter in Jackson's death.

Murray has pleaded not guilty, and a preliminary hearing to determine if enough evidence exists to make him stand trial begins in Los Angeles on January 4.

Source: Reuters / GeniusMJ

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